Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities - Chapter 337 - You Should Trust The Person You Love

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Chapter 337: You Should Trust The Person You Love

In this world, not everything can truly pass with the passing of time. Many things will be etched in the heart until death!

It was not that Wen Jie had not considered whether this matter would have any impact on her son’s career in the future.

After thinking about it, she felt relieved.

It would not be exposed!

The Gu family would not allow it, the Pei family would not allow it either!

After all, once it was exposed, it would definitely implicate the incident from more than ten years ago.

By that time, the faces of the Gu and Pei families would be spat on by the netizens.

Therefore, Wen Jie’s attitude today was exceptionally good.

Anyway, she was not the one who was courting death from start to finish.

To paraphrase a very popular saying on the Internet recently: if you do not do it, you would not die. If you did it, you would definitely die!

Little Ningning felt extremely comfortable being hugged by her father.

“Daddy, where’s Jiang Tingxu?”

“Why, are you only thinking about your mother now?”


“That’s not it. Ningning is always thinking about Jiang Tingxu. Daddy, don’t talk nonsense…”


At the moment, Jiang Tingxu had long already packed her luggage. She only had a few pieces of clothes. How much time would she need to pack?

She sat by the bed, her phone screen still lit up. It was actually still on the Baidu Search interface – ‘what should I do if I both love and hate someone?’

Jiang Tingxu was not silly, neither was she stupid.

She definitely knew how she felt in her heart and body better than anyone else.

She clearly knew that she did not let go of that man as easily as she had imagined.

Not only did she not let go, but there was still trembling!

Therefore, when she could not think of a good way to do it, she suddenly thought of something and searched online.

She did not expect that someone would answer the question right after she had posted it.


Jiang Tingxu sat up and looked at it seriously.

“To be able to use the word ‘love’ and ‘hate’…host, I can see that you indeed still really love him. Deep down, you really want to be together with him.

“But at the same time, you’re worried that once you’re really with him, if you’d be able to forget the pain he had caused you in the past!

“Your heart is already conflicted. According to the cases I’ve seen, you might have the few following signs:

“First, as long as you see him, you won’t be able to suppress the agitation in your heart. You’ll lose your temper with him for no reason, and cause him to be unhappy.

As long as he’s unhappy, you’ll feel happy yourself!

Second, you often let yourself into an internal conflict, such as: Ah, what should I do? What can I do so that I can get rid of the shadow of the past?

In fact, according to my experience, whether you are angry or deliberately making him unhappy, it is only a kind of revenge for his past behavior.

To put it bluntly, there is a problem in your feelings for him, you’re not certain in your heart.

But I don’t know well now about things between you two, whether he has done something bad to you before, such that you already see this not quite normal psyche in you.

But, if not, little lady, listen to one piece of sister’s advice. No matter what, I think you should tell him what you want to tell him.

Let him work it out with you, because a person who really loves you would be able to share your joy with you, and also to share your pain with you, you should trust the person you love!

Of course, if he breaks up with you because of your mentality, then I don’t think this man is deserving of your love~

(The above is only my personal opinion, whether to tell him about your concerns doesn’t need the direction of others, everything stems from the heart.)

Finally, I wish you happiness.

-From a 15-year veteran relationship counselor.

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