Elite Mages’ Academy - Chapter 662 - Opening Advantage

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Chapter 662: Opening Advantage

Xiao Lin continued to maintain Miracle. Their opponents might have some concealment techniques, but the level could not be too high. That was not strange. No matter how high their talents were, they were still first-year students in the end. It was hard to completely conceal their own auras, and they would, at most, be able to reduce the detection radius.

For mages that were at a more ordinary level like Li Jiayi, they would basically lose their perception abilities in that situation. However, to Xiao Lin and Gu Xiaoyue, whose intelligence attributes were incredible, they were not very affected.

Xiao Lin and Gu Xiaoyue quickly found a new clue; it was toward their southeastern direction. They once again caught onto the aura of a Turkish person.

Just like earlier, Cheng Ming first used his immense sword aura to open the way, An Luo and Li Jiayi (1) then used their long-ranged magic and arrows to launch an attack. The goal was not to kill, but rather to seal off any escape routes. Xiao Lin would then activate Phantom Steps and close the distance.

That was one of the more common moves they had practiced. They were already very proficient with it after practicing it so many times. This time, their opponent was more skilled than the one earlier. He avoided Cheng Ming, An Luo, and Li Jiayi’s attacks, and even managed to find room to counterattack.

A few wind blades came flying over. The opponent was also a mage, but that kind of spell was nothing to Cheng Ming and the others who were already prepared for it. No one else even needed to make a move as Cheng Ming sliced it away with his sword aura.

“Their casting speed is fast!” Xiao Lin exclaimed silently. Wind Blade was only a Black Iron-rank spell, and the usual casting speed was around one to two seconds. Those who were incredibly familiar with it could lower that time down to under a second, but their opponent did not even need a breath’s time.

They could not give the opponent any more chances to cast spells!

Xiao Lin did not dare to be careless since their opponent was obviously not a weakling. Gu Xiaoyue’s presence meant he could not take any risks. Because Gu Xiaoyue’s attributes were incredibly unbalanced, her weak body meant that her defensive ability was incredibly bad, and even the low-ranked Wind Blade would be able to kill that woman if it hit her.

With that in mind, XIao Lin did not hesitate to activate Ruin. The sword aura in his hand expanded to the greatest level in a flash, and the opponent did not even have time to reach them when he saw a dark figure rushing forward.

Flame Swordsmanship!

He slashed out a bout of elemental sword aura; it something that was similar to his flame sword aura, since Flame Swordsmanship only used sword aura converted into fire to cause both physical and magical damage. The power was slightly weaker, but it was easier to control.

In his Ruin state, the Flame Sword Aura sent the Turkish man flying. When Xiao Lin chased after him, he realized that the unlucky man had already been burned to death.

Without high enough physical attributes or the correct type of armor, it was actually quite hard to withstand Xiao Lin’s full powered striked under Ruin.

It had only been ten minutes, and the Turkish academy had already lost two people. Both the spectators outside and Xiao Lin’s team breathed out a sigh of relief at that moment.

It was five to three. As long as Dawn Academy did not make any huge mistakes, the match was already in their hands.

“The Turkish academy probably wanted to use the snowy weather and their concealment abilities to separate and disrupt us.”

“It’s quite a good strategy in unfamiliar territory. If we encountered a map with low visibility in our away matches, we should probably use this tactic as well.”

“However, the Turkish academy really is way too weak. I thought that they had sent all their experts to the team match after their individual fights ended so quickly.”

“Compared to Judge Academy, they really are several levels below.”

The large advantage had caused the atmosphere to lighten up, and they started to engage in idle chatter. They only quieted down after Xiao Lin stopped them, but even Xiao Lin had a look that said victory was assured.

After fifteen minutes, that advantage expanded again.

Xiao Lin and the others maintained the formation, not taking any risks or splitting up despite their advantage. It was to prevent the Turkish from having any chance of turning the tables. After fifteen minutes, they killed two more people.

The other two also had very average skills, but their performance was quite stubborn. After being surrounded by five people, they both chose to kill themselves, despite having the option to surrender and save some of their life span.

Only one person remained from the Turkish academy, which was their leader Said. In a seemingly hopeless situation, Said did not choose to surrender. Based on the tournament rules, as long as the team battle was not forfeited, they would have to fight until the last person was killed, or wait until the match timer ended.

Said still did not appear, and the match timer was approaching an end. Cheng Ming and the others could not help but reveal a shameless expression because the four other Turkish opponents’ tenacity and boldness contrasted too much with Said stalling for time to preserve his life.

It was also Cheng Ming’s words that caused Xiao Lin to feel like something was off. In truth, from the moment the first Turkish opponent killed himself, Xiao Lin started to feel like he was neglecting something. However, due to his nerves in the competition, he forced himself to not be distracted. With their expanding advantage, he did not think too deeply into it.

At that moment, Xiao Lin had a moment of realization, finally realizing what he had missed.


“What corpses?”

After crying out in shock, Xiao Lin did not have time to explain as he flew right to the battlefield from earlier. The blood on the snow had yet to disappear, and not far away, the corpse was still there. A thin layer of snow had fallen on it.

“That’s not right. This is wrong!” Xiao Lin’s expression turned dark.

The match was held in a space completely similar to monthly examinations. Any death within would be affected by the Law of Resurrection, and would have them resurrect immediately, losing ten years of their life span.

Xiao Lin had seen many resurrections before, and he knew clearly that corpses would immediately disappear after dying, dispersing into spirit fragments before recombining, thus completing the resurrection.

Yet, the corpses of the four opponents they had killed during this match did not disappear, and were still quietly lying in the field!

The other’s finally reacted to Xiao Lin’s words, and their expressions changed quickly. The strange situation confused them.

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