End of the Magic Era - Chapter 1394 - Bombardment

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Chapter 1394: Bombardment

Sky gloomily watched the arguing mages from midair. He quietly took out a tiny city, and input mana into a mark on it. He was going to summon the main city of Sky City to this place, even though the price would be heavy.

From the sky in the rear, terrifying magic waves came close. Something projected a huge shadow on the ground, and the arguing experts came to a sudden halt.

Everybody looked at Sky in shock.

“Sky, are you crazy? Are you going to destroy your Sky City?”

The resistance on the ground raised their heads, and looked up at the sky. The terrifying waves of magic power were clearly not from a mage, but some sort of alchemy items.

The desperate crowd raised their heads, only to find that the magic waves came from a tiny black spot in the distance.

Sky stopped inputting magic power too. He seemed confused and shocked.

“That’s not me. Oh my God, what is that?”

The human mages stared at the black spots that were approaching quickly from the horizon with horrifying mana waves. They turned out to be enormous battleships.

Lin Yun was standing on the deck of the biggest warship, and staring at the army of the undead thoughtfully.

The channel was not in a regular shape, but was more like a funnel that was bigger on one side. The closer it was to the Plane of the Undead, the wider it was, and the closer it was to the Leviathan Plane, the narrower it was.

The narrowest part of the channel was only 2,000 kilometers wide, and more than 20 fortresses had been set up here.

Those fortresses were like reefs that were rooted in the beach, fruitlessly trying to stop the tides. Countless undead creatures were attacking the fortresses. They had even surrounded them. Even more undead creatures had already surpassed the fortresses, and were charging into the Leviathan Plane.

100 Heaven Rank experts were fighting in the place that was only 2,000 kilometers wide, but they couldn’t stop the ocean of undead creatures.

Everybody was reaching their limits. The power and speed of their spells were not nearly as good as in their best condition.

The last defense line of the channel was about to be broken. Some of the undead creatures had even climbed on each other, and were going to cross the walls of the fortresses, hoping to drown the fortresses with their advantage in numbers…

“Sir Merlin, it’s Sir Merlin!”

Inside one of the fortresses, Raphael, whose face was pale, regained all his strength instantly. His face turned red.

“Sir Merlin is back. I knew that he wasn’t a runner. He must’ve been looking for a solution to the problem.

“Those goddamn guys who have been badmouthing Sir Merlin all should be killed. They claimed that a lot of men escaped because they followed Sir Merlin’s example…

“As long as Sir Merlin is here, this terrible plague will surely be contained. It certainly will…”

Raphael touched the terrifying pustules on his arms, and opened his mouth that was full of blisters.

Lin Yun looked ahead. Everything within 1,000 kilometers was right before his eyes. Almost 30 percent of the experts had been infected by the plague, including 80 percent of the Heaven Rank experts. It seemed that the stronger a person was, the more likely they would be infected.

The earth and the fortresses had been reddened by blood. The smell of broken bodies and undead creatures permeated the battlefield.

The chaotic and gory aura had turned this place into a bloody steamer…

Lin Yun didn’t expect the situation to be so gory. He even heard the painful screams of countless dead people. Their regretful souls hovered in the sky above the battlefield, cursing the undead creatures. Many of the souls turned into mindless ghosts, and joined the army of the undead…

Behind Lin Yun, Xiuban gazed at the gory battlefield in silence. There seemed to be emotional waves on Reina’s cold face. Even Marianna, who had been naughty, remained silent.

A few seconds later, Lin Yun suddenly opened his mouth.

“Fleet, be prepared for a bombardment.”

Instantly, the 30 magic battleships that had already been charged launched attacks at the same time. The entire world seemed to be enshrouded in the dazzling brilliance. Thick pillars of light erupted from the main and secondary cannons of the magic battleships.

The pillars of light fell upon the ocean of the undead. All the noises on the battlefield were gone. Instantly, mushroom clouds were rising on the battlefield.

Dazzling light burst out of the center of the mushroom cloud. A terrifying blast swept across everything. In no more than five seconds, dozens of mushroom clouds that were hundreds of meters tall rose.

Waves of pure destruction swept out. However, the dazzling brilliance of the dark mushroom clouds moved even faster. The light obliterated all the undead creatures within a radius of 30 kilometers into nothingness.

From the distance, it seemed that a wall that was 1,000 kilometers long and dozens of kilometers thick was established. All undead creatures within the range were obliterated.

