Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 1669 - Attack of the Yu Emperor

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Chapter 1669 Attack of the Yu Emperor

After the Creation Green Lotus grew to Grade 8, even many greater divine powers could not shake its foundation!

Even if it was injured, the powerful lifeforce in the Creation Green Lotus would circulate on its own and its injuries would recover in the blink of an eye!

The surrounding Mahayana Patriarchs were secretly alarmed.

If this continued, they would be exhausted to death before anything happened to Su Zimo!

“Aren’t you guys here to snatch the Human Emperor’s Seal?”

Surveying his surroundings, Su Zimo slapped his storage bag and said slowly, “Now, I’ll let you guys have a taste of the might of the Human Emperor’s Seal!”

In Su Zimo’s palm was a gigantic seal. It was pitch-black and cold with defined edges, emanating an ancient and powerful might of the Emperor Dao!


Su Zimo tossed his palm and the Human Emperor’s Seal descended from the skies, smashing towards Patriarch Ba You of Heavenly Dipper Sect with a terrifying might!

Patriarch Ba You’s expression changed!

The Human Emperor’s Seal was a massive weapon of Tianhuang Mainland and even Emperors of the primordial races would be smashed into a bloody mist against it!

Although Su Zimo was at the mid-stage Mahayana realm and could not release the full might of the Human Emperor’s Seal, Patriarch Ba You did not dare to fight him head-on and turned to flee!

However, while he was fast, the speed of the Human Emperor’s Seal’s descent was even faster!


A large shadow enveloped down. Before the Human Emperor’s Seal landed completely, the immense pressure had already descended and Patriarch Ba You’s speed was greatly reduced as though he had fallen into a swamp!/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

Patriarch Tyrant You’s face was pale. Seeing that he could not escape from the range of the Human Emperor’s Seal, he did not have time to think and swung the saber in his hands, slashing down viciously at the Human Emperor’s Seal!

Boom! Boom!

The Human Emperor’s Seal descended and the ground shook!

Patriarch Tyrant You was smashed into a meat sludge by the Human Emperor’s Seal and died!

When Di Yun saw that, his expression changed with a hint of fear.

However, he was not afraid.

That was because as long as time passed, the Emperor of the Di Clan would arrive here.

At that time, even if Su Zimo had the Human Emperor’s Seal, he would be suppressed mercilessly by the Emperor! More and more Mahayana Patriarchs gathered here.

Among them were some Mahayana Patriarchs of Snowdrift Valley, Overlord Palace and Dapamkara Monastery.

“Fellow Daoist Desolate Martial, don’t worry. I’ll help you!”

A Patriarch of Overlord Palace carried a gigantic spear and walked towards Su Zimo.

“Count me in,”

A Patriarch of Snowdrift Valley stood out as well.

After the Ten Thousand Race Meet, not all the super sects in Tianhuang Mainland were enemies with Su Zimo.

For example, Snowdrift Valley, Overlord Palace and the six Buddhist monasteries had immense respect for Desolate Martial.

It was not only because the Eternal Human Emperor passed down his title. More than that, Desolate Martial stood out at the Ten Thousand Race Meet and led many humans to fight against the primordial races!

It was also because Desolate Martial had selflessly given them Malevolent Spirit Fruits!

In the hearts of many Mahayana Patriarchs, Desolate Martial was this generation’s Human Emperor!

“Thank you for your kind intentions, Fellow Daoists. There’s no need for you guys to attack. Just stand by and watch,”

Suddenly, Su Zimo declared.

The many Mahayana Patriarchs of Overlord Palace, Snowdrift Valley and the other factions paused and hesitated, not understanding why Su Zimo did not let them interfere.


Another loud bang sounded.

Su Zimo had controlled the Human Emperor’s Seal to smash another Mahayana Patriarch to death!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Di Yun and the other Mahayana Patriarchs attacked one after another and released another wave of attacks towards Su Zimo. However, they could not injure the foundation of the Green Lotus True Body!

