Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 1000 - Walking Into A Trap

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Chapter 1000: Walking Into A Trap

After killing Dao Being Glass, Su Zimo’s expression was grim and his heart stirred!

Although this battle was short, it was extremely dangerous and was even more difficult than he had imagined!

Dao Being Glass had almost forced out all his trump cards!

He had relied on the sound domain secret skill, eye technique and top-grade Dharmic weapons such as the Creation Green Lotus and Mingwang Prayer Beads to barely win!

Su Zimo took out some external medicine and sprinkled it on his mangled right hand.

If not for the divine phoenix bone, his right hand would have been shattered long ago!

At that time, he might not have been the winner as well!

Under normal circumstances, given Su Zimo’s physique’s regeneration capabilities, the injury on his right hand should recover completely before long.

However, his blood qi was suppressed and his regeneration capabilities were greatly reduced as well. He had no choice but to make use of some spirit herbs as supplements.

The impact of the Dao Inheritance Ground on him was way too great!

Su Zimo had not seen Di Yin since they were at the Myriad Phenomenon City.

However, he believed that Di Yin’s strength was definitely above Dao Being Glass’s!

Even the physique and melee combat that Dao Being Glass was proudest of could not be compared to Di Yin!

In that case, he had almost no chance of winning against Di Yin!

Di Yin aside.

The combat strength between the titular disciples was similar. If there was an additional titular disciple present, there was a high chance that he would have been the one who died!

‘I have to reach the Three Tribulations Domain as soon as possible!’

Su Zimo felt a sense of danger and felt uneasy; it came like an adrenaline rush!

He put away Dao Being Glass’s storage bag and summoned the Creation Green Lotus. At the same time, he held the Rainbow Glass Pagoda in his palm and examined it for a moment.

The Rainbow Glass Pagoda was a rare treasure to be able to fight against a Grade 5 Creation Green Lotus head-on without being disadvantaged!

Unfortunately, that was Dao Being Glass’s Destiny Dharmic Weapon.

Although he was already dead, the spirit consciousness imprint on the Destiny Dharmic Weapon was still present. Su Zimo tried controlling it but there was no reaction.

He had to erase the spirit consciousness imprint on it before he could turn the Rainbow Glass Pagoda into his own.

This required a long time.

Su Zimo did not have the time for that in the Dao Inheritance Ground. He placed the Rainbow Glass Pagoda in his storage bag and sped through the crowd.

The cultivators that were initially gathered there gradually dispersed.

Before long, a streak of lightning flashed in the distance and arrived with the wind. In the blink of an eye, it had already descended.

The person wore a Dharmic robe and his body shone with crackling green lightning. His entire appearance was drowned by the lightning and was blurred!

He wore a Dao crown on his head, Cloud Ascension Boots and a purple-gold belt around his waist as he looked around with a dignified expression.

The sleeves of that person’s robes were embroidered with the emblem of Zephyr Thunder Palace!


Right then, a strange sound echoed from afar, as though it could disrupt a cultivator’s mind and bloodline!

Suddenly, a figure appeared on the distant horizon with a wooden fish in his hands and walked over step by step.


The wooden fish sounded again!

Although that person seemed to be extremely slow, he was already right in front of them the second time the wooden fish sounded!

Bald head and monk robes!

“Monk Formless, you’re here too,”

The cultivator who was covered in green lightning greeted the approaching monk.

“Patron Zephyr Thunder, how have you been?”

The monk holding the wooden fish lowered his gaze with a calm expression.

If any other cultivator heard those words, they would definitely be shocked!

The two titular disciples of Formless Monastery and Zephyr Thunder Palace were gathered here!

Suddenly, both of their expressions changed and they looked over in unison.

Right now, it was daytime.

However, stars appeared in the distant firmaments one after another in a bedazzling manner!

A figure strode over from beneath the starry skies. He wore a dark golden Daoist robe and was bathed in starlight. His eyes were brighter than the stars in the skies and he had a faint smile on his face.

Looking at the newcomer, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder remarked indifferently, “To think that the battle between Glass and Su Zimo would alarm even you, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper.”

The incomer was the titular disciple of Heavenly Dipper Sect!

“Unfortunately, you guys are already too late! Fufu… hehehe!”

Suddenly, a burst of laughter sounded from the void. The sound was erratic and it was hard to tell if it was male or female!

The strange thing was that this place was vast and spacious. Apart from the three of them, no other figure could be seen!

The expressions of the three titular disciples present were unchanged, as though they had already sensed it.

“You’re here for him too?”

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder asked with a frown.

“Why? You don’t want me to interfere?”

The voice asked instead mockingly, “Glass was the one who wanted to show off and tried to kill Su Zimo alone. In the end, he died!”

“Is he really that strong?”

A playful look flashed through Dao Being Heavenly Dipper’s eyes as he asked with a smile, “I heard that he’s only at the Nascent Soul realm.”

“He’s very strong.”

Monk Formless suddenly spoke, “If not for the fact that his demonic methods are suppressed in the Dao Inheritance Ground, none of us would be his match!”

“Not necessarily,”

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper shook his head and chuckled.

As titular disciples, all of them were proud and arrogant.

Furthermore, he had fought the Asura Yan Beichen to a draw previously!

“Formless’s words are not unreasonable.”

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder said in a deep voice, “If that’s not the case, why did Di Yin choose this battlefield?”

That question silenced everyone instantly.

There was only a single explanation for Di Yin’s choice.

Even he was wary of Su Zimo in his peak condition!

The reason why he chose the Dao Inheritance Ground was to restrict Su Zimo’s combat strength!

After a long silence, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper smiled and said to the void, “Even if that’s the case, the combined strength of me, Zephyr Thunder and Formless is enough. No matter how strong Su Zimo is, he won’t be able to escape death!”

“Is that so?”

The erratic voice sounded once more. “I’ve received news that three titular disciples of the fiend sects have entered the Dao Inheritance Ground. One of them happens to be Su Zimo’s best friend!”

“If she joins forces with Su Zimo, it won’t be difficult for her to help him escape even if she can’t defeat the three of you.”

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the other two fell silent.

If Su Zimo had a titular disciple by his side, things would indeed be troublesome.

Their goal was to kill Su Zimo, not defeat him.

“Don’t worry, I don’t want any of Su Zimo’s treasures. What I want is his life!” The voice in the void sounded with a chilling killing intent that sent chills down one’s spine!


Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the other two exchanged glances and nodded.


Right then, a sinister laughter sounded from deep underground!


With a loud bang, a pale white palm appeared from the depths of the ground. Sand and rocks scattered and mud churned as a figure burrowed out from the ground!

“Since that’s the case, wouldn’t it be safer to have me around?”

The person was dressed in black robes and was as skinny as a matchstick. His face was pale and his eyes were sunken, looking like a fiend from hell.

“Malevolent Earth?”

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder frowned.

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper laughed. “Su Zimo caused so many titular disciples to gather for his life. Seems like there’s no doubt he’s going to die.”

“Where is that person now? How do we lure him out?” Dao Being Zephyr Thunder asked with a frown.

The voice in the void sounded once more. “This person is sentimental. I have a plan that can lure him into a trap!”

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