Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities - Chapter 336 - Don’t Persuade Others To Be Magnanimous

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Chapter 336: Don’t Persuade Others To Be Magnanimous

This matter probably still had something to do with the Gu family!

Old Lady Gu had left yesterday, and even if Gu Ranzhi did not admit it, he was still a grandson by blood.

It did not make sense for him at all not to return to the Gu family when he was in the country.

Outsiders definitely would not know about what had happened in the past, and when that time came, the opinions would not be unified.

And his brother-in-law choosing to leave the country was a rather good method.

Mo Boyuan was not a person with a Holy Mary’s heart. He had no objections to Gu Ranzhi’s actions.

It was all about the Gu family. If he wanted to leave, he would leave. If he wanted to stay, he would stay. It was up to Gu Ranzhi to decide what he wanted!

“Alright, leave it to me. Don’t worry.”


Just then, Huo Ye arrived with his car.

Gu Ranzhi nodded at Mo Boyuan before dragging his suitcase and leaving.

Huo Ye could not help but be stunned when he saw the figure of the opposite party. He finally came back to his senses after that. This person was not only his nemesis, but also the brother-in-law of his family’s best actress!

Well, perhaps the relationship between nemeses would soon cease to exist.

Mo Boyuan raised his wrist to take a look before heading towards the lawn behind him.

The south of the resort was connected to a sea. When the planning of the resort had just begun, this part of the coast had been designated to the private part of the resort.

Unlike the few hotels across the street where they shared the beach.

At that moment, Wen Jie was playing on the beach with Little Ningning. In this season, they could only play here in the morning and at night. At other times, they would probably be dried up by the sun like dried sardines.

When Mo Boyuan came over, Little Ningning was chatting with a foreign child.

“Hello, my name is Frank, I’m from Russia, Where are you from?”

The child seemed to like Ningning very much, so he was particularly enthusiastic.

On the other hand, the little brat’s attitude had always been cold and indifferent.

“My name is Zhining Mo, I’m from China!”

“Oh! China? Good!”

At this moment, the little brat no longer bothered with him.

Mo Boyuan could finally see that his son did not like to socialize at all. He looked around and found Aunt Wen coming out from a restaurant not far away with two glasses of ice water.

“Little Mo is here? What about Ting Ting?”

“She’s in her room packing her luggage.”

Wen Jie nodded and handed the two cups of ice water to the two children.

“It’s hot, you must drink more water,” she instructed.

The foreign child obviously did not understand, but it did not hinder him from taking the cup.

“Thank you!” he thanked Wen Jie very politely.

“You’re welcome.”

Little Ningning looked at Wen Jie and the other child talking very cordially and pouted.

“Grandma Wen…” he called out.

“Hey, how can our Ningning’s little mouth be pouting?”

He was jealous!

Mo Boyuan was very displeased with his own son in front of him. Was it necessary?

Why was it not necessary?

Weren’t you just like your son?

Jiang Tingxu and Gu Ranzhi would always talk to each other, but weren’t you still extremely displeased?

They were brother and sister!

Fortunately, the foreign child’s parents called him away not far away, and the villain’s expression finally eased up a lot.

Mo Boyuan glanced over and looked at Wen Jie:

“Aunt Wen, it’s about time. Let’s go back.”


“Oh right, Aunt Wen, Gu Ranzhi was just picked up by his manager. He said that he’s going abroad on a business trip for a period of time.”

Wen Jie quickly said.

“I know about this. I heard about it when Little Huo called this morning. It’s good that Ranzhi is away for a period of time too. It’ll help him avoid a lot of problems.”

Wen Jie had never forced her own thoughts and wishes on her son.

As for the Gu family, Wen Jie would never possibly forgive them for the rest of her life.

However, as for her son, Wen Jie would not interfere. Even if the old lady now had gone…

As the saying went, a person’s death was like a lamp going out. The past would be in the past.

However, if one had not suffered the same hardships as others, it would be best not to persuade others to be magnanimous.

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