Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 689 - : Not Even One Billion Radiance Dollars Would Be Enough!

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Chapter 689: Not Even One Billion Radiance Dollars Would Be Enough!

Hu Quan paused for a moment before continuing. “Also, the lake water will be crystal clear in summer. At that time, we can all have meals or even stay in the pavilions. The material used to construct the pavilions have to be beneficial to the precious plants. Hence, I plan on using a mix of Revival Soil and soil-nourishing clay to build the pavilions. I’ll also add in some jade-textured wood powder. This should cost a hefty sum.”

When he was done elucidating his plan, Hu Quan’s Adam’s apple bobbed with nervousness.

He felt that his plan was but a pipe dream.

Although it was a good plan, the amount of Revival Soil and soul-nourishing clay needed would be calculated in tonnes.

Revival Soil and soil-nourishing clay were expensive, and one small bag already cost 100 Radiance dollars.

He even had the insane notion of adding jade-textured wood powder.

In order for his plans to come to fruition, he would need to spend 7,000,000 Radiance dollars at least.

Yet, this was just the cost of the raw materials.

Lin Yuan’s gaze brightened as Hu Quan’s idea was really good!

Lin Yuan had been worried that at night, the Sunlight King Lotus would become an underwater sun that would cause the structures built atop the lake to lose their vibrance.

It would cause the scenery underwater to take center stage and shove the scenery above the surface into the background.

However, Hu Quan’s idea of adding jade-textured wood powder perfectly solved Lin Yuan’s problem.

Lin Yuan planned on putting many Spirit-Siphon Goldfish with awakened flood dragon-species bloodlines in Submerged Flood Dragon Lake. He might even house the evolved flood dragons there too.

At that time, the concentration of spirit qi there would be the highest in the entire mansion.

Under the influence of the concentrated spirit qi, all the pavilions with jade-textured wood as part of their structure would become ‘glass tiles’.

Hu Quan’s plan suited Lin Yuan to the tee.

But from what Lin Yuan had heard, Hu Quan’s plan seemed to be all style but little substance.

“Uncle Hu, your design is really good. However, I have a few notes,” said Lin Yuan.

Hu Quan was overjoyed to hear Lin Yuan praise his design.

But when he heard that Lin Yuan had notes to add, Hu Quan assumed that it would be about the enormous cost.

Although Lin Yuan was rich, he might not be willing to invest a large sum into the mansion’s construction.

Hu Quan took out a small notebook and prepared to carefully record Lin Yuan’s suggestions.

But after Hu Quan heard what Lin Yuan said, he was stunned.

“Uncle Hu, I don’t see any need to change the design itself. You can even consider adding more jade-textured wood powder. I will give you about 500 kilograms of jade-textured wood powder that you can use to create the pavilions.

“However, I think you need to work on the underwater environment as well. Otherwise, it will be a body of still water that will not positively affect the growth of the feys living in it.

“I plan on adding a layer of amazonite to the bottom of the lake and imbed a fingernail-sized larimar in every square meter. Amazonite is very effective at purifying water, and larimar can produce small waves. Not to mention that the waves will not roll far and wide but remain within a meter of the source larimar. Thus, the underwater waves will not disturb the peace at the surface.

“I also want to add a layer of coral jade pebbles at the bottom of the lake. This only needs to be about ten centimeters thick. I will also try to acquire some spotted coral jade fragments that we can scatter on top of the pebbles.”

When Lin Yuan was speaking, he thought back to the decimated workbench in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

He had made the workbench very big, and it weighed about 105 kilograms.

It had become completely jade-textured after being left in the Spirit Lock spatial zone for such a long time.

The jade-textured workbench was five times heavier than its original weight. This meant there was a 525-kilogram pile of fragments waiting for Lin Yuan to clean up.

However, Lin Yuan’s strike had definitely caused some of the jade-textured powder to fall into the spirit pool.

There also had to be some that entered the Pure Land of Bliss’ soil.

These jade-textured powder would not be easy to clean up.

However, if Lin Yuan worked hard, he should be able to clean up 500 kilograms.

Hu Quan’s jaw dropped further as he listened to what Lin Yuan said.

Finally, a drop of saliva dripped out of Hu Quan’s mouth and landed in the mouth of the yawning Vitality Sloth.

The Vitality Sloth hastily started to cough and heave. It turned and jerked its head in the opposite direction of Hu Quan. The fatherly image immediately turned into a scene where a son was sulking and angry with his father.

After a while, Hu Quan returned to his senses and asked dazedly, “Young Master, are you serious?”

When he heard Lin Yuan’s idea, Hu Quan had instantly started to calculate the costs.

But when he heard the part about embedding larimar, Hu Quan had lost track of the costs.

The larimar was a Platinum water-type spiritual ingredient and was considered a rare gem that could only be found in the depths of the ocean.

If 500 grams of larimar was auctioned off at the Rare Lifeform Pavilion, it would be able to fetch 1,500,000 Radiance dollars.

The expansion of Submerged Flood Dragon Lake was such a large project, but Lin Yuan wanted to embed a fingernail-sized larimar in every square meter.

Who knew how many larimars would be needed!

Moreover, Lin Yuan also wanted to cover the bottom of the lake with coral jade and spotted coral jade, which could only be sourced from Class 4 Creation Masters.

Hu Quan felt that the 7,000,000 Radiance dollars plan he had come with was opulent enough. Yet, Lin Yuan’s design would cost far more than Radiance dollars.

It was because some spiritual ingredients could not be bought using Radiance dollars. If it really had to be calculated using Radiance dollars, Hu Quan felt that not even a billion Radiance dollars would be enough.

He initially thought that his plan had been a pipe dream.

But, Lin Yuan’s plan was downright ridiculous.

Does he need to spend so much? But, the more he spends, the better.

The Class 5 Spirit Craftsman Hu Quan felt his liver quivering.

This was why when Hu Quan was a Class 4 Spirit Craftsman, he had stubbornly decided to work for Lin Yuan.

It was because Lin Yuan always overhauled Hu Quan’s understanding of design.

Hu Quan could already picture a paradise that he had built.

Hu Quan preferred to take action. After recovering from the shock, he threw himself into the construction of Submerged Flood Dragon Lake.

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