Dual Cultivation - Chapter 633 A Talented Squirter

633 A Talented Squirter

"I...I am okay… I am really okay…" Disciple Ji spoke with teary eyes, looking as though she could cry at any moment.

'What a resilient young lady. I would've definitely cried my eyes out if I had to take a penis at that size so forcefully as a maiden who's never had any experience before.' Liu Lanzhi said to herself, praising Disciple Ji inwardly.

"Let me relieve some of the pain for you." Su Yang then poked her stomach with his index finger that was glowing with a warm light.

Very quickly, Disciple Ji could feel the pain below quickly subduing. However, while the pain was disappearing, the blood did not slow down and continued to flow from her cave.

"Do you want to stop here today?" Su Yang asked her a moment later.

"N-No!" She quickly shook her head before speaking, "I can handle this! It's just a little pain and blood! It'll eventually stop!"

Seeing the brave and stubborn expression on her graceful face, Su Yang nodded his head and said, "Then you can move at your own pace for now. Once you are feeling more comfortable, I will start moving."


Disciple Ji then inhaled and exhaled deeply a few times before she got back on her feet. Sometime later, she began moving her hips up and down, riding Su Yang's thick rod with stiff yet passionate movements.

Pap! Pap! Pap!

Su Yang could feel her soft buttocks slapping against his pelvis area every time she moved.

"Haaa… haaa… haaaaa…"

Disciple Ji moaned in a cute voice as she felt Su Yang's rod stimulating her inner wall with every stroke, causing her flower to drool with love nectar.

And many minutes later, when all of her pain was gone, Su Yang grabbed her by the hips and said, "I will take care of you from here."

Once Disciple Ji nodded her head, Su Yang pulled her body down while thrusting his hip forward.


Feeling Su Yang's rod reaching the deepest parts of her cave, Disciple Ji screamed in pleasure while her body trembled from bliss. It had taken Su Yang only a single movement to knock her soul into Heaven.

A moment later, Yin Qi flowed from Disciple Ji's cave like a waterfall.

"This is just the beginning," Su Yang said to her as he continued moving despite the fact that she was still climaxing.


Disciple Ji's cave squirted Yin Qi as though it was a broken dam, soaking the wall behind with sparkling liquid.

"W-What a talented squirter…" Liu Lanzhi mumbled in a dazed voice after seeing the way Disciple Ji stained the wall with her Yin Qi, and it helped her recall her first meeting with Su Yang during the Inner Court disciple assessment, where she experienced his divine techniques for the first time and squirted everywhere as the result.

"Oh, this is quite amazing…" Even Su Yang praised her squirting ability when she hasn't stopped squirting even many moments later, and it only made him want to test her limits even more.

Thus, he continued to thrust his hot rod into her body until she eventually exhausts her last drop of Yin Qi a few minutes later.

"You are quite impressive. It makes one wonder why you didn't become a dual cultivator instead." Su Yang said to her afterward.

However, Disciple Ji did not respond, as she was simply too exhausted.

"Here, let me reward you for enduring so much today…"

The sword in Disciple Ji's body suddenly began trembling, and a moment later, it released hundreds of millions of tiny warriors into her body. The tiny white warriors then rushed through the battlefield until it could no longer advance, filling every nook and cranny in Disciple Ji's cave.

"I feel… so full…" Disciple Ji mumbled with a dazed expression on her face.

Su Yang removed his plug from her hole a moment later, and the tiny white warriors could be seen falling from her cliff.

"Maybe we should train her as a dual cultivator instead," Liu Lanzhi spoke in a joking tone sometime later. "It'd be a waste if someone talented like her becomes a normal cultivator."

Su Yang smiled at her words and said, "Who knows, maybe she'll voluntarily become a dual cultivator after what she experienced today."

Sometime later, Su Yang turned his attention to the other disciple, Disciple Chen.

"I am going to fill your body to the brim with my Yang Qi so that you can cultivate in the Celestial Pond efficiently," he said to her.

"Please take care of me..." She nodded with an excited smile on her face, as her little sister has been feeling this hot and tingly sensation for a while now.

"Since you are already this wet, we won't need any foreplay, right?" he said to her after seeing that she was already drooling wet when she removed her clothes.

"Go ahead… Stick it inside me…" Disciple Chen laid on the bed with her legs spread wide open.

A moment later, Su Yang shoved his rod into her slippery cave with ease.


Disciple Chen moaned with passion, feeling as though she'd entered Heaven.

Many minutes later, Su Yang released his Yang Qi into her body, filling her cave until it began leaking from the entrance.

However, he did not immediately unplug his shaft from her hole and instead opened his storage ring to take out a piece of talisman.

"I am going to seal the Yang Qi inside you so that you can use it at the Celestial Pond. Don't remove it or cultivate it until then," he said to her.

"Won't I get pregnant if I don't cultivate the Yang Qi immediately?" Disciple Chen asked him with raised eyebrows, not that she minded conceiving his child.

"My Yang Qi is special. You'll be fine," he responded with confidence.

"I can vouch for his words," Liu Lanzhi suddenly said.

Su Yang then turned to look at her and said, "It's your turn now."

"About time," she nodded with a smile.

A moment later, Liu Lanzhi removed her clothes, and to Disciple Chen's surprise, there was already a seal on her body. How long have they been doing this? No wonder why Liu Lanzhi vouched for him.

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