Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities - Chapter 783 - Like

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Chapter 783: Like

He had no choice but to obediently crouch down and let the little girl blow on him a few times.

It would have been fine if she hadn’t blown on him, but once she did, it seemed to tickle even more.

Then, afraid that he would hurt Xiao Yuer’s feelings, he had to forcefully hold it in.

Just because a child couldn’t see it, it didn’t mean that the dads present couldn’t see it either.

Deng Tianlin saw his daughter blow on An An’s face and making him uncomfortable. Only then did he pull his daughter back.

“Daddy!” Xiao Yuer was blowing when her father suddenly pulled her away. She looked very angry.

“You can blow on him later. Let’s not waste time now, okay?”

Xiao Yuer finally gave up.

“Okay,” She agreed.

On the other hand, Little Rock quietly moved to his side.

“Ningning, do you still have mosquito repellent incense at home? If not, I do. Don’t get bitten by mosquitoes again.”

His bites were uncomfortable to look at.

Ningning blinked his eyes and turned his head to look at Mo Boyuan.

“Dad, do we still have mosquito repellent incense at home?”


After getting a reply from his father, Ningning turned to Little Rock and said,

“My dad said that we still have mosquito repellent incense at home.”

The relationship between the two little fellows was really getting better and better. To be more precise, it was Little Rock who was becoming more and more responsible, especially when it came to Ningning. He simply wished that he could do everything for him.

Therefore, as his biological father, Ye Hao couldn’t understand.

Why did his son like Mo Boyuan’s child so much?

It seemed that he had never treated him so well before.

People said that girls were extroverted. Now, it seemed that boys were the same.

Moreover, he was so young, yet he was already more attentive to an outsider than he was to his own family.


Fortunately, the village chief started to speak.

“Children, pay attention. We are going to announce today’s task.”

The children jumped up happily.

“Village chief, what are we going to do today?” They asked curiously.

The village chief chuckled and spoke into the microphone.

“Today’s task is the fathers and children managing a shop. The fathers are responsible for delivering and receiving goods, while the children are responsible for selling them.”


What kind of task was this?

Not to mention the children, but even the dads looked at each other.

However, they finally understood the nature of the program team. They were just playing with the dads.

“Now, the dads and children can get on the bus.”

A medium-sized bus slowly drove into everyone’s line of sight and finally came to a steady stop.

The kids excitedly climbed onto the bus. After they got on, they started jumping all over the place.

“Is this a bus? I’ve never been on a bus before!” Mo Zhining muttered.

Little Xinxin, who was beside him, followed suit.

“Yeah, this is my first time taking this bus too.”

All of them were the children of celebrities. They were all picked up and sent off by cars. How could they have taken a bus before?

Only Ningning looked at them in confusion.

“Why haven’t you all taken a bus before?” He asked.


“Ningning, have you taken a bus before?” Chi Xinxin asked in return.

Mo Zhining nodded.

“My mom has taken me on a bus before. It’s similar to this bus, but it’s a little bigger.”

For a moment, a few children surrounded him.

“Ningning, is it fun on the bus?”

The group of children was actually very excited about the bus.

Mo Zhining nodded.

“It’s not bad. There are so many people riding the bus together. It’s quite lively.”

Chi Xinxin had an idea and she shouted at her father, Chi En,

“Dad, next time, take me on a bus too!”

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