Evil Prince, Come Play With Me - Chapter 936 - Even the Immortals Eat Roast Suckling Pig?

Chapter 936: Even the Immortals Eat Roast Suckling Pig?

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He was bringing Miss Lian’er along to give her face.

How was he to know that his master’s thinking wasn’t that complicated?

Su Shenfan just couldn’t stand the way the beauty acted coy with him.

It was said that beauties were the source of calamity. This was the first time Su Shenfan knew that a woman’s coquettishness could be so powerful. It was so damn effective that you would even be willing to pluck the stars from the sky for her.

Of course, he would never let Su Lian know that.

Give her an inch and that idiot would definitely take a mile, and become more aggravating in the future.

Bu Yaolian sighed after breakfast. What should she do?

She was worried sick. She wanted to lose weight, but Shao Zun clearly didn’t want her to lose weight.

He seemed to know that she was a glutton, and forced her to eat as much as she wanted every day.

In the past, he didn’t have many meals with her. Sometimes, he would come at night, but he might not stay in her room to eat.

However, ever since he saw how she demolished the pork trotters, he seemed to like eating with her.

This wasn’t a good thing. She didn’t even need to lose weight.

The effect of the 9,999 Spring Harbingers would fade today, and she had to eat them again in the evening. She wanted to take the opportunity to see if she had lost any weight.

After all, she was working so hard every day.

The sacrificial ceremony was held in Qiankun Palace. A huge suckling pig was placed on the altar. It was roasted golden and looked tender. It would definitely be fragrant when one took a bite.

Bu Yaolian tugged at Su Shenfan’s sleeve and asked, “Shao Zun, can this pig be eaten after the sacrifice?”

Su Shenfan slapped his forehead. “Don’t embarrass me.”

Her eyes were already fixed on the offerings. Was this girl a blasphemer?

The funniest thing was that she talked about dieting every day, but she ate like a rice bucket.

Who knew where she got the courage to abuse herself.

It had to be said that Su Shenfan admired her courage to abuse herself.

Bu Yaolian rubbed her nose. “I… I’m just asking. I don’t want to eat it.”

Su Shenfan glared at her. If you don’t want to eat it, my surname isn’t Su.

Bu Yaolian smiled at him, revealing her canine teeth. “Do the immortals also eat pork?”

Su Shenfan rolled his eyes at her. “How would I know?”

“Aren’t many Itinerant Immortals humans who cultivated to that level? They don’t eat when they cultivate in seclusion. If they don’t eat pork, aren’t these offerings wasted?”

“Shut up.”

Bu Yaolian grabbed his sleeve and followed behind him.

However, she was a chatterbox. After offering sacrifices to the gods for so long, they were still paying respects here and there.

She saw the Rising Clouds Emperor get up and do this and that, and recite this and that for a long time, but she didn’t understand anything.

She was really bored.

“Shao Zun, we don’t even use suckling pigs for our offerings to the gods.”

Su Shenfan glared at her again. “Then what?”

“We use candy, and wipe honey on the mouth of the god statue. That way, he won’t dare badmouth the human world to the Heavenly Emperor.”

Su Shenfan smiled. “Why should you be afraid of him?”

Su Shenfan actually didn’t have much respect for these gods or whatever; he didn’t cultivate for the sake of ascending to the heavens.

There was no way the heavenly immortals would protect you for real.

He was in contact with the Archfiend, and had heard about the matters of heaven. They were just people from another world with ulterior motives.

There was no mystery to speak of.

“If you badmouth the human world, the Heavenly Emperor will think that the human world is too messy, and want to destroy it. It’s said that the Heavenly Emperor wanted to destroy the human world more than a hundred years ago.”

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