The light was completely gone a couple of seconds later. Then, the blast of the explosion swept out. The dust raised by the blast turned into a sandstorm that was a kilometer tall. It blew at the fortresses as well as undead creatures with their broken pieces.

The unstoppable tides of undead creatures seemed to have been slashed by a giant. The area that was 100 kilometers long and 1,000 kilometers wide turned empty. All the undead creatures in it were gone.

After the strike, the magic battleships were slowly recharged. It was not until this moment that the human beings in the fortresses finally woke up from their shock. They spat the dust in their mouths, and got back on their feet. They looked at the magic battleships above their heads in delight and shock.

“Oh my God, what are they? They can’t be iron warships. No iron warships could’ve been so powerful!”

Exclamations burst out of the fortresses. The mages who were covered in dust didn’t care about the dust or the bone pieces in their mouth. They quickly climbed the fortress walls, and found that most of the undead creatures outside the fortress were gone. The survivors had been badly wounded.

Further ahead, there was a blank area that was almost 100 kilometers long, as if there had been no undead creatures at all.

The exhausted mages all cheered in joy. In the biggest fortress in the center, the experts put on a smile too.

Levis of the Storm Tower touched the pustules under his left eye, which was unable to open due to the disease.

“Like I said, Sir Merlin would surely show up. There’s no way that he’d give up. The idiots of the Holy Light Alliance have been constantly spreading the rumor. Let’s see what they have to say now.

“Sir Merlin must’ve left to study how to deal with the undead creatures. He’s worked out a special way to annihilate those filthy creatures. Do you see it now?

“Sir Noc, is there anything you want to say for yourself?”

Sky withdrew the tiny city in his hand, and gazed at Noc, who couldn’t cover his shock at all.

“Sir Noc, you seem quite surprised at Sir Merlin’s arrival. I remember that you were very positive that Sir Merlin wouldn’t show up since the very beginning. You’ve also been encouraging us to carve up the Gilded Rose.

“Or do I remember it wrong?”

Danason Chester stared at Noc coldly.

“You’re the filthiest people of all. I don’t know what dirty methods you employed, but Sir Merlin has made it back. Sir Noc, if I were you, I’d consider how I could survive…”

The mages who represented the most powerful organizations of Noscent all realized what had happened. They looked at Noc with weird expressions. Some were quite angry.

Lin Yun wasn’t the only person who went missing. A lot of other mages were missing too. None of them died, but there was no telling where they went. According to the Holy Light Alliance, those who didn’t show up and whose soul fire was still burning had escaped…

Nobody had time to care about that. They were all distracted by something that was more important: the plague that had infected them all.

A mage, who was surrounded by extraordinary power, had such a swollen head that he looked deformed. Half of his skin had smelly pustules. He was clearly dying, but he looked at Lin Yun with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

“It’s said that Sir Mafa Merlin is best at potions. He’s the one who developed the Golden Acme Potion, which is not an antidote to the plague, but can still suppress the plague.”

“If Sir Mafa Merlin comes here to study the plague, I’m sure that he’ll work out a potion that can resolve the plague…”

“Indeed. Sir Merlin is already a Saint Alchemist. He will surely tame the plague. I knew Sir Merlin couldn’t be a runner. Those terrifying warships must be the new weapons that Sir Merlin made. We’ll be saved…”

90 percent of the level-5 Heaven Rank mages were infected, to different degrees. The fire mage who set himself ablaze earlier was the most serious case.

They had to use most of their power to suppress the infection, and they were incapable of fighting. Seeing Lin Yun, they were all greatly relieved.

Some had doubted that Lin Yun escaped, but nobody had ever doubted that Lin Yun couldn’t cure the plague.

Because Gandaph, who was the last to leave for a solution to the plague, said that Lin Yun was more likely to succeed.

Since Lin Yun arrived, everybody who knew him became filled with hope. They had endured so long mainly because of the Golden Acme Potion and the Blue Demon Potion from the Gilded Rose.

Without the two potions, the experts couldn’t have endured such a long time in the long, intense battles where they couldn’t rest at all. Also, the plague was gradually swallowing their power. In order to fight for a chance of survival, they were even starting to have internal conflicts.

As the last Saint Alchemist in this place, Gandaph went missing, and made everybody fall into desperation. It was already a miracle that they had endured so long.

The desperation of death wasn’t as great as that of watching one’s doom press close. The latter was so terrible that it could destroy anything.

