End of the Magic Era - Chapter 1395 - Fire Wall

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Chapter 1395: Fire Wall

Countless fire law runes erupted from the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. From the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, crimson spells flew out. Everything gathered into a simple fire rune, like the most low-level fire rune.

As Lin Yun chanted a spell, cracks appeared in the sky. Fiery vortexes showed up in midair, and fiery spirits flapped their wings, and rushed out of the vortexes.

Hundreds of fiery spirits that were only the size of a fist cheered and sang around Lin Yun. A splendid song that was full of heat gradually spread out. In the human defense line, all the mages heard the sacred song that sounded as if the fire was singing. They couldn’t understand the hymn, but they understood the significance of the awe-inspiring song.

A level-5 fire mage was automatically surrounded by his extraordinary power. Fire was burning around his body. Gradually, the mage’s face turned so red as if it were on fire.

“Oh my God, what’s going on? Why is the law of fire so clear now? Damn it, it’s burning. The law of burning. No, it’s the hymn of the fire spirits. Oh my God…

“What kind of spell is this?”

The fire mage was so shocked that he exclaimed, and had no time for anything else. He hurriedly set up a shield and sat down, trying to understand the splendid hymn.

The stronger a fire mage was, the deeper the feelings they would have. For a moment, the law that had always been covered in a mist was unveiled in a corner. As the magnificent hymn of fire proceeded, the law became clearer than ever. It sounded as if the fire was singing the hymn.

All the fire mages sat on the ground, and began to understand the hymn of fire. The other people were shocked.

Levis drifted in the sky, and watched the sky in the distance that had turned red. His eyes were shivering. His heartbeat was rumbling like thunder.

Damn it, I knew that Sir Merlin was very strong, but I didn’t know that he was so strong.

A level-10 spell. That’s a level-10 spell! My God, oh my God. It’s not even an ordinary level-10 spell.

He has mastered a level-10 spell. That’s the hymn of fire. What a horrifying man. Was the illusion that flashed just now his Demiplane?

Its projection was already dozens of kilometers long? Is his Demiplane a kingdom of gods? The projection almost collapsed the space. I remember that he’s in level 5 of the Heaven Rank, isn’t he?

Has he advanced again? How long has it been? But even if he has reached level 6 of the Heaven Rank, it shouldn’t have been possible for him to have grasped such a powerful spell. Only those above level 8 of the Heaven Rank should’ve been able to do it.

How did he do it?

Levis was terrified, and so was everybody else. There were level-7 Heaven Rank experts in this place. They had detected the mind-blowing aura, and knew that they couldn’t have cast such a powerful spell. They had detected the mana waves so clearly from hundreds of kilometers away, so an astronomical amount of magic power had surely been used.

The magic power used was definitely dozens of times greater than a level-7 Heaven Rank mage’s capacity…

That was just one spell!

There was also a space mage who was floating in midair with shivering hands, fearing that the space would collapse by accident.

The laws and magic power that were used were precisely the maximum of what the space in the channel could bear. Everything had reached the limits. It was like dancing on the tip of a blade. One tiny mistake could destroy the channel.

But as time went by, Lin Yun was still dancing well on the tip of the blade.

Noc of the Holy Light Alliance was pale. He tried his best to hold back his fear and shock. The mages of the Holy Light Alliance understood the situation more clearly than anyone else did…

It’s the hymn of elements, no, the hymn of fire spirits. That guy has summoned a group of fire spirits. How did he do it? Isn’t it only possible when someone grasps a law perfectly at the peak of the Heaven Rank? Even they might not always succeed…

How did Mafa Merlin do it? Why are the fire spirits singing for him? Is he a reborn god?

Why is he still alive? Damn it. He was exiled. How did he come back? Why could he come back? That goddamn guy shouldn’t have come back…

Noc tried to remain calm, but his glittering eyes indicated that his heart wasn’t tranquil as he appeared. Levis glanced at him in disdain, and put on a cold smile.

Stupid mole, you’re in great trouble. Sir Merlin boasts the greatest potential that I’ve seen. He’s even more promising than reborn gods. He’s terrifyingly strong already.

Is Noc so stupid that he doesn’t know Sir Merlin is Sir Agalon’s disciple? Humph. It’s a miracle that they have survived so long. They were still spreading rumors.

