Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 101: Six-Colored Water Seal

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Book 5: Chapter 101: Six-Colored Water Seal

Snowy Mountains, Human Path Secret Realm:

The Grand Mohist stood by a pool in a snowy valley.

Even though this place was frigid, the pool was not frozen.

The pool seemed to have water of six colors. As the water spun, it shone with a strange light.


Space quivered above the pool. The image of a black cat was vaguely visible—the black cat that Gu Hai saw at the lava pool.

When the black cat saw the Supreme Ascendant arrive, frustration flashed in its eyes as it bared its fangs and claws at her.

The Supreme Ascendant lowered her head to look at the pool.

“The Six Paths Immortal’s seal, the six-colored water has turned so clear already? Is someone breaking the Six-Colored Water Seal?” The Grand Mohist narrowed her eyes.

The Grand Mohist raised her head and looked at the black cat before her, showing an unsightly expression.

“Are you coming out? Humph! Good thing I made it in time. Otherwise, you would cause trouble in the world if you come out.” The Grand Mohist narrowed her eyes.

Then, the Grand Mohist took out a small bottle as she extended her hand.

She opened the small bottle and poured out some white liquid into the pool.

The six-colored water in the pool suddenly started spinning quickly. As gurgling bubbles appeared, the various colors mixed until the color became uniform.

The black cat’s fur stood on end all over its body as it glared and roared at the Supreme Ascendant, “Meow! The power of faith?! You bitch! How dare you pour in the power of faith? Reinforcing the seal?”

However, only meowing came from the independent space.


At the same time, the lava pool in the lava cavern suddenly started churning. As that happened, Gu Hai played faster.

After Gu Hai played a black Go stone, a white Go stone immediately appeared.

“Oh?” Gu Hai suddenly raised his eyebrows.

“Mister Gu, what’s wrong?” Yan Qingshan asked.

“I seemed to have caught hold of the opening of this Go puzzle just now. However, this counter is like a divine stroke, making this Go puzzle even more complicated,” Gu Hai said with a sullen expression.

“Even more complicated? What’s the situation?” the Go Dao cultivators said in confusion.

“Even more complicated? That means that the seal became stronger. Something must have happened.” Yan Qingshan’s expression changed.

“Meow!” The black cat felt incredibly anxious.

“Mister Gu, what should we do now?” Yan Qingshan asked worriedly.

“It’s not a problem. I like complicated Go puzzles.” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes and quietly pondered the situation.

After some thought, Gu Hai extended his hand and played a move.


Gu Hai continued playing the Go puzzle. Since the Go puzzle was connected to the seal, the stronger the seal became, the more he had to think, and the slower he played.

Slow? Slow meant that there would not be mistakes.

When Gu Hai played a move, the seal loosened slightly. However, it strengthened slightly whenever the Grand Mohist dripped in a drop of the power of faith.


In the snowy valley:

“What’s going on? The power of faith can strengthen the seal. Wasn’t the seal strengthened earlier and the six colors already blended? Why did they separate again?” The Grand Mohist’s face sank.

She poured in some power of faith again.

The seal strengthened. The six colors blended again. However, they separated soon after.

“What’s going on? The seal cannot be sustained?” The Grand Mohist’s expression changed as she continued to add more power of faith.


On the other side, Gu Hai continued playing, entering a trance.

“Meow? What a fellow! Excellent Go skills! Hahahahaha! I thought it was over for me. Unexpectedly, your Go skills are so incredible? Excellent! Keep solving! Keep solving!” The black cat excitedly watched Gu Hai.

“Bitch, to think that you are still pouring in more power of faith? Humph! When I get out, see how I kill you!” The black cat showed a berserk expression as he looked at the other scene.

At this moment, one side held hope and the other side held despair for the black cat, making it feel conflicted.

Clack! Clack!

Drip! Drip! Drip!

Gu Hai and the Grand Mohist maintained a stalemate over the Six-Colored Water Seal.


The Go stones moved continuously in the cavern. The black cat’s figure kept flickering into view. The Go Dao cultivators understood that Gu Hai was succeeding.

Joy also flashed in Yan Qingshan’s eyes as the Go Dao cultivators waited patiently.

In the end, Gu Hai’s current soul body was made up of his three spiritual souls. The Go soul clones in his forehead space had not come along. He only used the connection between his spiritual souls and physical souls to get the Go soul clones to analyze the puzzle. Doing so placed a significant drain on him.

“Meow! Brat, well done! Continue. You must solve it for me. Once you solve it, this great me will give you a great benefit!” the black cat called out anxiously.

However, all Gu Hai heard was “Meow! Meow! Meow!”

Gu Hai had no time to bother, but Bing Ji looked curiously.

“This damn cat! To think that it is coming out? The Go puzzle that Old Mister Guan Qi left loosened the Six-Colored Water Seal? Why did he not release it himself back then? Was Old Mister Guan Qi worried about the damn cat ruining his plans if he released it? However, he wanted it released, so he purposely left a half-solved Go puzzle?” Suddenly, a voice rang out in Bing Ji’s ears.

Gasp! Bing Ji’s expression suddenly changed dramatically as she looked around.

The Supreme Genesis? Is that the Supreme Genesis’s voice?

The Supreme Genesis’s voice rang out again. “Young lass, don’t bother looking around; you can’t see me. I am still in Heavenly Yin City. The Mind Conceding Soup that you carry with you allows me to sense the situation in there.”

Bing Ji showed an uncertain expression in her eyes.

“The Supreme Ascendant must be strengthening the seal while Gu Hai is trying to break the seal here? Haha! Go on and fight. This is good,” the Supreme Genesis said coldly.

“You… What do you want?” Bing Ji asked softly, controlling her voice so that it would not spread out.

