Elite Mages’ Academy - Chapter 663 - Corpse Explosion

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Chapter 663: Corpse Explosion

As Xiao Lin and the others were filled with confusion and shock, the closest corpse to them, the one that they had just killed, started to emit a black mist from its body which slowly covered itself up. The mist was like a formless hand. It was constantly shifting as it forcibly dragged the corpse back to a standing position, like it had come back to life.

However, the corpse had lifeless eyes, and did not seem to be capable of any self-thought. It seemed like a puppet that was being controlled by the black mist.

“Necromancy!” Gu Xiaoyue calmly shouted out.

Xiao Lin was the second one to react. He had learned necromantic meditation before, so he was not completely foreign to the concept; it was just that he had not used it recently, so it had slipped his mind. Hearing Gu Xiaoyue’s words, he looked at that cold woman with some surprise. It seemed like Gu Xiaoyue had looked into necromancy as well.

The thought quickly passed, and he did not dwell on it, because the Turkish corpse quickly shot forward at an incredibly high speed and started its attack.

The corpse was a close-ranged fighter, and Xiao Lin had estimated the man’s strength during the earlier confrontation. The fighter was not that strong. Of course, he was still a level above a regular student.

However, after being controlled by the mist, the man seemed to have leveled up both in speed and power. If the man had been Black Iron-ranked before he died, then he was now at least at Bronze rank.

Xiao Lin felt a chill in his heart. He had read quite a few books on necromancy from the library; in the vast amounts of books he read, he never heard of that spell.

Necromancers were good at controlling the dead, but no matter if it was spirits of corpses, they would never have their strength increased by so much. It was not something a regular spell could do.

“Is it a talent?” Xiao Lin was more or less certain. Deep in the vast snow, the last member of the Turkish academy, Said, was obviously the final trump card of the Turkish academy.

The sudden attack threw their formation into some chaos. The opponent’s goal was clear. They wanted to use the sudden attack to take out one or two of their fighters. Even though Cheng Ming immediately shot out his sword aura, the corpse was not a person, and could not feel any pain. Cheng Ming’s sword aura easily sliced away its left arm, but the Turkish corpse did not slow down at all.

Xiao Lin immediately activated his Ruin state, but as he made his move, his intuition caused him to suddenly retreat by a few dozen meters. The next second, an intense light shot out from not far away, and the snow in the air was turned to water.

It was already too late when Xiao Lin oriented himself again. The Turkish corpse that had rushed over had used that moment of freedom to punch its right arm right through An Luo’s heart. An Luo widened his eyes in disbelief, spitting out mouthfuls of blood before falling down to the ground. He disappeared into the air as the resurrection process took place.

Said’s judgement was very decisive. In order to disrupt Dawn Academy’s formation, he first needed to eliminate the long-ranged attackers. An Luo’s archery had left a deep impression, so he made An Luo his first target. An Luo had always been weak in close combat engagements, and once he was closed in on, he did not even have the time to draw his bow.

Even though Xiao Lin angrily used his flame sword aura to turn that corpse to ash a few seconds later, Dawn Academy had still lost one member.

“Don’t panic! Circle formation!” Xiao Lin shouted, and the squad regained their calm after a brief moment of panic.

They were not amateurs. Said’s sneak attack might have been successful, but the situation was still unchanged. Dawn Academy still held the absolute advantage. It was just that their faces were a little unnatural.

Other than Xiao Lin, the others had never interacted with necromancy before, and Said’s ways definitely made them feel some disgust.

Yes, that was right. They felt disgusted by necromancy.

Even though death was something common in the tournament, the man had just casually used his companions’ corpses as puppets for battle, which was hard to accept. It was obvious that the strategy was something the Turkish academy had already decided on beforehand. The core of the strategy was only Said. The others were just cannon fodder meant to be turned into corpses.

Only Xiao Lin was confused despite his anger. Even if Said’s talent was controlling corpses, the fact that he could circumvent the Law of Resurrection to reanimate them was shocking.

What they did not know was that the spectators outside were already in an uproar.

It was not just Xiao Lin who had those suspicions; others had thought of it as well. The student union had already sent someone to investigate, but the Turkish academy had only sent a Department Head who had not much authority. On top of the communication problem, it was hard to get a clear explanation.

The chaos outside did not affect the match.

Xiao Lin had already eliminated one, and there were still two long-ranged fighters in the corpses that remained. One of them was already at Bronze rank beforehand. From the ray of light earlier, Xiao Lin knew that the opponent had already reached Silver rank after being resurrected, which was enough to alarm them.

Xiao Lin did not know to what extent Said could control the corpses, but the opponent’s long range barrage never ceased. When Xiao Lin and Gu Xiaoyue tried to use their perception to determine the opponent’s location, a dense black mist appeared on the field, even covering the snow.

It was a spell Said had used; the black mist could temporarily restrict the perception of everyone within it.

However, facing the non-stop onslaught of spells, Xiao Lin and the others were not afraid. Cheng Ming and Xiao Lin were in charge of two directions. Their sword auras both already had Silver-ranked powers, and the black mist might have covered their perception, but it also restricted Said as well. Their opponent was relying on his eyes to cast spells, so the accuracy was quite low.

The situation lasted for four to five minutes when a vague shadow suddenly rushed through the mist. Even though it was quick, Xiao Lin still caught it. He suddenly thought of something, and clenched his teeth as he shouted, “Get away! Everyone disperse! It’s the Corpse Explosion spell!”

The moment he spoke, the sound of an explosion followed.

Corpse Explosion… It was a common but very taboo necromancy spell. It used the energy a corpse produced to explode in a flash, and the power it produced was more or less equal to the ability of the corpse before it died.

Desecrating the dead was something that both the Normese and people from Earth looked down upon. So, even the necromancers that hid in the dark within Planet Norma rarely dared to attempt using that spell, lest they invite disaster upon themselves.

Yet, today, they saw a Turkish person use the corpse of his own companion to cast that spell.

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