Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful - Chapter 489 - Cannot Hide it Anymore (1)

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Chapter 489: Cannot Hide it Anymore (1)

Li’s scream had not only shocked Ye Yan, who had snapped out of his daze and was about to dash out to run after Su He, but also the couple who were enjoying their lunch inside the office.

Ye Yan looked in the direction of the sound, only to see the two people tangled up in a physical struggle. His expression changed slightly and rushed over to them.

Xie Yuqing did not bother to care about others. When they crashed, both of them had fallen to the ground. However, she was the one who had taken the initiative to charge at Su He. Therefore, when she fell to the ground, the injury that she suffered was naturally not as serious as Su He’s.

Soon she climbed up from Su He’s body and snorted at Su He and Li. She said meanly, “You guys asked for this. After all, you are the one who stopped me first!” After she finished saying this, she was about to barge into the office.

At that moment, Li no longer bothered about her. She quickly went over to help Su He in a flurry of motion. “Xiao He, are you alright?”

Su He held Li’s hand with one of her hands and the other to support her body to stand up. However, she suddenly felt her abdomen throbbing in pain.

The abrupt excruciating pain caused her to fall on the ground once again. At the same time, her expression turned extremely pale.

Seeing this, Li felt that something was wrong. Originally, she had thought that the reason Su He had fallen after being bumped over by Xie Yuqing was due to an accident. She would only at most lose her balance and fall to the ground.

However, judging from Su He’s current complexion, she did not look like she hurt herself from the fall alone.

“Ah! Xiao He, you’re bleeding!” When Li saw Su He tried to climb up but fall back again, she hurriedly bent over to pull her up. However, the moment she looked down, she saw that Su He’s white skirt was filled with crimson blood.

Li’s scream had once again shocked Ye Yan who was already in front of them. At the same time, Su He was equally shocked. She looked down as she covered her abdomen.

Su He felt her eyes flying wide open and looked incredulously at the traces of crimson blood at the hem of her skirt. She was bleeding… Why was she bleeding? Her child!

Ye Yan’s expression looked troubled. He quickly rushed over and guided Li to the side. He carried Su He in his arms. He was also unaware of how nervous and terrified he looked just then. “How are you?”

Ye Yan’s question snapped Su He out of her daze. Just when she was about to say something, she felt her abdomen cramping up in excruciating pain that only intensified.

Su He’s expression changed. Her forehead broke out in cold sweat. She subconsciously bit her lip in order to resist the pain. At the same time, she grabbed the arm of the person next to her by all means as if clutching to the last straw on Earth.

“Child… Save… the child!” There was a hint of hidden despair in her hoarse voice. Her eyes were on the verge of losing their focus, showing the owner’s earnest cry for help.

“I beg you, save the child! Save my child! My child!”

“Child?!” Ye Yan felt like he had been struck by lightning. His eyes were wide open as he stared incredulously at the person in his arms. She was pregnant with a child!

If the woman in his arms was truly the woman whom he had spent a night with that day, then the child could be…

On the other hand, Xie Yuqing totally had no idea what was going on behind her. She quickly rushed to the office door. Just when she was about to stretch out her hand and knock on the door, the door was already open from the inside.

The moment Zhao Youlin opened the door, she was greeted by the sight of Xie Yuqing who was not supposed to be there. She was stunned for a few moments before she narrowed her eyes and asked coldly, “Why are you here?”

Xie Yuqing cast a glance over Zhao Youlin’s shoulder. Apart from noticing Mu Tingfeng, she did not see anyone else.

The smile on her face instantly faded. Her face turned dark as she asked, “Where’s Young Master Zhao?”

“Young Master Zhao? Young Master Zhao who? Which Young Master Zhao?” Zhao Youlin furrowed her eyebrows. She wondered why this woman was demonstrating her insanity in her territory.

“Who else can it be? Of course I’m referring to your older brother! Where’s Young Master Zhao now? His staff told me that he came here to look for you! Stop lying at me!”

Right after Xie Yuqing spoke, Zhao Youlin instantly understood the entire situation. Before this, Nie Yunfan had told her that there was a woman who kept coming to Sheng Huang Group to look for Han Yichen. Han Yichen had used various reasons to drive her away. However, she still refused to give up and reported herself to their company daily. How annoying!

Originally, Zhao Youlin did not pay much attention to this. After all, she knew that the moment Han Yichen’s identity was revealed, there would definitely be many ladies looking for ways to seduce him. Even though Han Yichen had already announced his engagement with An Yue to the public, it had done absolutely nothing.

After all, many married couples could still opt for divorce nowadays, much less an engaged couple. They still had not married yet.

Even so, Zhao Youlin was not worried about this. Han Yichen had inherited the traits of loyalty and faithfulness from Zhao Shunrong. Zhao Shunrong loved Duan Yarong with all his heart for more than two decades even under the circumstances that she could not give birth to a child. Therefore, in Han Yichen’s case where other ladies were trying to seduce him, Zhao Youlin believed Han Yichen’s faith could not possibly be shaken.

It was okay that this woman had gone to Sheng Huang Group to pester Han Yichen. However, Zhao Youlin had never expected that she would even dare to come to Zhao Enterprise and accuse them. Did this lass have a few screws loose in her head?!

The way Zhao Youlin sized Xie Yuqing up was akin to staring at an idiot. Just as she was about to mock her, she heard Li’s scream. Zhao Youlin’s expression instantly changed.

She immediately recalled the screams that she heard before this. Zhao Youlin displayed a dangerous expression and asked, “What have you done?”

Xie Yuqing was not aware of this. Upon hearing Zhao Youlin’s question, she smirked unsatisfactorily, “Your staff members have truly rotten attitudes. I came to look for you but they blocked my way and even wanted to lay a hand on me. Therefore, I only pushed her to the side once. Hmph! I won’t spare them. You better reorganize your manpower. Otherwise, I don’t mind disciplining them on your behalf.”

Zhao Youlin had always been protecting the ones close to her. She did not mind if others were to criticize her, but she could not tolerate letting others criticize the people close to her.

This was especially so after she saw Xie Yuqing’s proud look. She knew that the problem must have come from this weird woman instead of her own staff.

“You are in no position to criticize our company’s staff.”

“What?!” Xie Yuqing was not able to react to Zhao Youlin’s blunt sarcasm on the spot. By the time she recovered her senses, Zhao Youlin had already left her and walked to the front to check on Su He.

Without giving it a second thought, Xie Yuqing wanted to dash forward to grab Zhao Youlin’s arm and said matter-of-factly, “Don’t go yet. You still haven’t told me where’s Young Master Zhao!”

Unfortunately, before she could even lay a finger on Zhao Youlin, she was already blocked by another strong hand. The next moment, her wrist was in pain and her entire body was flung to the side like a kite with a broken string. She was mercilessly banged against the wall.

Xie Yuqing felt like her entire body had been reorganized from the inside out and was in a lot of pain. She lay on the floor. The moment she looked up, she was greeted by the sight of a cold, sinister and monstrous gaze. “Who allowed you to touch her?”

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