Did they think everybody believed it? Probably only the top forces knew that Sir Merlin became a Saint Alchemist at the meeting. However, nobody disseminated that he’s Sir Agalon’s only disciple.

The real powerful forces all know that Mafa Merlin is not just the Gilded Rose’s controller. As long as he and Sir Agalon live, everybody has to treat them respectfully.

The idiots of the Holy Light Alliance have completely fallen ever since their founder started the indefinite ascetic training. It’s on the verge of destruction, and will embrace its doom because of Noc.

Among the mages who were no weaker than level-5 of the Heaven Rank, only a few experts seemed slightly shocked, but they simply waited, and didn’t think there was anything wrong. The smarter ones glanced at the representatives of Noscent’s most powerful forces and then at Noc. They realized something.

Hundreds of kilometers away, the spell that Lin Yun was chanting came to an end. The fire elements here were as abundant as the depths of the Fire Element Plane. Flames were rippling and flowing like seawater…

He had chanted the spell for five minutes. With the enhancement of the Book of Death, the purple dragon embodiment, the fire spirit king embodiment, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, and the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, a seemingly simple fire rune was fused in front of Lin Yun. Red flames were burning quietly on the surface of the rune.

The rune swallowed a lot of flames from the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras and all the fire elements nearby like a bottomless hole. Magic power flowed out of the Demiplane’s projection into the rune.

A few minutes later, Lin Yun looked at the distance, and gently threw the rune out before he said the last word of the spell.

The last word seemed to be from a confusing unknown language, but after it was spoken, all the fire elements in the area seemed to be echoing with it. Everybody understood its meaning even though they had never heard it before.


In front of Lin Yun, there was nothing on the empty ground that had been destroyed. Hundreds of kilometers away, the rune appeared and exploded, raising a fire wall that seemed to be only dozens of meters long. However, in just one second, the fire wall had spread out crazily.

The blast of fire spread out like the fiercest explosion. Countless undead creatures were ripped apart into pieces by the flames, which were just spreading normally.

The elemental fire seemed ordinary, but it had spread thousands of kilometers wide and hundreds of kilometers long in only a couple of minutes.

The place seemed to have turned into the Fire Element Plane. Furious flames were burning on the ground. The terrifying temperature had twisted the space up above the flames.

It was the most ordinary elemental fire. Although there were some dark flames in the very center, 99% of the fire was just ordinary elemental flames…

The fire wall had spread thousands of kilometers wide!

It was Burn the Ground, a level-10 spell!

The level-10 spell that supposedly could’ve only covered several dozen square kilometers covered an area that was 100 times bigger thanks to all the enhancements and the hymn of hundreds of fire spirits!

After casting the spell, Lin Yun felt quite exhausted. It was not because he ran out of mana. The mana that the spell consumed was all from his Demiplane. He was tired because of the exhaustion of his extraordinary power and soul power.

Shaking his head, Lin Yun swallowed a bottle of potion that was made with the sap of the Ladder Ancient Trees as the main material. His soul power was quickly replenished.

“It’s indeed too exhausting. I probably wouldn’t have been so exhausted if I had been in level 7 of the Heaven Rank…”

He looked at the unimaginable fire wall. All the undead creatures were struggling and screaming in the area of hundreds of kilometers long, only to be burnt into ashes in the end. No undead creatures could survive the flames unless they were in the Heaven Rank.

The weaker Heaven Rank undead creatures, including those in level 40 and around, should just stay obediently on the other side of the fire wall, or they would be burnt by the ordinary elemental fire. If they accidentally touched the black flames in the center, they would surely die very quickly…

The fire wall should at least be able to stop the army of the undead for now. It would continue burning for at least a month.

Level 5 of the Heaven Rank was the beginning when the Heaven Rank experts began to master laws. The gap between every two laps was unimaginably huge.

The mages on this level were all human-shaped nuclear bombs whose energy would expand quickly as they leveled up. More importantly, after they truly mastered laws, they would be able to make use of mana hundreds of times greater than their own capacity through the power of laws.

The level-10 spell was essentially one that could infinitely increase the range of coverage. Lin Yun had simply set up a fire in a prairie in the winter, and the entire prairie was burning.

Countless undead creatures were burnt inside the fire wall. A lot of the undead creatures that were near the fire wall were hit and ripped apart too. In only a couple of minutes, the ocean of undead creatures had retreated to the other side of the fire wall. The flying undead creatures were torn apart by the hot waves above the fire when trying to fly across the fire wall, and fell into the flames.

