Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities - Chapter 784 - The Suffering Fathers

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Chapter 784: The Suffering Fathers

With Xinxin’s lead, the other children followed suit.

“Dad, you have to take me on the bus too. Ningning has taken it before.”

“Dad, An An also wants to take the bus.”

“Dad, if you don’t have time, I can take it myself.”

Instantly, the group of fathers couldn’t stop sighing.

“Alright, alright, alright. I’ll bring you on the bus when I have time, alright?”

Just thinking about how there were so many people on the bus made their hair stand on end.

Perhaps because they had been in the entertainment industry for too long, they were afraid of situations where there were too many people.

Right at this moment, Little Ningning spoke again.

“Not only did my mom bring me on the bus, but she also brought me to eat extremely delicious grilled fish and crayfish. They were really super delicious. At night, we even went to the night market. There were many snacks and toys in the night market. Anyway, there was everything. There were also a lot of people. It was really lively.”

He looked like he was boasting.

Of course, this little fellow was deliberately showing off.

All of a sudden, he made the other children want to personally experience the night market.

Moreover, the children were also ravenous for the food since Little Ningning made it sound so delicious.

Ye Hao looked at Mo Boyuan with a smile.

“Mr. Mo, your wife and your son didn’t bring you there?”


How could Mo Boyuan not tell that Ye Hao was deliberately teasing him?

However, it was the truth.

He had indeed never participated in what his son had just said. In fact, if his son hadn’t said it himself, he wouldn’t even know.

But who was he?

How could he let others make fun of him?

“Mr. Ye, are you jealous?”

Ye Hao was immediately shocked.

“Me? What is there for me to be jealous of?”

Mo Boyuan curled the corners of his lips into a smile and said indifferently,

“Of course you’re jealous of the harmonious and loving relationship between the three of us!”


His family was harmonious and loving? Which family wasn’t?

At most, his family had never brought his child to those places.

Speaking of which, he was indeed a little jealous.

He never expected that Mr. Mo’s family would actually be so… After all, it indeed wasn’t easy for families with children to bring their children to experience the outside world so publicly.

Most of the parents in the entertainment industry would bring their children overseas to travel.

They wouldn’t dare to do so in China.

The fans were too crazy.

The minibus had already started. The car was filled with the laughter children. The fathers were also chatting with each other.

Fifteen minutes later, the bus stopped at the entrance of a small private supermarket.

Actually, the supermarket wasn’t small either. It had six chain stores.

The village chief took the horn and got off the bus.

“We’re here. Come down,” He shouted towards the bus.

The father and the children got off the bus one by one. After a rough observation, they saw that they were still within the range of Luhu Island. They could see the village from afar.

However, it only seemed like a short distance. It would take them more than ten minutes to drive, and it would take them at least an hour to walk.

The door of the small supermarket was closed and locked. Apparently, there was no one inside.

Everyone sized it up and waited for the village chief’s next words.

“Village chief, just tell us directly.”

It was useless to be long-winded. After all, it was the fathers who would do the hard work.


“Alright, then let me make it simple. Today, the owner of this supermarket went to visit his relatives, so he handed the shop over to us.

“As I’ve said before, the children are mainly in charge of the sales. The fathers will be doing the chores today.”

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