End of the Magic Era - Chapter 1413 - Mythical Creatures

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Chapter 1413: Mythical Creatures

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“Sir Jophany, King Fogus has had everything planned out. There’s a whole plan. I can escape from the Kingdom of Nightmares even if I’m not a vampire ancestor.

“However, I’m going to need your help, Sir Jophany…”

Lin Yun was wondering how he could trick Jophany when Jophany already nodded, and accepted the arrangement. He tested the guy a few times cautiously, and finally confirmed that the guy had been so fooled that he’d believe anything Lin Yun said…

Of course, he had to believe what Lin Yun said.

Besides the blood of the Dynson Clan and the scythe of death, Lin Yun also had the way to enter and leave the Kingdom of Nightmares that wasn’t just for vampire ancestors to use.

Who else could’ve done that except the King of the Undead, who was omnipotent to most undead creatures and dark creatures in the Plane of the Undead?

At this moment, unless the King of the Undead jumped out and denied it in person, nobody could convince Jophany that Lin Yun was fake.

Everything went on well. The exit was in the most heavily guarded chamber in Jophany’s castle. Lin Yun took out a gate that he had prepared in advance, and embedded it into the wall. The gate was made in undead style, and nobody suspected it…

The gate looked like one made of countless undead creatures reduced in size. It was enshrouded in an unbelievably pure and abundant aura of death. There were also countless confusing runes and engravings on it.

On the surface of the gate that was five meters tall and three meters wide, there was a skeleton whose arms were crossed in front of its chest, and whose mouth was wide open. There was even a shivering soul fire in its skull.

The intensity of the shivering suggested that he had certainly encountered something horrifying. He had been caught in a nightmare…

Jophany was scared the moment he saw the weird gate. He didn’t dare to get too close to the gate at all, as if something horrifying was waiting for him on the other side of the gate.

Lin Yun was quite lost for words about the gate he made. After all, it didn’t seem appropriate if he made a gate that wasn’t in the style of the Plane of the Undead.

He knew a dozen methods to enter the Kingdom of Nightmares, and three of them involved the Plane of the Undead. This was the only one that could let him get into the place and come back.

He put an undead creature into a nightmare with a spell, and then linked it to the Kingdom of Nightmares with the power of nightmares. If he opened the gate, he would simply enter the Kingdom of Nightmares.

But it wasn’t so easy to get out. This undead creature would be gone after being used for once. To come out, he would need something more powerful as coordinates.

If he only visited the periphery of the Kingdom of Nightmares, he could just make use of an undead creature who had bad dreams. However, Agalon and the others certainly wouldn’t be just in the periphery.

So, the vampire ancestor was needed as coordinates to make sure that he could escape no matter how deep he was.

Standing at the gate, Lin Yun looked back at Jophany, who seemed scared.

“Sir Jophany, when you see that the gate change, lay your hand on it. Then, I’ll be able to open it from the other side.”

After that, Lin Yun opened the gate.

The gate had been embedded into the wall like a painting. Behind it was the solid wall. However, when Lin Yun opened the gate, he saw mist behind it. There was no land. He couldn’t see anything. It looked like a void that was enshrouded in the mist.

Lin Yun stepped into the mist, and disappeared. The bone gate quickly closed, as if everything were just an illusion.

Jophany obediently waited in front of the bone gate. He commanded his army to surround the castle and protect it. Even the black serpent had crawled out and coiled around the castle, defending it.

On the other side, after Lin Yun stepped into the mist, he couldn’t hear anything, and there was no solid ground underneath his feet. There was no air around him, either. He simply floated in the mist. Direction didn’t mean anything to him.

After a long time, the mist around him finally faded away, and he felt the land underneath his feet. Chirps of birds and insects could be heard too. Some beasts were even roaring in the distance.

When the sounds came, it felt as if a real world had appeared from the boundless void.

He vividly felt the wet mud and grass underneath his feet. After the mist dispersed, Lin Yun was finally able to see the environment clearly.

