Embers Ad Infinitum - Chapter 540: Genava’s Consolation

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Chapter 540: Genava’s Consolation

Wasteland, North Anheford area, Early Spring Town.

Genava and Zeng Duo didn’t rashly advance. They used various sensors and electromagnetic weapons to eliminate the enemies hiding in the various houses in town.

The bullets—which were propelled by the electromagnetic force—had extremely strong penetrative power. It made many First City guards lose their lives or suffer heavy damage despite clearly being in a ‘safe place.’

Han Wanghuo seized the opportunity to reach Early Spring Town’s main entrance and climbed up the khaki-colored tank. After pushing the corpse to the side, he entered the tank and sat in the driver’s seat.

This was the first time Han Wanghuo had come into contact with such a weapon—equipment which had been labeled as the King of Land Wars in the Old World for a long time. When he was a sheriff and town guard captain in Redstone Collection, he had indeed seen many arms dealers and the smuggled goods they carried. However, this didn’t include tanks.

With the harsh conditions of the Ashlands’ roads and the few railroads, tanks weren’t a convenient item for transportation. They weren’t suitable for smuggling.

Transactions involving tanks were often conducted in neighboring areas. One side would drive it over, and the other drove it back.

Although he had never seen a tank, especially one produced by First City, Han Wanghuo didn’t show any fear. He studied it for a while and thought for a moment before starting.

On the way to Early Spring Town from the vicinity of the Red River, Genava projected videos targeting the garrison’s tanks of how to drive a tank for him and Zeng Duo. He strictly adhered to Jiang Baimian’s instructions of not fighting an unprepared battle.

Genava had plenty of usage information and related techniques of such weapons in his database. After all, he was once Tarnan’s mayor and a smart bot guard captain. A huge proportion of his job was to maintain public security, clear out bandits, and resist foreign enemies.

Before long, the khaki-colored tank made a sound. As its tracks spun, it slowly turned around and aimed the muzzle at Early Spring Town’s main entrance.


The thick wooden door immediately shattered.

Han Wanghuo drove the tank into Early Spring Town. Under Genava’s command, he methodically reloaded shells and fired at the enemies that the electromagnetic weapons couldn’t hit.

Boom! Boom!

One building after another collapsed, and only a small number of enemies barely escaped. They lost the courage to resist and scattered toward the town center with the help of cover.

Genava and Zeng Duo alternated between swapping ammunition. They sometimes suppressed the enemy with firepower, and at other times, they tried a targeted approach to prevent the First City soldiers in the town center from organizing an effective counterattack and driving the remaining two armored vehicles.

As the khaki-colored tank approached, the remaining garrison retreated into a sturdy, reinforced concrete building.

This was Early Spring Town’s school and also the shelter they had meticulously built. At the bottom of the building was a bomb shelter that the townsfolk had spent decades building.

At this moment, Zeng Duo realized that First City’s soldiers had used the past few months to build many permanent fortifications at the bomb shelter’s entrance.

“Analysis results: There are a large number of people inside. It should include the townsfolk of Early Spring Town.” Genava spoke in a slightly synthetic male voice.

Considering this, Han Wanghuo couldn’t use the tank to bombard the entrance directly. Even if he was very lucky to have a shell successfully fly in, the ones killed might not be First City’s garrison. There was a high chance that they were Early Spring Town’s townsfolk.

Han Wanghuo—whose goal was to save these people—clearly couldn’t act in a way that ran counter to his goals. Thus, he stopped the tank, crawled out, and raised his rifle to see if he had a chance to deliver a targeted attack.

He and Zeng Duo were in no rush because the current situation was still within their expectations.

With an Early Spring Town resident like Zeng Duo around, how could the Old Task Force not know of the bomb shelter’s existence and not consider the situation of the garrison and the townsfolk entering?

When they separated, Jiang Baimian gave most of the potent anesthetic gas produced by Pangu Biology to Genava.

The anesthetic gas in her electric eel-like biomechanical limb naturally needed replenishment after it was used. When out on expeditions, anesthetic gas was more useful than an exoskeleton in many situations. Therefore, she brought quite a number with her.

When Genava ‘created’ the anesthetic rounds, Zeng Duo—who was wearing a military exoskeleton—paid close attention to the bomb shelter entrance. She didn’t want First City’s garrison to take this opportunity to counterattack.

