Fatal Shot - Chapter 572 - Quasi-Boss Black Tortoise?

Chapter 572: Quasi-Boss, Black Tortoise?

However, that reminder was already too late. At the same time as the reminder was made, the military boat that remained stable throughout the attacks of the ten thousand fish army suddenly shook greatly.


A loud collision sound came from below the ship’s deck. Accompanying the sound was the tilting of the military boat.

“Splash, splash…”

The situation was too sudden, and at the edge of the military boat, a few players who did not react on time were thrown directly into the sea.

“Save me! I don’t know how to swim!”

“F*ck… What the heck is going on?”

“Damn it…”

The players who fell into the ocean were confused.

While gunners and manipulators were mostly fine and would not drown after dropping into the ocean due to their lightweight equipment, the warrior professions were in big trouble.

The alloy armor of these warriors was not light. If they fell into the water, they could only prevent themselves from sinking by swimming for their lives.

Of course, this only applied for the Light Armor Warriors.

With regard to the only Heavy Armor Warrior who fell into the ocean, there was nothing that could be done. He had armor that weighed over 100 kg, there was simply no way for him to float after falling into the ocean, and as such, he could only sink deep down into the ocean after falling in.


As for the people remaining on the military boat, they did not have the leisure to immediately provide assistance to save them since the military boat’s shaking had not yet ended.

The collision was immediately followed by a huge wave coming from the right side of the military boat.

To call it a huge wave was not all that accurate. In reality, it was the wave caused by the sudden emergence of a large creature.

A black “small island” with a diameter of over 30 meters emerged from the gray ocean surface. The “island” had several hexagons on it that looked like a shrunk mountain range.

Apart from that, a large spiky head emerged along with the “small island” onto the ocean surface. Attached to the head were a pair of grayish-purple eyes the size of half a table.

Several rows of sharp jagged fangs similar to a great white shark could be seen along the mouth of the creature. It had the Heavy Armor Warrior who had earlier sunken down into the ocean, still struggling, in its mouth. Then, it snapped its mouth shut.



The Level 50 Rare Grade alloy heavy armor set of the player distorted and deformed the instant its mouth snapped shut. The body of the player was snapped in half, and blood instantly dyed the ocean red.

At the same time, a Fatal Damage of over 20,000 emerged above the Heavy Armor Warrior’s head, and the white light of death emerged.

With one bite, a Heavy Armor Warrior fully equipped with Rare Grade items was killed.

“Tortoise?” Big Pineapple, who managed to keep himself from falling off the boat by holding tightly onto a boat railing, exclaimed while looking at the big guy who suddenly appeared.

“No! It’s a Shark Turtle, a Level 50 Quasi-Boss Grade monster! Everyone, be careful! It’s a Shark Turtle. The scouted info shows that this type of Shark Turtle normally cohabits with another type of giant Overlord Sea Serpent!” The tall and slender female Scout player’s Detection skill failed earlier. However, now that she saw the target’s actual body, she was able to directly obtain the monster’s info.

What made everyone feel uneasy was that the gigantic monster in front of them which had the ability to threaten the lives of everyone on the military boat had a partner cohabitating with it?

“Sea Serpent… What kind of…” Big Pineapple was going to ask the question, but before he could finish his sentence, the target appeared.


From behind the military boat, huge waves appeared as jets of water shot into the air.

As waves dyed red appeared, an oval-shaped head that was over a story high appeared. It was covered in gray metal-like scales that were as large as a palm. It was also chewing a few Flying Knife Swordfish that failed to get away in time in its mouth.

“Ka… Splat!”

The hard body of the Flying Knife Swordfish that submachine gun bullets could not easily penetrate was easily snapped in half by the half a meter long curved snake tooth inside the mouth of the Sea Serpent.

Blood and seawater dropped from its mouth into the sea at the same time.

[Shark Turtle. Level 55 Quasi-Boss Grade Monster. Species Code HYS-231… HP: 1,250,000.]

[Overlord Sea Serpent. Level 50 Quasi-Boss Grade Monster. Species Code HMN-093… HP: 1,000,000.]

“What the f*ck? Quasi-Boss Grade monsters above Level 50! And there are two of them!”

“F*ck it! This HP! This is insane! A Quasi-Boss Grade monster’s HP is over a million!”

After seeing the two giant sea monsters appear from the ocean, the players had strong reactions. There were also players who noticed the HP of the two Quasi-Boss and found that they were both at the million-HP level!

The players on the military boat were considered quite knowledgeable, and the players from guilds often went hunting and raiding Boss monsters.

While Boss monsters in War were ridiculously powerful, their strengths were generally embodied in their attack power. If it were HP, almost no Boss monster on land had HP over a million.

Not to mention these two monsters were only Quasi-Bosses.

However, Feng Luo’s group, who’ve had experience, were not as surprised because of the Level 55 Elite Grade Stingray they encountered last time. It had 150,000 HP. For a Quasi-Boss Grade monster, the Shark Turtle and the Sea Serpent’s HP were not considered that high.

“But a turtle and a snake… This combination… Why do I have this sense of deja vu?” Feng Luo’s attention was put on the combination of the turtle and the giant snake.

A turtle and a snake… Was this not the divine beast of Chinese culture back on Earth? The so-called Black Tortoise?

Truth be told, Big Pineapple’s special agent codename “Black Tortoise” was given by Feng Luo. However, the odd thing was that though the Star Federation’s culture contained information about the Phoenix, there was no mention of the legends of the Black Tortoise.

The original models of the two monsters were probably from Earth culture.

“Ta, ta, ta…”

For Feng Luo, the combination of the two Quasi-Boss monsters may be an idea worth exploring.

However, for the other players, their first instinct and reaction were to attack the monsters.

Just as the “Black Tortoise” appeared, many players had already started to attack the two Quasi-Boss Grade monsters.

“-92, -89, -95…”

It was a Rare Grade submachine gun. However, when the stream of bullets hit the scales of the Overlord Sea Serpent, most of the bullets simply bounced off while only those that continued to hit the same spot were able to cause some slight bleeding.

However, the damage inflicted did not reach three digits. With the giant serpent’s over one million HP and its HP recovery rate, who knows how many tens of thousands of bullets would be needed to kill it.

Nonetheless, this was considered a better situation.

The attacks that landed on the bumpy and uneven mountain range-like shell of the Shark Turtle as large as a small island were even worse.


This was the damage of an Expert Level condensed fireball.

“-23, -30, -27…”

This was the damage inflicted by the “Wind Blade Combo” of a Wind Manipulator.

“-9, -9, -8…”

This was the damage dealt by a submachine gun.

More importantly, the attacks were from players with some of the best weapons and items in War. Additionally, they were all players who had just received buffs from the Doctors.

However, the damage they dealt was so low.

This was the first time Feng Luo saw a monster possessing defensive strength on par with, or even better than, the Steel Beetle Boss.

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