Excuse Me, I Am The Real Female Lead - Chapter 524 - Fang Mo'er Was Jealous  

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Chapter 524: Fang Mo’er Was Jealous 

Fang Mo’er noticed the look in Shi Mo’s eyes and was about to tease him when there was a knock on the door. 

Shi Mo stood up to open the door. It was Lu Yu. 

He had not even had the time to put his hand down. 

“Erm, let me explain. Nothing really happened just now, I was only helping her up.” Lu Yu glanced past Shi Mo and looked into the room. When he saw that there only Fang Mo’er and Shi Mo were in the room, his expression changed slightly. 

Shi Mo said calmly, “I know. I understand my girlfriend. Is there anything else?” 

His implication was that Lu Yu should leave as soon as possible. 

Lu Yu looked a little embarrassed. Shi Mo was too straightforward. 

“It’s nothing. I was just afraid that you two would misunderstand so I just came over to take a look.” After saying that, Lu Yu turned around to leave. 

As a man, Shi Mo could tell at a glance that Lu Yu had ulterior motives towards Fang Mo’er. 

It seemed like people were always in love with his wife, no matter where she was. However, the reason was also because she was so outstanding. 

Shi Mo stared intensely at Lu Yu’s back before closing the door. 

Lu Yu, who had just left, did not return to his room. Instead, he went to the hallway. 

The dimly lit hallway illuminated his sullen face. 

He took out a cigarette, lit it, and took a deep puff. Then, he skillfully exhaled a few circles in the air. 

Fang Mo’er had a boyfriend who seemed to have a high status. What was he supposed to do? 

He had planned to use this opportunity to stir up interest by becoming a couple with Fang Mo’er and using it to become famous. 

Fang Mo’er was known to bring prosperity to male leads in the industry. All the male leads that she had worked with had become famous. It was not only Mu Bei. Even Shi Mo, who had only acted in one film, had gained a lot of attention. 

He had signed an agreement with his boss. As long as he could successfully promote himself as a couple with Fang Mo’er, it would mean that he had commercial value and would have more opportunities to be cast as the male lead in the future. 

However, Shi Mo constantly kept a close eye on Fang Mo’er so he had no chance to act at all. 

Even if he had the chance, the thought of Fang Mo’er avoiding him as if he was a snake made him feel as if his chance was extremely slim. 

Thinking of this, he smoked a few cigarettes in the hallway before returning to his room. 

It seemed like he would have to think of another way. 

Although the hotel was not particularly high-class, the environment and sound insulation were good. Standing in the corridor, he could not hear anything. 

Fang Mo’er knew that Shi Mo had always been jealous. When she saw Lu Yu coming over, she knew that his heart must have started to feel uncomfortable again. 

Hence, she took the initiative and asked Shi Mo, “Hubby, why did you come here with Xue Ni?” It was already so late, but she did not say this out loud. 

Shi Mo did not notice the jealousy in Fang Mo’er’s words and he said lightly, “There’s an urgent business deal overseas that Xue Ni and I were discussing how to resolve. She heard that you were here and happened to have something to discuss with the director. So, she suggested that we come over to see you together.” 

Oh, could it really be such a coincidence? 

Fang Mo’er thought about how Xue Ni happened to come at the most misleading time, and immediately understood what had happened. 

On the surface, she expressed her understanding, but the thoughts in her heart were different. However, she could not tell Shi Mo this. 

Although she did not say it out loud, her expression gradually turned cold, and she seemed to be in a bad mood. 

Shi Mo thought that it was because Fang Mo’er was unhappy that he had come too late and comforted her, “It’s because I had to deal with urgent matters that I came to see you later. However, I will accompany you for a while longer and wait for you to fall asleep before leaving.” 

Fang Mo’er was surprised, “You’re still going back later?” 

Shi Mo nodded and gently tapped the tip of Fang Mo’er’s nose. His tone was full of indulgence, “It will not be good for you if I stay here. I will find time to come and see you tomorrow.” 

Just as he finished speaking, he lowered his head and kissed Fang Mo’er. Fang Mo’er responded enthusiastically. 

On the other side, after finding the director, Sydney showed him an electronic document. 

“I’m very optimistic about the potential of your show, so I plan to invest in it.” After receiving the water that was handed to her from her assistant, Sydney got straight to the point. 

The director was instantly happy when he heard that. What kind of good luck did he have to be able to gain two investors? 

However, before he could thank her happily, he heard Xue Ni continue, “However, I have two requests. It’s very simple. The first is to change the script slightly. The second is the actors will have to participate in a variety show after filming.” 

As an investor, Xue Ni’s two requests were very simple. However, she was a step too late. 

Earlier, Shi Mo had already requested that the male and female lead’s love scenes should be reduced as much as possible. After all, this was a medical drama. It was indeed not good to have too many love scenes. The director had felt that it was a reasonable request. 

Now, however, Miss Xue was requesting for more love scenes. This made things a little difficult. 

“However, President Shi has already made his request and it’s the exact opposite of yours,” said the director awkwardly. 

Xue Ni asked, “How much did he invest?” 

The director said, “20 million.” 

Xue Ni said, “I’ll be investing 21 million. The script can go on as usual, but we have to make full use of the interaction between the actors. We can let the audience enjoy shipping the male and female lead as a couple to their heart’s content. Then, after filming is completed, they can participate in the variety show. What do you think?” 

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