Excuse Me, I Am The Real Female Lead - Chapter 522 - Xue Ni Caught Her in the Act

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Chapter 522 Xue Ni Caught Her in the Act

Lu Yu had thought that Yang Qiu would be more polite and lady-like. He had not expected her to ask him to buy stinky tofu.

His expression turned ugly. However, Yang Qiu had already started walking to Fang Mo’er after she finished her sentence. Since he had already promised her and could not refuse her request, he could only endure his disgust and buy the stinky tofu.

Yang Qiu walked over to Fang Mo’er and sat down beside her.

“I thought the peach blossom was coming. I didn’t expect it to be a rotten peach blossom.” Yang Qiu gritted her teeth as she stared at Lu Yu’s back.

She turned around and asked Fang Mo’er, “Do you eat stinky tofu?”

It seemed like what had happened during the day had merely been a figment of her imagination.

Fang Mo’er followed Yang Qiu’s gaze and saw Lu Yu standing in line in front of a stinky tofu stall. His tall physique made him stand out from the crowd.

Fang Mo’er, “…”

No wonder Yang Qiu had asked her if she wanted to eat stinky tofu.

Fang Mo’er’s leg was not very seriously hurt. It was feeling much better after having rubbed it lightly and resting a while.

She tried to stand up and walk a few steps. She was relieved to find that it did not hurt as much.

If it had been as serious as the last time, it would affect tomorrow’s show.

Lu Yu’s stinky tofu was also ready. He walked towards Fang Mo’er with two portions of stinky tofu in his hands. Although he was trying his best to hide his disgust, his expression betrayed him.

“Miss Fang, Miss Yang, your… er… stinky tofu is ready.”

Lu Yu held the stinky tofu in his hands and almost vomited when he was halfway through her sentence. Fortunately, he had good self-control and held it in.

“Wow, stinky tofu. I’ve long heard that stinky tofu is very popular. It’s a very famous snack and I can finally taste it today.”

Yang Qiu had been wearing a mask the entire time. The quality of the mask was very good and it completely isolated her from the smells of the outside world.

She took the stinky tofu and passed another portion to Fang Mo’er.

The corner of Fang Mo’er’s mouth twitched as she stiffly accepted the stinky tofu. The stench rushed straight into her nostrils, making her feel a little nauseous.

After passing it to Fang Mo’er, Yang Qiu was ready to take off her mask to try this legendary delicacy.

Everyone said that although the stinky tofu smelled a little smelly, it was very fragrant to eat.

In the end, just as she took off her mask, a stinky smell assaulted her.

She could not help but feel nauseous. Then, she quickly handed the stinky tofu to Xiao Tian and said, “Please throw this away for


Xiao Tian wanted to laugh, but she did not have the heart to. All she could do was hold it in as she took the stinky tofu from Fang Mo’er and Yang Qiu. Then, she walked towards the trash can at the side.

Just as Xiao Tian turned around, Yang Qiu continued, “Wait for me here, I’m going to buy some fruit juice. What flavors would you two like to drink?”

Fang Mo’er replied, “Thank you, but I’m fine.”

Lu Yu replied, “Anything is fine.” Then, Yang Qiu walked towards the stall selling fruit juice.

Lu Yu’s gaze was fixated on Fang Mo’er, causing her to feel extremely uncomfortable.

“I’ll go look for Xiao Tian.”She wanted to stay away from Lu Yu, but when she stood up, she felt a sharp pain in her ankle. Her legs gave way and she fell forward.

Lu Yu caught her in an instant and almost pulled fang Mo’er into her arms.

Lu Yu said, “Don’t move if you’ve sprained your ankle. If you want to go somewhere, I can carry you.”

“There’s no need, no need. Thank you for your kindness. I can do it myself.” Fang Mo’er was even more embarrassed now. She quickly stood up to reject him and kept her distance from Lu Yu.

Just then, a familiar voice came from not far away, “Isn’t that Miss Fang? She seems to be on a date with someone and she’s behaving so intimately.”

At this moment, Lu Yu was standing in front of Fang Mo’er and was very close to her. Thus, it seemed like they were being very intimate.

Fang Mo’er looked towards the voice, unexpectedly finding out that it belonged to Xue Ni.

She held her phone as she walked towards Fang Mo’er and said, “I didn’t expect Miss Fang to be so happy to take advantage of Brother Shi’s absence and go shopping on food street with another man. Brother Shi, Miss Fang has gone too far.” Unexpectedly, Shi Mo was following behind Xue Ni. The two of them walked towards Fang Mo’er together.

Xue Ni was gloating. She knew that the man in front of her was the male lead who was working with Fang Mo’er.

The two of them had not even brought their assistants. They had come to the food street in private and were standing so close to each other. With such an intimate performance, Shi Mo would surely be angry.

She had heard that there had been some unpleasantness between Yang Qiu and Fang Mo’er during the casting process. Yang Qiu was such a prideful person. How could she be subservient to others?

Especially not to Fang Mo’er, who had only just made her debut not too long ago.

She had used this opportunity to get Mu Chen to contact Yang Qiu and find an opportunity to sow discord between Fang Mo’er and Shi


As a reward, she intended on giving Yang Qiu the opportunity to appear in foreign movies.

She had not expected Mu Chen to move so fast. The agreement between Yang Qiu and Mu Chen had been reached so soon that she had managed to find an opportunity so quickly.

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