Of course, she didn’t continue delivering suppressive fire. Instead, she fired a few rounds at that spot from time to time or threw a grenade. They only had one car after all, and the weapons and ammunition they carried were limited. They couldn’t afford too much wastage.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in a crude building that Genava and Zeng Duo had confirmed to be empty.

The figure quickly outlined itself in the air, wearing thin armor covered in scales. Under the dim setting sun, the scales flickered with different colors.

This was the Chameleon-type artificial intelligence armor produced by Pangu Biology!


The figure turned to face Han Wanghuo—who was aiming at the bomb shelter entrance—as soon as he appeared and pulled the trigger.

He was holding a Gauss rifle.

A metal bullet wrapped in silver-white electric currents was shot out.

At virtually the same moment this figure appeared, Zeng Duo sensed it with the comprehensive warning system. She was stunned for a moment before she jumped up and pounced at Han Wanghuo.


Han Wanghuo was thrown onto the tank by Zeng Duo. The metal bullet passed through the military exoskeleton’s shoulder armor and flew into the distance.

Zeng Duo was almost hit.

At this moment, Genava’s grenade launcher had already turned around.


The figure in the bionic artificial intelligence armor couldn’t dodge in time and was swallowed by the blooming fire. However, he didn’t die yet, nor was he seriously injured. The Chameleon-type bionic artificial intelligence armor provided him with outstanding protection.

He mainly lost the Gauss rifle—it had been damaged in the blast.

The next second, a red laser shot out of Genava’s palm and landed on the figure’s body. It penetrated the scales and drilled into his organs.

The figure swayed a few times before finally collapsing.

“Pay more attention to your surroundings,” Genava advised before busying himself with ‘producing’ the anesthetic rounds.

Zeng Duo jumped up and replied, “Alright.”

She caught her breath and continued monitoring the area around the bomb shelter entrance. At the same time, she paid more attention to the nearby buildings.

Han Wanghuo quickly stood up. As he picked up his rifle, he touched the sore spot that arose from slamming into the metal exoskeleton.

He glanced at Zeng Duo and frowned. “Why did you save me? Don’t you know that this is very dangerous? It’s easy for you to be seriously injured or even die.”

Zeng Duo didn’t understand why Han Wanghuo had such a reaction and stammered, “I thought that since you’re here to help me, I should be the one taking on the risks. Besides, I don’t have long to live anyway. If I die, my heart will belong to you…”

Han Wanghuo’s eyes flickered as he blurted out, “Do you never consider yourself when doing things?”

He paused and added, “Stay alive. If you die now, I don’t have the equipment to preserve your heart. Do you want me not to get a payoff after working so hard all this while? Do you want me to die with you?”

As he spoke, he turned around and aimed at the bomb shelter entrance again.

Zeng Duo shut her mouth. Although she was a little confused, she admitted that Han Wanghuo made sense.

Genava consoled the two of them. “If I slightly modify a module, I can produce a temporary hypothermia tank. However, it lacks the corresponding preservation liquid.”

Han Wanghuo didn’t answer the question and urged, “Hurry up and get the anesthetic rounds done.”

First City, Antanna Street, Grimm Watch Shop.

Shang Jianyao—who was wearing the city defense uniform—stood guard at the door and watched the wall clock tick.

After about ten minutes, footsteps—accompanied by a commotion—sounded. Right on the heels of that, there was a knock on the watch shop door.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It was loud and rushed. It seemed like the person knocking on the door would kick open the door if nobody replied.

Shang Jianyao opened the door and saw a city defense team.

The city defense team was clearly stunned when they saw that the person inside was also wearing the same uniform.

Shang Jianyao laughed. As he took out the identification and documents General Phocas had given him, he said, “Look, I’m wearing the same military uniform as you, and there’s all the documentation. So…”

The city guards came to a realization and asked, “Are you carrying out a secret mission?”

“Is there something wrong here?”

“Did you discover any useful clues?”

“Shall we pretend not to see you?”

“What secret mission allows one to wear a uniform?”

As these soldiers asked their questions, the iron-black helicopter in the sky turned around in the heavy twilight.

The sound of rotors approaching gradually became louder, bringing about a strong gust of wind.

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