Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 1673 - Divine Powers Refinement  

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Chapter 1673: Divine Powers Refinement

Kunlun Ruins.

This was a forbidden ground for all Mahayana Patriarchs. This day, a purple-robed man arrived. His face was blurry as though he was shrouded by a fog.

The Martial Dao Prime Body looked at the ruins not far away and walked forward with a deep gaze.

He passed through the outer perimeter of the Kunlun Ruins and arrived before the Kunlun Barrier.

Without hesitation, the Martial Dao Prime Body broke through the Kunlun Barrier and entered the Kunlun Ruins!

The moment the Martial Dao Prime Body entered the Kunlun Ruins, the entire Kunlun Ruins trembled as though it was agitated!

Divine powers began to gather around the Martial Dao Prime Body and rapidly formed a Divine Power Storm that engulfed the latter!

The Divine Power Storm contained an extremely terrifying power that destroyed the body of the Martial Dao Prime Body. It destroyed all life, as though it wanted to destroy everything!

Unlike a healing Divine Power Storm, this Divine Power Storm possessed a terrifying killing power!

Although it was only a Lesser Divine Power Storm, blood scars appeared on the surface of the Martial Dao Prime Body’s skin the moment the storm descended!

The body of the Martial Dao Prime Body could take on Dharmic treasures head-on and was not weaker than any divine weapon.

However, he was covered in injuries from the envelopment of the Divine Power Storm!

There was no fear in the eyes of the Martial Dao Prime Body. Instead, they shone brighter.


The Martial Dao Prime Body hollered.


His figure seemed to have vanished and in its place was a gigantic furnace. The Martial Spirit Fire burned furiously, wanting to refine the Divine Power Storm!

The two powers intertwined continuously.

The Divine Power Storm wanted to extinguish the Martial Spirit Fire while the Martial Spirit Fire wanted to incinerate the Divine Power Storm!

This time round, the Martial Dao Prime Body was not smelting Dharmic arts, but divine powers!

Going to the ancient battlefield to observe, comprehend and cultivate various divine powers was way too slow.

Furthermore, if he headed to the ancient battlefield to comprehend divine powers, the Martial Dao Prime Body would not be able to avoid fighting for the Divine Power Ranking and he would definitely be exposed!

If he comprehended divine powers step by step, the Martial Dao Prime Body might not even be comparable to the Green Lotus True Body!

That was because the Creation Green Lotus was an utmost treasure of the universe and contained divine powers to begin with. It was closer to the universe and coupled with the fact that the Human Emperor passed down his title and gathered the fortune of the world, its cultivation speed was naturally extremely shocking.

If the Martial Dao Prime Body wanted to raise his combat strength as soon as possible, he could only take an extreme path!

Since the Martial Dao Furnace could smelt all Dharmic arts, why not divine powers?!

As long as a divine power was smelted completely, it would be equivalent to having that divine power fused into the Martial Dao Furnace, becoming one with the Martial Dao Prime Body!

The Divine Power Storm and Martial Spirit Fire were still fighting.

Neither side was willing to back down!

At the most dangerous moment, the body of the Martial Dao Prime Body was already destroyed.

The remaining Martial Spirit Fire was almost dispersed by the Divine Power Storm as well and turned into an extremely weak wisp of flame.

If the Martial Spirit Fire was extinguished, it would be equivalent to the death of the Martial Dao Prime Body!

Up till this point of his cultivation, the Martial Dao Prime Body had never encountered such a dangerous situation!

However, the Martial Dao Prime Body did not show any fear. Instead, his gaze turned firmer. While smelting the Divine Power Storm, he tempered his Dao Heart and determination!

After a long time, the power of the Divine Power Storm gradually weakened.

The light of the Martial Spirit Fire intensified!

The Martial Dao Furnace had finally gained the upper hand!

After another long period of refinement, the Divine Power Storm around the Martial Dao Prime Body gradually disappeared.