On the contrary, under Su Zimo’s control, the Human Emperor’s Seal barged through the crowd!

If they were struck head-on by the Human Emperor’s Seal, they would turn into a blood mist. If their Essence Spirits were any slower in escaping, they would die on the spot!

Even if they were only scratched by the Human Emperor’s Seal, their tendons and bones would definitely be snapped!

Although Di Yun was an expert ranked 33 on the Divine Power Ranking, he could not fight the Human Emperor’s Seal head-on and could only rely on the horsetail whip in his hands to try his best to neutralize the power of the Human Emperor’s Seal.

Su Zimo carried the Human Emperor’s Seal and charged towards Di Yun in huge strides!

Many Mahayana Patriarchs were wary of the power of the Human Emperor’s Seal and avoided it, not daring to advance.

The two of them were in a stand-off in the chaotic battlefield!

“33 on the Divine Power Ranking?”

Su Zimo sneered, “I’ll remove you from the Divine Power Ranking today!”

“Mountain Lift!”

Di Yun did not dare to be careless and channeled his Essence Spirit hurriedly, conjuring a greater divine power. Waving his horsetail whip, he moved a gigantic mountain from afar and charged towards Su Zimo!


Su Zimo raised the Human Emperor’s Seal and smashed it towards the mountain!

Boom! Boom!

Sand and gravel flew everywhere!

Compared to the gigantic mountain, the Human Emperor’s Seal was incomparably tiny. However, it shattered the mountain peak into countless boulders that fell one after another!

Su Zimo passed through the dust clouds of sand and gravel and charged towards Di Yun!

“Moon Chase!”

Di Yun’s expression changed slightly. Not wanting to fight Su Zimo head-on, he turned and fled at a frightening speed!

Mountain Lift and Moon Chase were two greater divine powers.

The former focused on strength while the latter was a divine power of movement speed.


Su Zimo channeled his Essence Spirit and murmured.

With each step Di Yun took, thick roots would grow from the void beneath his feet and coil around his ankle!

Of course, this was only a lesser divine power and could not restrict Di Yun’s figure.

Di Yun channeled his blood qi and could regain his freedom with a slight struggle.

However, those roots still had a huge impact on Di Yun.

Under the constant disruption, Di Yun’s speed gradually slowed down.

As for Su Zimo, he closed in rapidly with his Heavenly Feet and said coldly with a murderous aura, “I think the Di Clan is tired of living in the ancient battlefield! Since that’s the case, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

As he said that, Su Zimo tossed the Human Emperor’s Seal in his hands and smashed it towards Di Yun!

“Great Protection Technique!”

Di Yun roared and divine powers emanated from his body, forming an impenetrable barrier around him!


The Human Emperor’s Seal smashed down!

With a snap, the Human Emperor’s Seal shattered the Great Protection Technique and the aftershock collided with Di Yun, shattering his body into pieces!

Di Yun’s Essence Spirit had escaped!


Su Zimo’s gaze intensified as he closed two fingers and conjured a sword art, prepared to kill Di Yun on the spot.


An extremely terrifying might descended and the entire battlefield suddenly fell into silence. All the Mahayana Patriarchs looked up with shocked expressions!

The might of the Emperor Dao!

An Emperor had arrived personally!

“Yu Emperor, save me!”

Di Yun exclaimed hurriedly when he sensed the aura.

It was the Emperor of the Di Clan, Di Yu!

“Desolate Martial, hand over your life!”

Suddenly, a gigantic palm descended from the void, covering the skies as it grabbed towards Su Zimo!

An Emperor had taken action personally to suppress a mid-stage Mahayana—there was no doubt about the outcome at all!

The Patriarchs of Overlord Palace, Snowdrift Valley and the other sects suddenly thought of a possibility.

Did Su Zimo stop them from interfering earlier on because he had predicted this?

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