Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful - Chapter 778 - Accidents (2)  

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Chapter 778: Accidents (2)

The former master responded to Zhao Youlin with a cold snort. Zhao Youlin was dragged by Duan Yarong to a chair in the study and she placed the document on the table. She turned to the former master with a smile and said, “Grandfather, why are you so angry? Is it worth ruining your body because of such a person?”

The former master snorted again and finally walked out from behind the desk. He quickly walked to sit across from Zhao Youlin. He said unhappily, “How can I not be angry? He betrayed my trust and turned around to murder people who were nothing but good to him. It’s fine if you let them take the fall for you, but now… you actually did such a thing. It’s simply intolerable by the heavens. I… How can I be related to such a grandson?!”

The former master had never done anything against the heavens in his life. Even in the business world, he was still steadfast in his duties and never had any thoughts of harming others’ lives.

He had lived a life of upright honesty. In the end, he gave birth to a few sons. Other than Zhao Shunrong, the one only knew how to play with women, and the other only knew how to be bullied by women, his grandson even gave birth to a sinister person who had harmed the daughter of another family and disregarded human lives.

As the saying went, a father’s fault is his lack of education for his children. However, he had treated his three sons equally in the beginning. How could there be such a huge difference when they grew up? What sin had he committed in his previous life, to be given such troublesome descendants?!

The former master was too agitated and Zhao Youlin and the others were afraid that he would get too angry and something would really go wrong with his body. They quickly coaxed him, “Grandfather, calm down first. Calm down. If there’s anything, we can talk about it properly. Please don’t get so mad!”

“That’s right, dad. How can we blame you for this? We can only blame Li Hongyu and second brother for not teaching their children well and leading the children astray. What does it have to do with you? Come, come, quickly, drink some water.”

The former master took the water from Duan Yarong and drank a few gulps to temporarily suppress the anger in his heart. However, his expression was still very dark.

“Grandfather, how are you going to deal with this matter now?” Zhao Youlin asked tentatively when she saw that the former master’s expression was a little better. However, looking at the former master’s expression… Zhao Youming was probably in big trouble.

The former master’s face was stone-like as he said in a low voice, “I heard that the girl was a local there. Try to look her family up. No matter what, our Zhao family owes her a debt!”

Duan Yarong and the others looked at Zhao Youlin and nodded.

“As for that kid, Youming…” the former master closed his eyes and thought for a moment, “In two days, the 35th anniversary of our Zhao family will be celebrated. It’s really inauspicious for such a thing to happen at such a critical moment. When the celebration is over, I will call him over.”

Zhao Youlin turned her head and looked at Duan Yarong and the others. She knew that the former master was really angry this time. Zhao Youming probably wouldn’t be able to stay in the Zhao family anymore.

This had been out of Zhao Youlin’s expectations. She never expected that Zhao Youming would self-destruct before the reinforcements she had spent so much effort to invite had even arrived!

Even so, if she really took action against Zhao Youming in the future, the former master would definitely stand on her side.

“Youlin…” the former master spoke again just as Zhao Youlin was thinking about it.

“Huh? Grandfather, what’s the matter?” Zhao Youlin was shocked and raised her head to ask in puzzlement.

“You and your father will be hosting this anniversary celebration together.”

Zhao Youlin was momentarily stunned but quickly understood. The former master was preparing to slap Zhao Youming in the face.

Zhao Youlin really had no reason to refuse such a beautiful job. She nodded and agreed, “Okay.”

“But, Youlin’s current body…” Duan Yarong did not agree. The anniversary celebrations were complicated and tiring. Zhao Youlin was pregnant now, so it was not suitable for her to work too hard.

The former master glared at his daughter-in-law. “Won’t you and Shunrong share more of Yulin’s burden? If not, why don’t you ask Yichen to help?”

Duan Yarong was stunned for a moment, but she quickly understood. She looked at her eldest son opposite her and smiled. “I understand.”

The former master’s remaining anger had not subsided. He spoke a few more words to the few of them before he chased them out of the room.

The few of them came out of the study room and heaved a huge sigh of relief at the same time. Zhao Youlin could not help but laugh when she saw this. “Mom, why are you guys so nervous? It’s not like you guys are the ones who made grandfather so angry.”

How could Duan Yarong not know that? The former master’s anger still terrified her.

“You’re a newborn calf that isn’t afraid of tigers. The former master is old now, and far mellower. If this were in the past, he would have single-handedly frozen hell over. However, this is the first time in so many years that I’ve seen him get so angry. As expected, everyone has been at ease for too long. I don’t remember how powerful he was back then. Sigh…”

The former master’s sudden outburst of anger made Duan Yarong somewhat sad.

Zhao Youlin looked at Duan Yarong’s expression and found it funny. Han Yichen could not help but ask the question in his heart, “When did you ask grandfather to investigate Zhao Youming? How come we don’t know anything about it?”

Duan Yarong no longer cared about the lingering fear. “That’s right, Yarong. When did you tell grandfather about this? How come we don’t know anything about it? You’re such a child. You Didn’t know to inform us in advance. We were completely unprepared just now. The former master suddenly called us over, and we were quite frightened!”

Zhao Youlin shook her head helplessly and turned to look at Mu Tingfeng with a smile. She said in a low voice, “Mom, I didn’t know that the matter was so serious. Otherwise, I would have communicated with you earlier so that you could be prepared. In fact, I was also shocked when I heard what grandfather said.”

“You didn’t know about this at the beginning?” Duan Yarong was puzzled. The former master and Zhao Youlin’s conversation just now made her think that Zhao Youlin knew about this long ago. Now, it seemed that she was overthinking it.

“I met a person who had a history with Zhao Youming. I asked him a few questions about Zhao Youming. Later, I accidentally found out that Zhao Youming’s school never allowed early graduations. Mom, didn’t you tell me that Zhao Youming only took two years to finish his studies and come back? I found it strange. So when I came back, I asked grandfather and dad to help investigate this matter.”

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