It was not until this moment that all the undead creatures began to retreat. On the other side of the fire wall, all the undead creatures retreated 100 kilometers.

Lin Yun opened the space gate again, and returned to the human defense line. As Lin Yun reappeared in the sky, cheers echoed throughout the ground and the sky.

In every war, most people who were killed were the weakest. The weaker a person was, the more likely they would perish. So far, the weakest mage who had entered the battlefield was an Archmage. Those weaker than them weren’t even qualified to come to the frontline.

More than 90% of the Archmages who had come here the earliest had died. Dozens of Heaven Rank mages had perished, including seven mages that were above level 5 of the Heaven Rank!

The mages above level 5 of the Heaven Rank were absolutely in the top of every organization. Every one of them could establish a family that would thrive for thousands of years in the Odin Kingdom. As long as they didn’t die, and they had a few talented descendants, it would be easy for such an organization to become a top-tier force in the Odin Kingdom.

The level-7 Heaven Rank mages were definitely the pillars even in the top tier of the Odin Kingdom. The death of any of them would be an unbearable disaster for their organization.

It might take 1,000 years for a level-7 Heaven Rank expert to grow up. If they weren’t very talented, it might take them thousands of years to reach that level.

Their treasures that had been saved for thousands of years were gone. No organization could afford the loss…

The bottom-level mages, who took up the greatest population, and the most powerful mages were all staring at Lin Yun, who just reappeared in the sky, as if he was their last hope. In particular, Lin Yun had arrived at the critical moment, and pushed back the ocean of undead creatures. Whoever said that Lin Yun couldn’t solve their trouble would definitely be despised.

The experts who all seemed awful due to the infections smiled as Lin Yun descended from the sky. When he landed in the fortress, they all moved forward.

“Sir Merlin, we wouldn’t have known what to do if you hadn’t come. There are too many of those goddamn undead creatures…”

“Sir Merlin, I knew that you would come. I knew it…”

“Sir Merlin…”

All the mages moved forward and greeted him. They had every reason to be anxious. There was nothing they could’ve done to prevent the defense line from breaking, so they had to retreat. If they left the channel, they could ask the level-8 Heaven Rank experts, or even the Lionheart Prince, to block the undead creatures outside the channel.

Although it would be very difficult to march back into the channel and kill the undead creatures, they would at least be alive…

But look at the mages here. All the dozens of them were at least in level 5 of the Heaven Rank, but they were all in bizarre shapes.

Some of them had swollen faces like those of Mud Monsters. Some were fattened, with giant bumps everywhere underneath their robes. Some had lost almost all their hair. There were so many pustules on their scalps that anyone who saw them would feel disgusted.

When all the mages gathered, the waves of their extraordinary power, mixed with chaotic mana and the stench, felt like a chunk of rotten meat that had been kept in a chest for a few months.

Lin Yun looked at the mages’ appearances and frowned. He suddenly realized why the undead creatures were winning even though there were so many experts.

The strongest people here had mostly been infected. They were using all their power to suppress the plague. Even the best of them could only display half of their strength.

Inside the spacious meeting room, the mages around all impatiently hoped that Lin Yun could find a solution to the plague.

“Sir Merlin, do something. The plague is spreading faster and faster. If it goes on like this, the power of the plague will annihilate us all.”

“Indeed. Sir Merlin, you’re our only hope. None of the Artisans is able to come up with a solution to tame or even slow down the plague. The only thing that was slightly effective is the Gilded Rose’s Golden Acme Potion. But even that cannot completely contain the plague…”

Lin Yun shook his head. Ignoring their anxiety, he looked around, and suddenly said, “If the Golden Acme Potion works, let’s use it for now. There’s no need to be anxious. The situation won’t be any worse in the following days. Just dilute the Golden Acme Potion for those below the Heaven Rank to keep them alive.

“I heard that the plague spreads very fast. Also, when a Heaven Rank expert is infected, their condition worsens faster compared to Archmages. If they’re infected at the same time, the Heaven Rank expert might be tortured and killed faster than the Archmage.

“I know your concerns, but it’s exactly what the undead creatures want to see. If the leaders of the war lose their cool, then there’s no way that they can win the war.”

Everybody was slightly embarrassed. They had already been terrified of the plague, especially after a level-7 Heaven Rank expert died. None of them wanted to be killed by the plague…

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