Fatal Shot - Chapter 571 - Digital Cat's Deduction

Chapter 571: Digital Cat’s Deduction

The sudden battle did not last very long.

After around two minutes, the number of Flying Knife Swordfish that continued to leap out of the ocean had significantly decreased.

“Damn it, it’s finally ending soon. If this had kept up any longer, this shield of mine might actually break.” Big Pineapple said while holding his battered dark red alloy shield in front of Black Panther, Glazed Ice, and a bunch of other long-range attackers.

Although the battle had lasted less than two minutes, the players’ losses were quite huge.

A total of seven players died while two-thirds of the players’ equipment had been damaged, albeit to different degrees.

Although the Flying Knife Swordfish monsters did not have a high level, their high-speed attacks were too destructive. Even Big Pineapple’s defense talent and his Level 50 top-class Rare Grade alloy shield accumulated over 50% damage after getting hit by the Flying Knife Swordfish. There was no need to mention the damage sustained by the other players.

If it weren’t the fact that all the highly-skilled players participating in the expedition this time brought along various items and gears with different attributes as backups, their encounter with the school of swordfish might have been enough to substantially weaken the Storm City players’ combat strength; ultimately reducing their chances for achieving success.

After all, on the wide expanse of the ocean, there was no place for them to repair their equipment.

“It is a good thing the main body of the military boat is very strong and tough. Although some parts were damaged during the attack, there aren’t any serious consequences. It looks like the situation will end in, at most, half a minute.”



Neutron Star swung a slightly shorter alloy sword with his left hand and killed a Flying Knife Swordfish still swinging its “long spear” around on the metal wall.

He raised his head and looked at the flying fish remaining in the sky above the ocean surface. The number had dropped to just around a dozen or so per second.

“End? No. I’m afraid the real problem has just started…” A voice cut off Neutron Star’s words.

Digital Cat was the one who suddenly spoke. She wore her usual technology spectacles while standing behind “Arnold,” who had taken out an alloy shield before anyone realized it.

She was frowning unusually while looking at the ocean behind the military boat.

“Just beginning? How is that possible? Judging from the color of the seawater, the number of fish in that school has decreased a lot.” Neutron Star said, dumbfounded. He looked at Digital Cat, not understanding what she meant.

Digital Cat pushed her technology specs and spoke, “The Flying Knife Swordfish missed too many of their attacks. The number of fish that got into the air in a period of one minute and 57 seconds was around 13,000. However, only 22% of them got on the military boat. The remaining 78% directly flew over the military boat!” She directly spoke percentage, which meant that her brain was analyzing the situation.

“What’s wrong with that? Maybe the fish monsters don’t have good accuracy in the air, so their accuracy rate isn’t that high.” Neutron Star answered, not fully convinced, while swinging the longsword he held in his right hand to kill a Flying Knife Swordfish still jumping around and waving its long spear about behind the group.

Digital Cat answered coolly with a confident gaze. “No. From the scattered location of the flying fish on the deck, we can deduce that there is a 95% probability that they are not actually attacking us. It is because the number of Flying Knife Swordfish that dropped in front of and on the upper deck of the military boat far exceeds the number on the latter half as well as the lower deck of the military boat.”

At that moment, the number of fish had decreased even further, and the average number of fish jumping out of the water was only around ten or so.

“The distribution of the fish on the deck…” After hearing Digital Cat’s words, not only Neutron Star, even Glazed Ice and Red Queen, these players who had already pulled their hands out, could not help but look toward the ship’s deck.

Since there were too many fish corpses on the deck making it impossible to quickly observe and analyze the entire military boat, and they could not come to that conclusion like Digital Cat.

“In addition to that, there’s also another odd thing. The fish monsters that missed the ship did not try to come back to attack us even when so many of their friends were killed. On the contrary, they continued moving forward, away from the military boat, at full speed… It seems as if they are trying to run away from something. Something that makes tens of thousands of Level 40 plus fish run. This thing may be charging towards us.” Digital Cat came to a conclusion.

As Digital Cat spoke…



Feng Luo’s Wings of Death fired a shot that accurately struck an Elite Grade Flying Knife Swordfish flying in the air around 100 meters away from them that was slowed down due to a water curtain.

With that, he had gotten rid of the last Flying Knife Swordfish in the air that was within his sniping sights.

“This… It is impossible. I have not detected any other signs of life around the military boat apart from these fish.” However, after hearing Digital Cat’s analysis, the tall and slender female Scout player raised her eyebrow. She picked up her Rare Grade recon meter and cast the Detection skill underwater.

The recon meter screen showed only yellow dots that signified the Flying Knife Swordfish. There were no other monsters.

“It is probably pursuing the school of fish…” Glazed Ice said with a gentle smile.

It was clear that the team was very confident and trusted the scouting skills of the tall and slender female Scout completely.

The reason Glazed Ice said what she did was to reduce the awkwardness of Digital Cat making a clear “mistake” even after making such a confident deduction, trying to cool the atmosphere.

As the number two of Red Queen’s group, the way she thought was also quite tactful.


However, before Glazed Ice could finish speaking, another gunshot came from Feng Luo who was not that far away from them.

He had pulled the trigger of Wings of Death. A bullet flew towards a grayish area of the seawater, not towards the scattered flying fish, along the edge of the military boat.


A damage number appeared in front of Feng Luo’s eyes.

The damage reduction effect of the seawater to bullets was too strong. Even Wings of Death under manual shooting mode had failed to deal any real damage.

However, at least it proved one thing…

At about the same time when Feng Luo fired the shot, the voice of a Nine-Star Guild Scout player came from the commanding comms channel.

“Everyone, pay attention. There’s an abnormality coming from beneath the military boat. Attention everyone… A large creature with an unknown level has appeared in the depths of the ocean. There might be a collision. Attention, there might be a collision…”

Scouting talents also had different effects. The underwater monster had some kind of hidden technique or skills, so it was only after it got very close to the military boat that it was discovered by the Scout.

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