Era of Castles: Starting with 99 Dragon Eggs - Chapter 206 - Opening the Dark Gold Treasure Chest!

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Chapter 206: Opening the Dark Gold Treasure Chest!

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The moment the question was asked, Mike saw that Jonia’s eyes were looking at him.

This was also the first time he had seen Jonia’s beautiful face up close.

The elven face, the watery eyes, and the pointy ears were extremely beautiful!

Jonia said respectfully, “yes, Dragon Lord!”

When the nature elves heard the voice, they also came over curiously, wanting to hear this piece of secret information from the ancient times.

Jonia continued, “I came from the information of the elven mother tree’s inheritance, which recorded the Dragon God Palace!”

“The Dragon God Palace is the ancient times, the home of the dragon race’s gods, carrying the souls of every dragon god!”

“The Dragon God Palace is also the core shrine of the dragon race!”

“Countless dragons worship and yearn for it! The ancient dragon race will hold any high-level meeting, all the dragon gods must gather here!”

Then, Jonia said slowly, “However… After the Divine War, the ancient dragon clan declined.”

“The dragon gods of the past all fell, and the Dragon God Palace became a relic of the dragon clan!”

“Only countless fanatical creatures who worship the dragon clan would keep searching for this building, but no one found it!”

“I didn’t expect it to descend on you, Dragon Lord!” Jonia finished her sentence.

“The Dragon God Palace contains the souls of countless ancient dragon gods?”

The elves, including the great elder Serena, were all shocked beyond words.

“Mother, doesn’t this mean that the Dragon Lord now possesses the souls of the ancient dragon gods!?” Serena asked.

“That’s not it. After such a short time, we don’t know if the souls of the ancient dragon gods are in the palace anymore. Even if there are, I’m afraid that they have already fallen silent!”

“However, just the Dragon God Palace alone is already very powerful!”

“The Dragon Lord is really capable. With him around, it’s not impossible for you to become a dragon god and control the dragon clan to dominate the Endless Continent!”

Serena looked at Mike, her eyes still filled with shock.

After listening to the records of the ancient times, Mike was also filled with satisfaction.

However, when Mike heard Jonia say ‘dominate the Endless Continent’, he shook his head.

His goal had never been to become a dragon god. Instead, he wanted to become the strongest dragon god of faith and control the entire Endless Continent!

At this moment…

“Lord, we have counted all the corpses of the flaming red dragons!”

“A total of 21!”

“Mm, you guys go and pray. I will deal with the red dragon corpses.” Mike nodded.

Then, Mike put all the red dragon corpses into the castle’s warehouse.

He realized a way to make more money than collecting the red dragon corpses.

The flaming red dragon was a top-tier creature. dragon-blood could increase all aspects of a creature’s attributes!

After eating dragon meat, it could also strengthen the user’s physique.

Of course, Mike himself had already reached tier-9. If he was strong enough, he would not consume it himself.

However, in the eyes of other Castle Lords, whether it was for the army or himself, it was definitely a good thing!

It could be auctioned off. After storing the red dragon’s corpse. Mike looked at the dark gold treasure chest again.

[Item: Treasure chest]

[Level: Dark gold]

[Description: Open it and you will receive an unimaginable surprise!]

“Interesting, open it!”

Mike raised his eyebrows. The system notification sounded.

The dark gold treasure chest opened and immediately released a ball of fiery red light. The light was so dazzling that he could not even open his eyes.

[Ding! Congratulations on obtaining a flaming red dragon’s dragon egg]

[Flaming red dragon’s dragon egg]

[Grade: Demigod]

[Incubation time: Three days]

[Description: This is an extremely rare flaming dragon egg. The level of dragon bloodline is higher than the flaming red dragon of the same species. It has the potential to become the king of the flaming red dragon!]

“Dragon egg?”

Mike was shocked,

but in the next moment, he became a little surprised.

“My military structure is the dragon nest. It seems strange that you suddenly gave me a dragon egg!”

After seeing the reward of the dark gold treasure chest, Mike was somewhat disappointed.

Of course, he was not disappointed by the existence of the dragon egg.

In fact, although he had the dragon nest, there were still 94 dragon eggs that had not hatched yet.

However, he did not mind getting another dragon egg for free,

what Mike cared about was the level of the dragon egg. The highest level was only at the demigod level!

“If the dragon egg in the dragon nest hatches into a giant dragon, the worst growth potential is at the demigod level!”

“Even if this flaming red dragon’s dragon egg appeared in the dragon nest, it would only be considered average!”

Mike was filled with anticipation towards the dark gold treasure chest.

Now that the flaming red dragon’s dragon egg had appeared, he could only accept his fate.

“As expected, I still don’t have the same luck as the little loli!”

“I shouldn’t have held too much hope in opening the treasure chest!”

Mike gave a somewhat helpless and bitter laugh.

The flaming red dragon race was originally inferior to his giant dragon race.

Even if he could become the flaming red dragon king and be able to lead the flaming red dragon tribe, compared to his dragon battle team, it was nothing!

The giant dragon battle team belonged to the Orthodox giant dragon sect!

The growth potential of the giant dragons was not only higher than that of the red dragon tribe, but they were also more disciplined.

Therefore, even if he was the flaming red dragon king.

It would not be as powerful as having a giant dragon battle team!

However, after hesitating for a long time, Mike didn’t put this flaming red dragon egg up for auction.

If he put this flaming red dragon egg up for auction right now, the Castle Lords would all be so poor.

This was an egg that had the potential to grow into a demigod!

The final auction would definitely not be able to match the value of this egg.

Mike was a person who did not want to suffer losses. The reason why he auctioned the skeleton warrior structure blueprint before was because the skeleton warrior structure construction belonged to the dark faction. It was not of any use to him.

Although this flaming red dragon egg was not amazing, it could still be of some use to him.

For example, if it was as described, the flaming red dragon in the egg had the potential to become the flaming red dragon king!

Now, he knew that there was a flaming dragon nest in the Dark Forest. The flaming red dragon nest housed a large number of flaming red dragons and was already one of the strongest forces in the Dark Forest.

At the same time, it was also a top-tier force! It was on par with the nature elves.

After informing the nature elves, Mike also wanted to conquer the other fire dragon’s nest.

This way, there would be two top forces in the Dark Forest that he could use.

At that time, the gnome kingdom would not be a problem!

Thinking of this, Mike decided to keep this fire red dragon egg.

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