To be precise, it did not disappear. Instead, it was completely refined by the Martial Dao Furnace and became a part of it!

The power of the Martial Dao Prime Body had increased significantly as well!

The figure of the Martial Dao Prime Body appeared and channeled his blood qi. The wounds on his body healed in the blink of an eye.

Right then, the Martial Dao Prime Body felt something strange and looked over instinctively.

Unknowingly, powerful living beings had gathered around him!

The commotion attracted many Kunlun clansmen!

Those Kunlun clansmen widened their eyes and looked at the Martial Dao Prime Body, completely scared out of their wits.

Apart from Desolate Martial in the past, this was the first time they saw someone walk out alive from a Divine Power Storm!

Even in the past, the reason why Desolate Martial was able to survive the Divine Power Storm was because of immense luck.

He only managed to survive by chance because it was a healing Divine Power Storm that collided against the power of the Sword of Misfortune.

But now, the purple-robed mysterious man fought against the Divine Power Storm with his own strength and survived!

In the end, even the Divine Power Storm could not hold on and its power dissipated, vanishing!

At that moment, the many Kunlun clansmen did not realize that the power of the Divine Power Storm had not dissipated at all. Instead, it was smelted and fused into the body of the Martial Dao Prime Body!

“Intruder, who are you?”

A Kunlun Half-Martial Ancestor asked in a deep voice.

The peak Half-Martial Ancestor experts of the Kunlun race followed Night Spirit to Tianhuang Mainland to break through and were staying in Ethereal Peak for the time being.

More than half of the remaining Kunlun clansmen stayed here to guard the Kunlun Ruins.

If anything happened in the rainbow cave above the God Slaying Valley, they would inform the Kunlun Lord, Night Spirit, right away!

The Martial Dao Prime Body ignored the surrounding Kunlun clansmen and continued towards the Kunlun Ruins.

“Let me remind you!”

The Kunlun Half-Martial Ancestor said in a deep voice, “There are many Divine Power Storms here and what you just experienced is only one of them! If you trigger a Greater or Supreme Divine Power Storm, you’ll definitely be shattered into pieces!”

“Is that so?”

The Martial Dao Prime Body murmured softly and suddenly released a divine power from his body.

The power released caused another violent fluctuation in the Kunlun Ruins as tremendous divine powers gathered around the Martial Dao Prime Body once more!

In the blink of an eye, two Divine Power Storms were formed!

“Is he a lunatic?! He even took the initiative to trigger a Divine Power Storm!”

“Everyone, keep your distance and don’t get implicated!”

Many Kunlun clansmen shouted and retreated, afraid that they would be implicated by the Divine Power Storms around the Martial Dao Prime Body.

They had lived in the ruins for countless years and had never seen anyone like this.

Others would want nothing more than to avoid Divine Power Storms—this person actually took the initiative to trigger them!

Two Divine Power Storms were formed and the Martial Spirit Fire burned once more. The Martial Dao Furnace appeared and smelted the power of the Divine Power Storms.

Up till now, the Martial Dao Prime Body was still extremely careful and did not dare to trigger a Greater Divine Power Storm.

However, as time passed by, after the Martial Dao Furnace smelted enough Lesser Divine Power Storms, the power of his body and furnace would reach its limits!

At that time, he could attempt to smelt Greater Divine Power Storms.

Eventually, he would smelt the supreme divine powers here!

There was no place more suitable for the Martial Dao Prime Body than the Kunlun Ruins.

The divine powers contained in this battlefield were much richer than in the ancient battlefield.

More importantly, the Martial Dao Prime Body did not have to worry about being exposed here.

The Kunlun clansmen within could not get out because of the Kunlun Barrier while intruders wouldn’t be able to enter or even use their spirit consciousnesses to detect what was happening within the Kunlun Ruins.

Not only did the Martial Dao Prime Body want to hide from the primordial races, he wanted to hide from the even more terrifying and mysterious existences of Tianhuang Mainland!

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