The gravity here was at least three times that of Noscent, but the trees here were even taller than those in Noscent.

Every tree was over 100 meters tall. Some were even 500 meters tall and dozens of meters thick. Even the grass on the ground was taller than Lin Yun.

Lin Yun remained in the form of the skeleton king, and found his way through the exuberant grasses. After he advanced only 10 meters, a man-eating flower pushed the grass aside, and charged at him. Its mouth that was full of sharp teeth and sticky fluids bit at Lin Yun brutally, as if it was going to swallow him.

Lin Yun waved the scythe of death, covering it with abundant power of death. A gray crescent aura flew out, and cut the flower apart. The slashed flower was quickly corrupted by the power of death. In only one second, it had lost all its colors and turned gray. Then, it exploded and turned into ashes.

Lin Yun observed the environment and frowned. He examined the laws, and found that they were slightly different from the normal ones, but the difference wasn’t too big. The laws here seemed more powerful and clearer.

He slowly rose from the ground to the altitude of a kilometer. He looked back at the ground, and saw a forest of tall trees. There was also a mountain that stabbed into the sky. It was more than ten kilometers tall, and part of its top was hidden in the clouds.

A couple of kilometers away, the trees were shivering. There seemed to be some sort of behemoths fighting in the woods.

Lin Yun concealed his aura, and flew to the battlefield. He was completely shocked when he arrived.

On the ground in the forest, there was a beast that had two heads and looked like a lion and another beast that carried an enormous shell which had three hollow pillars. It also had two pointy horns.

Both of the beasts were 100 meters long and dozens of meters tall. They were fighting exactly the same as Lin Yun remembered.

The beast, which had two lion heads and a stone body, was quite agile. It jumped continuously among the trees. The trees were extremely sturdy. When they were hit by such a formidable beast, they only shivered, and didn’t collapse.

On the back of the other beast which seemed to be carrying a turtle shield, the three hollow pillars were erupting with ice balls, which hit the surface of a tree that was at least 30 meters thick. Immediately, the terrifying power of ice spread out, and froze the tree that was 800 meters tall in only three seconds.

The two-headed stone lion was so agile that the other beast couldn’t hit it at all, but the two-headed stone lion couldn’t break the turtle shell with its claws, either.

After fighting for an hour, the two-headed stone lion seemed to be out of patience, and stopped dodging. It rushed to the other beast, and roared with both mouths, launching visible blasts to the shell beast’s head. The shell beast was instantly stunned.

The two-headed stone lion seized the opportunity to cut apart one of the three hollow pillars on its back. It was the one that had been launching ice balls.

Unfortunately, after the two-headed stone lion cut apart one of the pillars, another pillar suddenly erupted with a stream of plasma that hit one of the lion’s heads. Dazzling lightning enshrouded the head, and didn’t disperse at all. It simply tied up one of the lion’s heads.

A painful roar echoed in the forest. The shell beast raised its head, and bit one of the lion’s legs. On its back, the last hollow pillar erupted light towards the sky.

Three seconds later, a pillar of light that was full of the power of lightning and ice fell from the sky, and hit the other head of the lion.

Immediately, the battle came to an end.

The shell beast walked forward unhurriedly, and bit off the lion’s head that was still covered in dazzling lightning. A few seconds later, it ate the other head that had been frozen.

Having lost both heads, the necks of the lion erupted with blood like geysers, and the heavy stench of blood spread in the woods.

After the shell beast ate half of the stone lion’s body, roars echoed in the forest, as if some other beasts were approaching. Even the ground seemed to be shivering.

The shell beast decisively abandoned the remaining half of the prey, and escaped. On its back, the hollow pillar that was cut apart had half recovered.

Lin Yun watched in silence. He activated the Chapter of the Dead, and reverted to human form.

After he turned back into a human being, his visuals of an undead creature were gone, but he was able to catch more information, including the smell of blood and the aura of ancient magic power.

He landed, and collected some of the materials from the two-headed stone lion with tools.. Then, he quickly soared, and hid on the top of a tree.

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