Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 895 - Biting the Hand That Fed You

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Chapter 895: Biting the Hand That Fed You

The silver-haired old woman instinctively answered, “I don’t want to start any trouble. I can just wait for them to die from the Trial of World Creation to collect their Law Crystals.”

While she spoke, the old woman’s eyes widened as she noticed that the young man’s clothes seemed familiar.

Realization dawned on her.

Isn’t this the Moon Empress’ Moonbeam Coronation Costume!?

The old woman had interacted with the Moon Empress several times before and had even been to Leaning Moon Mountain once to seek the Moon Empress’ help in nurturing feys.

She had been to the Radiant Moon Palace multiple times to beg for the Law Crystals that the Dominate Sky Snake Dove needed to evolve to Creation Breed.

Although she had spent a large amount of rare spiritual ingredients and Law Crystals, the old woman was still extremely grateful to the Moon Empress.

The Dominate Sky Snake Dove’s snakehead had been injured in the World Cleansing during its evolution from Myth II to Myth III, which prevented it from using body weaponization.

However, the Moon Empress had healed this injury on top of helping the Dominate Sky Snake Dove to evolve to Creation Breed.

But why was this young man wearing the Moon Empress’ coronation costume?

At the old woman’s level, she had seen more of the world than most people.

The quality of Lin Yuan’s Moonbeam Coronation Costume told her that it was not a cheap knockoff because only the Moon Empress possessed most of the spiritual materials on the Moonbeam Coronation Costume.

The old woman did not believe that someone would be brave enough to secretly recreate the Moonbeam Coronation Costume because it was grievously disrespectful to the Moon Empress.

She carefully studied the Moonbeam Coronation Costume that Lin Yuan was wearing and noticed that it did not have the moonbeam coronation patterns.

This indicated that this was not the Moonbeam Coronation Costume.

However, this realization did not set the old woman at ease. Rather, it made her more nervous because she was certain that this young man was somehow connected to the Moon Empress.

This thought made the old woman break out in a cold sweat.

Lin Yuan stepped out of the spatial fluctuation and hurriedly took out a gold toad-shaped bag.

The gold toad-shaped bag looked like a small living gold toad.

This was the precious weapon made out of the Jeweled Cave Golden Toad’s skin and stomach that had been Chef Supreme’s greeting gift to Lin Yuan.

The golden toad opened its mouth, and an amiable-faced man appeared in the spatial fluctuation in front of Lin Yuan.

The old woman immediately bowed deeply to this man.

“Greetings, Lord Mystic Moon.”

The silver-haired old woman had bowed so low and was dripping with sweat that a few drops of sweat splattered onto the dry ground.

Mystic Moon did not bother with this bowed old woman even though her enormous Creation Breed Dominate Sky Snake Dove was flying just overhead them.

He glanced at the Trial of World Creation Cloud and said to Lin Yuan, “Young Lord, the interior of your precious weapon sure is comfortable. Please leave the issue of the Trial of World Creation to me.”

Lin Yuan was looking at the Mother of Bloodbath and Endless Summer, who were in sorry states, and said to Mystic Moon, “Sorry to trouble you, Uncle Mystic.”

The Mother of Bloodbath was still in its true form. Many parts of its body had been pierced, and it looked pathetic at the moment.

Although the Mother of Bloodbath had strong recovery abilities and the puncture wounds were already starting to heal, the Mother of Bloodbath was still covered in blood.

After seeing the Mother of Bloodbath’s injuries, Lin Yuan looked toward the 30-meter-long worm. He was sure that the Mother of Bloodbath’s injuries had been a result of this worm’s sharp fur.

Endless Summer’s injuries were much more severe as it had almost been split in half by the Trial of World Creation’s attack.

If Endless Summer had not moved its double tree cores, they might have been reduced to ashes by the Trial of World Creation’s attack.

The Sacred Sword Wielding Queen’s sensing allowed Lin Yuan to learn that pieces of the Enlightenment Law were floating around Endless Summer.

Lin Yuan anxiously thought, Luckily I arrived in time, or else Endless Summer would be in big trouble.

The Trial of World Creation’s first attack had already been enough to basically split Endless Summer’s body in two.

It would be impossible for Endless Summer to safely overcome the Trial of World Creation’s second attack with such injuries.

When the silver-haired old woman heard Mystic Moon address Lin Yuan as ‘Young Lord’, she immediately knew who Lin Yuan was.

The Moon Empress did not have any offspring. Hence, the only person in the Radiant Moon Palace who had the right to be called Young Lord by Mystic Moon was the Moon Empress’ disciple.

However, the Guard Ye Banquet was taking place right at this time. The Moon Empress’ disciple should be attending the Guard Ye Banquet now, so why was he in this remote area 3,000 kilometers outside of the Royal Capital?

The silver-haired old woman did not believe that Lin Yuan would be here for a casual stroll.

Clearly, he had brought Mystic Moon here to help the tree overcome the Trial of World Creation.

Unexpectedly, she had accidentally allowed the Kill Food Worm to escape and caused the Trial of World Creation to speed up. She had recklessly provoked the Moon Empress’ disciple!

The old woman’s head hung even lower as guilt and fear pressed down on her.

Unlike other top factions, Cage of Brahma Insects had become a top faction over a century ago.

Still, with more knowledge also came more fear, and the old woman’s fear of the Moon Empress shook her to the bone.

Moreover, the Moon Empress had helped the old woman before. Yet, the old woman had caused trouble for the Moon Empress’ disciple.

She was basically biting the hand that had fed her.

Compared to guilt, the silver-haired old woman felt much more terror.

In spite of Mystic Moon’s amiable and gentle appearance, he was extremely merciless when it came to the members of the major factions.

She could not bear to imagine what consequences awaited her after this Trial of World Creation was over.

The Mother of Bloodbath forced itself to transform into a human and ferociously glared at the old woman.

A look of defeat crossed the Mother of Bloodbath’s face.

Although it was Lin Yuan’s Path Protector, Lin Yuan always protected it during the key moments.

As she looked at Lin Yuan, the Mother of Bloodbath could not help but feel a wave of warmth soothe its heart.

It was as though no problem in the world could not be solved with Lin Yuan around.

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