Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 688 - King Lotus Carrying 100 Pavilions

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Chapter 688: King Lotus Carrying 100 Pavilions

However, the spirit qi in one spirit qi crystal could not completely heal the 99 new Sunlight King Lotuses.

Lin Yuan crushed another spirit qi crystal and used up all the spirit qi within it.

The 99 new Sunlight King Lotus’ injuries were completely healed, and it stopped producing sap.

He hesitated before crushing a third spirit qi crystal. The flood of spirit qi washed over the 99 new Sunlight King Lotus’ heads.

Once it was done absorbing all the spirit qi, new fine roots were growing out of the Sunlight King Lotus.

Lin Yuan was extremely relieved to see these roots.

The new Sunlight King Lotuses were very delicate, and Lin Yuan was afraid that something would happen to them.

When the young Sunlight King Lotuses were nurtured in batches, there was the possibility of one batch dying if the waiting period for their batch’s turn to be nurtured was too long.

The Sunlight King Lotus with new roots could absorb spirit qi from the air that had a lower concentration. When combined with the other plants and water, the Sunlight King Lotus was very likely to be able to survive successfully.

Lin Yuan returned to the Spirit Lock spatial zone and planted the Sunlight King Lotus’ ortet in the spirit pool.

He took out the individually separated new Sunlight King Lotus heads.

Lin Yuan conducted a test and found that the spirit pool could sustain a maximum of 11 new Sunlight King Lotuses at once without any problems arising.

When the twelfth one was added, the spirit qi percentage in the Spirit Lock spatial zone would become rather thin.

It was clear that the Spirit Lock spatial zone, where a large amount of spirit qi was being consumed, would be pushed to its maximum by nurturing 11 new Sunlight King Lotuses.

Lin Yuan checked his plans silently.

It looks like I can nurture them in nine batches.

When Lin Yuan left the Spirit Lock spatial zone again, he felt a little tired.

He checked the time and realized that it was already 8:00 p.m. He went downstairs and found that everyone was waiting for him.

Chu Ci anxiously said, “Lin Yuan, go and wash your hands. We’re waiting for you to start dinner!”

Lin Yuan raised an eyebrow.

Back at the spirit-lifeform store in the Xia Region, he had been the one telling Chu Ci to wash her hands.

When did she pick it up and start using it on me?

However, Lin Yuan had been so busy that he had forgotten to wash his hands before coming down.

After dinner, Lin Yuan walked over to Hu Quan, who was sitting on the water rhinoceros leather sofa and hugging the Vitality Sloth with fatherly affection.

“Uncle Hu, let’s start expanding the man-made lake tomorrow. The empty land on the west side can be used in the expansion,” said Lin Yuan.

Hu Quan clapped his hand together and replied excitedly, “It’s great that we can expand the man-made lake! I won’t have to edit the blueprints anymore!”

As a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman, Hu Quan was overcome with excitement over being able to build something.

Frankly, he had only been working on small crafts.

The largest thing he had crafted was the red sandalwood longevity fish tank.

Now that he could oversee the construction of the man-made lake and had an abundance of materials at his disposal, he could not be any happier than he was at that moment.

Hu Quan remembered the black flood dragon that had emerged from the man-made lake when he went to check on the man-made lake in the afternoon.

As a king-class expert, Hu Quan’s fighting skills were not strong, but he had encountered a fair share of dragon-species feys.

He had also seen a few flood dragon-species feys that had unlocked their bloodlines. However, compared to the black flood dragon that he had seen in the man-made lake, the previous flood dragon-species feys that he had seen all paled in comparison.

Moreover, Hu Quan could sense that this black flood dragon was a Gold/Fantasy fey.

For a fey to be at this level, it had to be contracted to a spirit qi professional.

Hu Quan asked Lin Yuan, “Young Master, don’t tell me that the black flood dragon in the man-made lake is yours?”

Lin Yuan nodded and answered, “It is. I want to finish expanding the man-made lake as soon as possible because it’ll eventually be Blackie’s residence in the mansion. The other aquatic-type feys contracted by the other people in the mansion can also live there. When you asked me what I wanted to name the man-made lake, I could not come up with anything at the time. Now, I’ve decided to call it Submerged Flood Dragon Lake.”

Hu Quan repeated the name under his breath, and his eyes lit up.

The submerged flood dragon lay in the deep and soared in the sky.

Hu Quan really liked the significance of the name.

Hu Quan felt that it really represented Sky City, which was also slowly revealing its true prowess.

It was as though the army was already present and just waiting for their swords to be issued.

Hu Quan’s expression became serious as he made a suggestion to Lin Yuan, “Young Master since you want to properly build the man-made lake, I suggest that you don’t hold back on the use of spiritual ingredients. I had an idea when I was designing the blueprints, but it will require a lot of resources.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Yuan immediately replied, “Uncle Hu, please speak your mind.”

Lin Yuan felt that one needed to spend money in order to earn money.

Moreover, the building of Submerged Flood Dragon Lake was a worthy investment that should not be considered a waste of money.

Additionally, the construction of the man-made lake also provided a living environment for the Angelfish of Bliss.

If there was a problem with the man-made lake’s environment, the presence of the Mountain River Eternal Life Carp’s exclusive skill Place of Life might keep the Angelfish of Bliss from dying, but the production of fish coats would definitely fall.

Lin Yuan had already told Hu Quan about his plan to plant the Sunlight King Lotus in the man-made lake.

He also wanted to hear Hu Quan’s ideas.

Hu Quan noticed that Lin Yuan was interested in the design and cleared his throat. He knew that this was a good chance to show off his talents to Lin Yuan.

“Young Master, you said that you wanted to plant the Sunlight King Lotus in Submerged Flood Dragon Lake. Once the Sunlight King Lotus reaches Gold grade, its leaves will grow up to 60 square meters wide, and each leaf will be able to hold a pavilion on top of it. If each leaf can grow up to around 120 square meters, we can combine three leaves to form the main pavilion, which can be connected to the other pavilions. Each pavilion will feature a rare plant from the collection that you showed me. When all the plants are in bloom, you can head over to admire the view whenever you please.”

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