No one in the cavern could hear Bing Ji’s voice, but the Supreme Genesis could sense it.

“What do I want? Bing Ji, remember what I told you at the plaza? This Gu Hai cannot remain,” the Supreme Genesis said.

“Why?” Bing Ji said anxiously.

“Why? Firstly, this damn cat cannot be released. The Supreme Singularity will have a headache if it is released. This is a demon that Heaven sealed. For the sake of all life, it has to remain sealed. Secondly, there is a karmic connection between Gu Hai and the Supreme Wa. The Supreme Singularity wants to control him. If the Supreme Singularity wants him dead, he has to die. Do you understand?” the Supreme Genesis said coldly.

Bing Ji shook her head, showing pain on her face.

“Of course, he can be spared from death. If he drinks two bowls of the Mind Conceding Soup, he will be loyal to the Supreme Singularity, right? He does not have to die. You just have to plead with the Supreme Singularity; that’s all, right? If the Supreme Singularity does not want to kill him, then he won’t die,” the Supreme Genesis said.

“No, no. I can’t…,” Bing Ji said anxiously.

“You can’t? Humph! You will have to do it today, even if you don’t want to. Have you forgotten your mother? Your mother has died, but the Supreme Singularity has the means to revive her. Don’t you want her to come back to life?” the Supreme Genesis said coldly.

“What? My mother can come back to life?” Bing Ji’s expression changed.

“Your mother is a princess of the Huang Heavenly Dynasty, a mortal enemy of the Solar Divine Palace. No one in my Solar Divine Palace wants her back alive. Even the Supreme Singularity is reluctant. If you want to save her, it will depend on how valuable you are. Furthermore, have you forgotten why the Supreme Singularity sent you to Gu Hai’s side? One more bowl, hurry!” the Supreme Genesis said coldly.

“No, no! Don’t force me!” Bing Ji showed horror on her face.

“Force you? Did you fall for Gu Hai, that gigolo? Even if you fell for him, you have to do it. Hurry! Long Zhanguo has gone mad. To think that he wants to oppose Heaven? That damn cat cannot return. Hurry,” the Supreme Genesis said coldly.

“No! No! No!” Bing Ji showed horror on her face.

“Just think about it. You have thirty minutes. If Gu Hai completes that Go puzzle without drinking the Mind Conceding Soup, I will destroy your mother’s corpse when I return. Do you believe that?” the Supreme Genesis said coldly.

Bing Ji suddenly showed a pained expression.

The Go Dao cultivators and Gu Hai did not notice anything strange about Bing Ji, as everyone focused on that Go board.

Gu Hai’s play slowed further but became more and more certain. Likewise, the strain on the connection between the spiritual souls and physical souls increased. Gu Hai rubbed his temples, the mental strain apparently taking its toll.


“Brat, play properly! You must solve it! If you solve it, I will help you to inflict an aphrodisiac on any woman you like in the world. I will make her like you immediately!” the black cat said anxiously.


While the black cat felt anxious, the Grand Mohist in the snowy valley felt overstrung.

“How much power of faith has been used? Why is it not working?” The Grand Mohist fidgeted as she looked at the small bottle.


The Go puzzle became increasingly more complicated, making it more difficult for Gu Hai.

Gu Hai rubbed his temples. The other Go Dao cultivators could only feel anxious for him.

At the side, Bing Ji closed her eyes, apparently under great pain. Some tears leaked out of her eyes, but she could not dry them. After a while, she felt like her heart was being torn apart.

Under the Supreme Genesis’s pressure, Bing Ji murmured with a bitter expression, “Your Majesty, sorry.”

Bing Ji had suppressed her voice, so Gu Hai did not hear her.

An ice bowl manifested from cold energy appeared with a flip of Bing Ji’s hand. This bowl contained some soup.

“That’s right. Bing Ji, give the Mind Conceding Soup to Gu Hai and lay the trap in his spiritual souls. It will be easy for the Supreme Singularity to control Gu Hai in the future. Let him drink it! Let him drink it!” the Supreme Genesis said coldly.

Bing Ji walked forward slowly, with some difficulty, appearing very reluctant. However, the Supreme Genesis’s threat echoed in her mind, making her distraught.

“The separation of the spiritual souls and physical souls is really not good for the mind.” Gu Hai rubbed his temples.

“Your…Your Majesty!” Bing Ji said timidly.

“Huh?” Gu Hai looked at Bing Ji with confusion.

“Your Majesty, this is the Mind Nourishing Soup; it can nourish the mind. You will feel better after drinking it,” Bing Ji said, pretending to be calm.

“Mind Nourishing Soup?” Gu Hai frowned at the bowl of soup Bing Ji proffered.

“It can nourish the mind? Mister Gu, you should drink it quickly! We still need you to break the seal!” the Go Dao cultivators said happily.

Gu Hai had brought Bing Ji with him. Naturally, they did not think she would harm Gu Hai, so they immediately encouraged him.


In the independent space, the pupils of the black cat constricted.

“The Mind Conceding Soup? Meow! Another bitch! Don’t drink! Brat, don’t drink! Meow!” the black cat roared as it bared its fangs and claws.

Unfortunately, no words came out, only meows.


Gu Hai looked at Bing Ji and carefully received the “Mind Nourishing Soup.”

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“This can nourish the mind?” Gu Hai said quizzically as he looked at Bing Ji.

“Yes, it can. It can!” Bing Ji felt like she would tremble, but she suppressed the urge and nodded.

“Since you have something that can nourish the mind, why didn’t you take it out earlier?” Gu Hai smiled.

As Gu Hai looked at Bing Ji, he slowly brought the “Mind Nourishing Soup” to his mouth.


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