Excuse Me, I Am The Real Female Lead - Chapter 523 - Shi Mo Arrived   

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Chapter 523: Shi Mo Arrived 

She had investigated Lu Yu’s background and found that he had many girlfriends. Although she looked cold on the surface, he was actually a very lecherous person on the inside. 

When Mu Chen had sent the message, she had happened to be discussing business with Shi Mo.How could she miss such a good opportunity? Hence, she had taken the initiative to request that they discuss their business another time and go to the film set to take a look first. 

She said that she had something to discuss with the director as well. 

Hence, the two of them had stopped what they were doing and come over to look for Fang Mo’er. 

She already knew where Fang Mo’er was, but in order not to expose herself, she pretended not to know and went to the hotel with Shi Mo. Fang Mo’er was not there. 

She then pretended to ask the staff first, so that the two of them could arrive at the night market just in time. 

The moment Fang Mo’er saw Shi Mo, her eyes lit up and she limped towards Shi Mo. 

Shi Mo quickly stepped forward and caught Fang Mo’er’s body. When he saw that her ankle was injured again, his eyes darkened. 

Xue Ni saw Shi Mo’s actions and her eyes were burned with jealousy. She gritted her teeth and smiled, “Brother Shi, why aren’t you questioning Miss Fang about this? It’s so late at night, yet she’s eating snacks alone with a man. No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t seem right.” 

“Why is your ankle hurt again?” As Shi Mo embraced Fang Mo’er, the tone of his voice was filled with heartache and reproach for hurting herself again. 

Fang Mo’er buried her head in his chest and explained gloomily, “My colleagues invited me to come to the night market and we came over immediately. I tripped and twisted my ankle because someone knocked me over. Xiao Tian is here too, she’ll be coming back right away.” 

Fang Mo’er spoke quickly, afraid that Shi Mo would really misunderstand. 

That was because Xue Ni was here. She knew that Xue Ni had feelings for Shi Mo and would definitely make a big fuss over this matter. 

She might as well explain herself quickly. 

Sure enough, after hearing Fang Mo’er’s words, Shi Mo’s expression became more visibly relaxed. 

He reprimanded Xue Ni, “You should speak to your sister-in-law with more respect. Don’t be so rude.” 

He was completely treating Xue Ni as his younger sister. 

At that moment, Xiao Tian had also returned. While she had been throwing the rubbish away, she had noticed a stall selling flying balloons beside her. Each one was cuter than the other. 

She could not resist and had gone over to buy two balloons, intending on buying one for herself and Fang Mo’er. 

However, when she returned, she had spotted Shi Mo. 

Her heart tightened and she ran over. 

As Shi Mo held Fang Mo’er, said, “Let’s go. I’ll apply some medicine for you and check to see if your injuries are serious.” 

Without bothering any further with the people standing beside him, he carried Fang Mo’er as he left. 

When Xue Ni saw this, she stomped her foot in anger and chased after him. All her preparations had been for nothing. Shi Mo had not even gotten angry. 

Xiao Tian looked at Yang Qiu who had just walked over slowly and said awkwardly, “Miss Yang, I’ll go back with you guys.” 

She did not want to be treated like a third wheel now that that person had come to look for Sister Fang. 

Lu Yu stared at Shi Mo’s back as he left with Fang Mo’er in his arms, the light in his eyes changing unpredictably. 

Shi Mo carried Fang Mo’er and walked towards the hotel, while Xue Ni followed quietly behind. 

She was thinking, ‘What should I do to make Shi Mo pay attention to me?’ 

Very quickly, they reached the hotel, and Shi Mo carried Fang Mo’er into the house. 

Xue Ni had wanted to follow them in but was stopped by Shi Mo. 

Shi Mo said, “Didn’t you have something to discuss with the director? The director is downstairs. Let me know when you’re done. I’ll get the chauffeur to send you back.” 

Fang Mo’er, who was placed on the chair by Shi Mo’er, said, “Oh, it seems that Miss Xue wants to talk to the director about something. Yet, you came here at night instead of during the day. It would be dangerous if you had come alone. Besides, why didn’t you just leave it to your assistant? How dedicated of you to come here at night. Miss Xue, you should hurry up and go while Shi Mo is here. Then you can let Shi Mo’s chauffeur send you back after you’re done.” 

Fang Mo’er said it in an unusual tone of voice. 

Did Xue Ni think she was stupid? She could not reveal that Xue Ni was here to cause trouble on purpose. Since that was the case, she had to help her. 

Although Xue Ni was angry, she could not refute it. After all, that was what she had told Shi Mo before she had come here. 

Of course, she did actually have something to discuss with the director, but it was about Fang Mo’er. 

She gave Fang Mo’er a cold glance and unwillingly left. 

The moment Xue Ni left, Shi Mo closed the door. 

He carried Fang Mo’er to the bed and examined her ankle. 

Fang Mo’er smiled at him, which caused any blame he might have wanted to lay on her to melt away. 

He could only sigh helplessly, “What should I do with you?” 

He stretched out his hand and gently pressed on Fang Mo’er’s ankle, asking, “How does that feel? Does it hurt?” 

Fang Mo’er smiled and shook her head, “It doesn’t hurt. I only twisted it slightly. I’ll be fine after resting for a while.” 

There were indeed no signs of redness or swelling on her ankle and Shi Mo was finally relieved that she was fine. 

Holding Fang Mo’er’s slender and white ankles, Shi Mo looked at her with a burning gaze. 

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