Excuse Me, I Am The Real Female Lead - Chapter 483 - Wang Zi’s Invitation

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Chapter 483 Wang Zi’s Invitation

Nothing much had been going on initially, but after what Wang Zi had said, the way their actions were viewed had now instantly changed.

“Miss Fang and I have known each other for a long time. When I saw that she was in trouble, I took extra care of her.” Mu Ye explained on Fang Mo’er’s behalf. Although he enjoyed the rumors about him and Fang Mo’er being together, this did not mean that he would tolerate others framing Fang Mo’er.

However, it would have been fine if he had not explained. Instead, it had only made things worse.

A netizen commented on the bullet screen, “F*ck, so it turns out that the two of them have been having an affair for a long time!”

At the same time, another trending topic appeared, “The secret affair between Fang Mo’er and the eldest young master of the Mu family.”

The post not only wrote about the relationship between Fang Mo’er and Mu Ye, but many photos of her and Mu Ye being in close proximity to each other were also included.

Some of these photos showed them in the car together, some were of them having a meal together, and there were even photos of Mu Ye holding her.

The post was well-written and attracted many people to follow the post. It was obvious that someone had bought a large number of Internet trolls.

After Xue Ni had helped Bai Rong obtain fashion resources, she had continued to put pressure on Fang Mo’er, all in her bid to deal with her. No matter what methods she used, she had to destroy Fang Mo’er’s reputation. Bai Rong and Wang Zi had cooperated. One had bought a troll army to spread rumors, while the other had secretly taken photos. Little did they know, their little tricks had already been discovered.

While the mantis stalks the cicada, the oriole follows. Fang Mo’er was waiting for the most suitable opportunity to deal with these two.

Throughout the interview, it had been the director and Wang Zi who had done most of the talking. The director would continually praise Fang Mo’er, and would then be followed by Wang Zi who would immediately cleverly divert the topic.

Then, at the end of the interview, Wang Zi turned to Fang Mo’er and said, “I’m sorry, Miss Fang. It’s because I lost the competition that I caused you to have an accident. I agreed to treat you to a meal to make amends. When do you think you’ll have the time to do me this favor? I hope you don’t mind my humble position.”

Since she had already said so much, Fang Mo’er did not feel like she could refuse, especially in front of the audience in the live broadcast room.

She smiled. “Sure, but this won’t be an apology meal. Let’s say that it’s a meal to celebrate us becoming good friends instead. After this show, if you have time, we can have a meal together. I like Miss Wang very much. She’s kind and responsible.”

She had said all this very smoothly without offending anyone at all.


Upon receiving Fang Mo’er’s answer, Wang Zi looked elated. She said, “That’s great!” Then she turned to Mu Ye and asked, “I wonder if Young Master Mu would be so kind as to join us as well?”

Mu Ye nodded in agreement when he saw that Fang Mo’er had already agreed.

He did not want to miss such a great opportunity to have dinner with Fang Mo’er without Shi Mo around.

Wang Zi had invited Fang Mo’er and Mu Ye, but not the director or Wu Ping. That left the two of them feeling a little awkward.

Fortunately, it was time for everyone to chat so the awkwardness did not continue.

Wu Ping appeared to be unbothered, but the director did not look too happy.

However, Wang Zi did not care. She had made an agreement with Bai Rong to help her deal with Fang Mo’er in exchange for Bai Rong helping her gain more resources.

Bai Rong had agreed to let her act as the second female lead in her next movie. If she could become famous, she would never have to participate in such unimportant reality shows again.

This director did not have many connections and his resources were limited. It was not worth her effort to impress him.

As for Wu Ping, he was also not famous, so she had no use for him. After the two of them bid farewell to Fang Mo’er and the others, Wang Zi said to Fang Mo’er, “I already made a booking at a hotel just now. It’s not far from here. Let’s take a taxi.”

Mu Ye said, “We can take my car.”

They walked out of the building. Unexpectedly, Assistant Yu had arrived long ago and was waiting for Fang Mo’er at the door.

“Assistant Yu, you may go back first. Miss Wang wants to treat us to a meal, so I’ll only go back after it’s over,” Fang Mo’er explained apologetically to Assistant Yu.

“Alright then. Just call me anytime once you’re done.” Assistant Yu did not get angry even after having come all this way for nothing. He merely drove away. The hotel that Wang Zi had made a booking at was indeed not far from the building they had just left so it only took ten minutes to drive there.

The hotel staff led them to a private room and left.

Wang Zi said, “Please wait for a moment. I already chose the dishes online and they’ll be served in just a moment.” Fang Mo’er raised her eyebrows when she heard that. She had only just agreed to have a meal together, yet Wang Zi had already booked the private room and ordered the dishes. She had clearly not seen Wang Zi choosing the dishes in the car just now.

Finding a moment that Wang Zi was not looking, Fang Mo’er took her phone out and secretly sent Shi Mo the location of the hotel.

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