Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities - Chapter 401 - The People From Jin CIty Took Shen Peiyi Away

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Chapter 401: The People From Jin CIty Took Shen Peiyi Away

In the past, he had never thought that he would feel satisfied with such a simple interaction.

He didn’t need to say anything and felt satisfied just by looking at her.

Suddenly, he thought of a sentence he once heard.

Trouble is the accompaniment, partings are the rhythm, intimacy is the interlude, peace is eternal, stability is everlasting!

Now, Mo Boyuan truly understood the real meaning behind these words.

However, this warm moment did not last for long. Mo Boyuan’s phone rang urgently.

“What’s the matter?” His tone was full of displeasure.

He got interrupted when he was absorbed in looking at his wife. It was no wonder that his tone was not good!

On the other end of the phone, Guan Tezhu was scared out of his wits. But, he still had to report the news. His voice trembled slightly as he spoke.

“Boss, Shen Peiyi has been taken away.”


Mo Boyuan immediately squinted.

“What did you say?”

Wasn’t Shen Peiyi in the mental hospital?

Who had the ability to take her away?

The Shen Family?


Mo Boyuan personally sent her in. None of the other big families in Yun City would not dare to directly oppose the Mo family, much less the small Shen family.

Then, who was it?

“Boss, it’s said that the person who took Shen Peiyi away is from Jin city.”

Jin City?

“What’s the relationship between the Shen family and Jin City?”

“We’re still… still investigating.”

Mo Boyuan did not pursue the matter but he felt that things were getting more and more interesting.

So, Shen Peiyi, or the Shen family, had a relationship with Jin City?

He had been investigating the families in Yun City all this while but he didn’t think about Jin city.

He quickly went through the families that might have a grudge with the Mo family in Jin city and found a few suspicious ones.

“Well, let me know as soon as you have the results.”

“Yes, yes boss.”

After ending the call, Mo Boyuan noticed that his wife had finished washing the dishes and was standing not far from him.

“What happened to the Shen Family?” She asked.

Mo Boyuan stuffed the phone into his pocket, held his wife’s hand, and explained to her.

“Shen Peiyi was taken away by the people of Jin City.”

“Taken away?”

You could take someone away from the mental hospital so easily?

Of course not!

Unless the people who took Shen Peiyi away had a high status!

“Wait, you mean the people of Jin City?”

“Yes.” Mo Boyuan nodded.

Jiang Tingxu frowned again and whispered to him.

“The Jun Family!”

“Oh? How can my wife be so sure?”

Jiang Tingxu struggled to pull her hand out.

“I saw it,” she answered.

“I went to pick Mu Xue up when she got drunk in Imperial Phoenix. At that time, I saw Shen Peiyi and Jun Zhan. Moreover, Shen Peiyi kept calling him Brother Jun Zhan.”

Mo Boyuan thought even more deeply. Jun Zhan? Jun Family?

It seemed that he had to investigate the Jun family’s background.

In any case, he had never heard of any relationship between the Mo family and the Jun family of Jin city.

He grabbed his wife’s hand again and pinched it playfully.

“You don’t have to worry about this matter. I’ll get someone to investigate it clearly.”

After he finished speaking, Mo Boyuan’s eyes were giving off a dangerous glint obviously.

Jiang Tingxu had also thought of some things Her expression did not look too good.

Was it really the Shen family or the Jun family that had kidnapped Ningning back then?

Just because Shen Peiyi liked Mo Boyuan?

She had a feeling that things would not be so simple!

“I’ll go to the mental hospital immediately. You can rest well at home and wait for me to send you to work after I come back.”

“No need, I’ll go with you.”

There were some things that Jiang Tingxu really wanted to figure out.

Mo Boyuan knew that he couldn’t refuse so he could only agree to her.

“Okay, let’s go.”

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