Evil Prince, Come Play With Me - Chapter 935 - You Won’t Die From Getting Fat

Chapter 935: You Won’t Die From Getting Fat

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Bu Yaolian took a look. There were a few plates of pickled vegetables, two plates of thin beef, two bowls of porridge, a large bowl of black chicken soup, and various kinds of cold dishes.

She swallowed. “No, I ate at Princess Zi’s.”

She had to start losing weight from this morning onward.

She could only drink warm water in the morning and have one boiled egg, or two boiled eggs, or three…

She asked the maid to fetch a few from the kitchen.

“Don’t I have food for you here? Why did you eat at someone else’s house?” Su Shenfan pulled a long face. “Come here and eat with me.”

He was already used to watching Bu Yaolian eat while he ate himself; he felt that the food tasted delicious that way.

Because Bu Yaolian enjoyed everything.

Bu Yaolian touched her belly. “I can’t eat anymore. If I eat more, I’ll get fatter.”

“You won’t die from getting fat. Your body will be fine even with a few extra kilograms,” Su Shenfan said coldly. “Don’t make me call you a third time.”

Bu Yaolian pouted. Fine, fine, fine, you’re beautiful, you’re my idol, you’re the boss.

Bu Yaolian sat down. Su Shenfan handed her a bowl of porridge, a plate of beef, and a bowl of black chicken soup. “Finish them all.”

Bu Yaolian was indeed hungry. After such strenuous exercise every night, Su Shenfan would go out halfway to check on the underground palace and give her a chance to rest. However, she didn’t dare eat anything to replenish her energy, so she was always starving in the morning.

Bu Yaolian obediently ate the porridge. Although she took small sips, her expression was extremely satisfied, as if the porridge was delicious.

Su Shenfan ate faster than she did, and a plate of beef disappeared.

“Shao Zun, have mine.” Bu Yaolian pushed the beef toward him.

“Eat your food. I’m full.”

He sat there and watched Bu Yaolian eat.

“Hurry up and eat. If you’re late, don’t blame me for not bringing you to the ceremony.” Su Shenfan washed his hands and rinsed his mouth with the water that the palace servants had brought, and didn’t forget to threaten her at the same time.

Bu Yaolian immediately picked up the bowl and gulped the porridge down, licking it clean as usual.

She licked her lips. “Shao Zun, I’m done.”

“What about the soup and beef?”

Su Shenfan stood up and got ready to leave.

Bu Yaolian hurriedly pulled him back. “Shao Zun, wait for me. I’ll be done soon.”

“I’m going to the study. Eat slowly. Don’t choke to death. That would be ugly.” Su Shenfan left in disdain.

Bu Yaolian pooh pooh’ed three times. You’re the one who’ll choke!

No, no, no. I can’t curse Shao Zun. He’s my idol, and I’m his little fan.

Su Shenfan walked out of the room with a smile on his lips. Bu Yaolian always had a foolish look about her.

His aide, Su Sheng, asked in a low voice, “Shao Zun, women are not allowed at the ceremony. Is it alright to bring Miss Lian’er?”

Su Shenfan said indifferently, “Why not? I don’t have that many rules here. I want to pamper a beauty; I don’t want to see the emperor’s face.”

Su Sheng stopped talking.

He knew that the Rising Clouds Emperor must have offended his master.

Although his master was egoistical, he wasn’t arrogant. He knew how to be polite and wouldn’t offend people easily.

His master had been displeased after that day when the Rising Clouds Emperor gave the Three Golden Flowers to his master and called Miss Lian’er over.

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