Era of Castles: Starting with 99 Dragon Eggs - Chapter 207 - The Puzzled Serena

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Chapter 207: The Puzzled Serena

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“The incubation time of the flaming red dragon takes three days.”

Mike looked at the flaming red dragon egg and felt that this time was a little too long.

The expansion of the Dragon Castle, every minute and every second was precious.

Now, he really wanted to see how the flaming red dragon in the egg had a chance of becoming a flaming red dragon.

“Is there any way to speed up the hatching of dragon eggs?”

Mike asked in his heart.

[Ding! Increasing the temperature can speed up the hatching of dragon eggs! If the surrounding temperature can reach 2,000 degrees, it can be accelerated to two days!]

[Consuming energy stones can also increase the hatching speed. 1,000 energy stones a day!]

There were two methods in total.

“If I use energy stones to incubate, I will need to spend a total of 3,000 energy stones to incubate the flaming red dragon egg today!”

“This consumption has no cost-effectiveness ratio at all!”

“My energy stones will also be used to upgrade the level five dragon nest, so I will pass it directly!”

“If we consider the temperature, we can ask the flaming red dragons and the Red Lotus Fire Dragon Flosa to help incubate!”

Mike immediately called Flosa and the three fire red dragons over.

However, he did not immediately mention the fire dragon eggs.

Instead, he looked at one of the fire red dragons and asked, “how many red dragons do you have in the fire dragon’s nest?”

The red dragon Briar Nath replied respectfully.

“The number of Fire Red Dragons in the fire dragon’s nest is around 200. All of them are at the king-tier!”

“200? That many?” Mike was a little surprised.

The flaming red dragons and his own dragons belonged to the dragon race.

However, compared to the five dragons in the Dragon Castle, 200 Flaming Red Dragons was a lot.

However, after thinking about it, Mike also understood. It was probably because of the density of their bloodline!

The strength of the dragons in the Dragon Castle was far from what these flaming red dragons could compare to.

Mike then asked Briar Nath, “what’s the relationship between the fire dragons? Do they belong to a group?”

Briar Nath shook his head, “not really!”

“We red fire dragons only live together when we don’t hunt!”

“We don’t usually have any interactions.”

“Sometimes, we even fight each other because of the habitat problem!”

“Is that so?” Mike nodded, indicating that he understood.

In this way, although the flaming red dragon clan seemed powerful, it was actually just so-so.

After he ruled these three flaming red dragons, he did not have to worry about the flaming dragon nest finding trouble with him.

If they really came, Sky City would teach these flaming red dragons how to be obedient dragons!

At this point, Mike then pointed at the fire dragon egg in the dark gold treasure chest and told Flosa, “I’ll leave this dragon egg to you!”

“You’ll be in charge of leading the other three crimson fire dragons to raise the temperature of this dragon egg to more than 2,000 degrees!”

“Yes, Master!”

The Red Lotus Fire Dragon Flosa received the dragon egg and answered respectfully.

The pure fire elemental aura around his body surged crazily.

Just by turning around, he gave the three fire dragons behind him a fright.

They could feel that the fire elemental aura emitted by Flosa was different from theirs, and it was even more terrifying!

The three fire dragons immediately became Flosa’s underlings.

Flosa brought the dragon egg to an empty space in front of the castle. The four fire attribute dragons surrounded the dragon egg and spat out dragon breath towards the dragon egg!

[The temperature around the dragon egg has reached 3,200 degrees!]

[The dragon egg will hatch in two days!]

“Then there won’t be any problems!”

Mike nodded.

The problem with the flaming red dragon egg had already been dealt with.

Mike returned to the Dragon Castle and felt that he had never felt so energetic before!

After the dragon battle team had killed the initial stage of the Saint Rank, the flaming red dragon.

He had already completed the advancement to the king-tier.

After stepping into the king-tier, Mike felt that the entire world had undergone a transformation.

Whether it was the heart of the castle, the windows, or the table, everything that entered his vision became incomparably clear.

He could even faintly feel the water, fire, and various other magical elements floating in the air.

“After stepping into the king-tier, I will be equivalent to a true king!”

“I can look down on all the creatures in the Dark Forest!”

Mike’s eyes were filled with excitement.

He looked at his information panel.

[Castle Lord: Mike]

[Strength: Early king-tier]

[Castle species: Giant dragon (unique species), flaming red dragon, demon hunter vulture, nature elf, dragon-blood gnome, dragon-blood warrior…]

[Castle constructions: Dragon nest, ancient elven tree, Dragon God Palace, wall, folkhouse, noblehouse, watchtower]

[Equipment: High-level armor, Gnome Chieftain’s sword, Forest Giant’s Ring, Dragon Soul Ring (holy weapon), Heart of the Dynasty (holy item), Sky City (dragon clan’s exclusive war fortress)]

[Energy stone: 16,430]

[Strange crystals: 101! ]

“Such a large castle and so many forces!”

“The current me can still be called the strongest Castle Lord!”

Mike smiled. In a castle battle, if you were to relax for a moment, every Castle Lord was still working hard, and they could possibly surpass you!

Mike, however, could not make such a mistake!

So much time had passed, and he was still sitting firmly on the title of the strongest castle!

“Energy stones and strange crystals are enough. We can start upgrading the dragon nest!”

Mike walked towards the dragon nest in the castle.

[Do you want to upgrade the only military structure — dragon nest?]



After Mike clicked on it, in an instant, the dragon nest began to change.

The dragon statue started to shine with a scarlet light.


Faintly, Mike seemed to hear a supreme dragon’s might.

Then, the entire dragon’s nest started to change.

At the same time.

At the back of the Dragon’s Castle, under the ancient elven tree.

The great elven elder Serena was leaning against the ancient tree, looking at the Dragon Castle in a daze.

“My child, why do you look so sad?”

Jonia landed beside Serena with the wind.

Sensing her mother, Serena suddenly turned around, shook her head, and said, “it’s nothing, mother!”

“I was just imagining the future development of the natural elf tribe!”

Jonia smiled, but she placed her slender hand on Serena’s cheek and said gently, “My child, you can’t lie to me!”

“You’re worried about the Dragon Lord, right? Why don’t you tell me? Maybe I can give you a different answer!”

Hearing that, Serena looked at the beautiful girl in front of her.

After hesitating for a few seconds, she finally sighed.

“Yes, I’m worried about the Dragon Lord’s dragon sect!”

“Mother, we just saw the three flaming red dragons bow their heads to the Dragon Lord under the green light rain’s influence!”

“The whole process of worshipping the dragon Lord took less than ten seconds!”

“The dragon sect is too terrifying!”

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