The alchemy puppets that flew the 30 magic battleships carried out Lin Yun’s command, and washed the ground with the magic battleships’ main cannons. They moved 1,000 kilometers from human beings’ defense line, cleansing the ground within the range. Countless undead creatures were burnt to ashes in the purge.

After the 30 magic battleships moved 1,000 kilometers, their main cannons became as red as heated iron. Some of their parts even turned red. That was the consequence of bombardments. The main cannons needed to cool down. The frequent bombardments had overloaded the main guns.

Also, the reactors on the magic battleships had been overloading for too long, and needed to calm down. Every magic battleship had consumed a dozen times of Lin Yun’s mana to launch the attacks. The cost was even greater than what a level-7 Heaven Rank expert had.

However, that was the pure power of magic without any power of laws. It was why magic battleships were terrifying. Pure outbursts of mana had no restraints…

In places where the space was unstable, the influence of extraordinary power was 100 times greater than that of mana. So, the level-7 Heaven Rank experts and the level-47 undead creatures couldn’t attack here.

In the Heaven Rank, the classification of levels depended on one’s understanding and mastery of laws, not mana. The space in the channel could only bear a limited amount of extraordinary power, or the power of laws.

Mages were very different from undead creatures. Mages controlled laws, and undead creatures were born with extraordinary power.

They couldn’t fight here. However, magic battleships could deal more damage than a level-7 Heaven Rank expert could, without causing one percent of the destruction that the level-7 Heaven Rank expert would’ve.

It was why magic battleships would be the best weapons to conquer planes in the future. Some small planes couldn’t bear the power of Heaven Rank experts, but they could still be conquered by magic battleships.

The magic battleships bombarded the area of 1,000 kilometers. The alchemy puppets began to cool down the reactors, main cannons, and the magic battleships themselves.

Countless runes were surging in Lin Yun’s eyes. He observed the undead creatures in the rear from 1,000 kilometers away. There had to have been 10,000,000 of them in this area. The magic battleships had overloaded and bombarded for a long time, but they hadn’t even removed one-fifth of the ocean of the undead creatures yet.

A tremendous number of undead creatures continued marching. The tide of undead creatures moved on. Considering their speed, they would approach human beings’ defense line in a couple of days.

Lin Yun took a step forward on the magic battleship. Silver brilliance arose in front of him, and stretched into a gate. Lin Yun extended his hand, and pushed the gate that emitted silver brilliance, disappearing.

Three seconds later, in the sky hundreds of kilometers away, a silver space gate appeared, and Lin Yun walked out. Watching the ocean of undead creatures that was surging forward, he took out the Draconic Staff and the Book of Death. The Book of Ten Thousand Mantras and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel both appeared next to him.

The chain on the Book of Death fell apart, and the pages were automatically turned. Behind Lin Yun, the intimidating projection of a purple dragon appeared, roaring.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel turned into its original size of dozens of meters in height, and glowed brilliantly as if countless jewels had been embedded in it. Many law runes were glittering on it.

The Book of Ten Thousand Mantras turned into a gate that was dozens of meters high. The power of earth, fire, water, and wind surfaced on it.

Lin Yun’s skin was set ablaze. The pure flames gradually turned into red brilliance that enshrouded his skin. A dazzling red rune mark appeared on his forehead, indicating that he was using the embodiment of fire elements.

A terrifying aura spread out, and the space was shivering. It was only in level 6 of the Heaven Rank, but the space couldn’t bear it any longer. The extraordinary power was even more terrifying than what normal level-7 Heaven Rank mages had.

Lin Yun floated in the sky, and looked into the distance coldly. The sky exploded, with cracks that covered dozens of square kilometers everywhere. The projection of a Demiplane appeared, and was almost collapsing the space.

It was just an incomplete projection of Lin Yun’s Demiplane. Although a Demiplane’s projections were always much smaller than itself, there was a rough ratio between them.

Lin Yun frowned, not expecting that the compressed projection of his Demiplane had still surpassed the upper limits. The projection alone had collapsed the space in dozens of square kilometers.

The projection of the Demiplane quickly shrank to three square kilometers after it appeared. When it appeared behind Lin Yun, he was instantly surrounded by the power of laws that was completely at his disposal.

Lin Yun chanted passionate and scorching spells. Flames were instantly ignited within a radius of a dozen kilometers of him. The heat made the fire elements burn, which then set the ground ablaze as Lin Yun continued chanting the spells.

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