Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2641 Impossible To Clear?

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Chapter 2641 Impossible To Clear?


Thunderous roars echoed across the dome-like cave, reverberating with an oppressive atmosphere.

Just the sheer number of Unfettered Ice Fiends at this location reached over thirty thousand. The true disciples could see most of them were at Level Three Immortal King Stage, and around a quarter of them were at Level Four Immortal King Stage.

It caused many to hold their breaths, a feeling of despair creeping into their hearts.

"Impossible..." Olas Windfall trembled, "There's no way to defeat them all..."

With his power, he would struggle against a Level Three Immortal King Stage Unfettered Ice Fiend, but there were twenty thousand of them here. With the other true disciples who were at his level, like Seylin Blizzara, Waine Might, Kayla, and many others, he could battle dozens of Level Three Immortal King Stage Unfettered Ice Fiends, but Level Four? Those things could slaughter them if they were not careful and hesitated to use their blood essence.

Yet, there were ten thousand of them over here. Such a huge number of Level Four Immortal King Stage Ice Fiends made it so that even Nyx Godwin wouldn't stand a chance with his ultimate ability to use Destruction Laws. In reality, his expression was utterly solemn at this moment as he witnessed this scene.

No one moved from their initial position, staying at the entrance to this dome-like cave. They all unanimously chose to welcome at this location, where the narrow path disallowed them from being overwhelmed.


"Wait... they're not coming?" Waine Might growled with his rough voice.

His stone aura was like a pillar waiting to stop and squash the Unfettered Ice Fiends that approached him. But, the Unfettered Ice Fiends stayed in their positions, simply watching them as they grinned like evil fiends. Their six arms moving about only made them seem like insects, but since they were thirty-meter-tall giants, all of them appeared highly intimidating.

"Why would they?" Davis couldn't help but lightly chuckle on hearing Waine Might's question, "They're waiting for us to enter their hive so that they can grind us to dust. Couldn't you see all that they did before was to delay us from entering this location?"

"Why...?" Olas Windfall narrowed his brows. However, they quickly widened, "Wait. Is that..."

Olas Windfall pointed to the Unfettered Gargantuan Ice Fiend that was stretching its arm out of the huge icy structure. However, he wasn't pointing at the Unfettered Gargantuan Ice Fiend but pointing at the heart that beat ever so lightly while still being frozen.

Its reverberations could still be felt in the form of resonance. Everyone could feel the chillness of the frozen structure as it radiated the aura of an Immortal Emperor, but they wondered what exactly it was to be sealed by an Immortal Emperor!

"Now you know why the main mission's rewards would be increased." Davis's lips curled, "It's because the thing that is sealed here by the Frostcloud Sword Empress is an Unfettered Behemoth Ice Fiend... that's capable of transcending the Immortal Emperor Stage at its-"

"I'm going back to the sect." Olas Windfall's expression churned, causing Davis to laugh.

"Ahaha. That's smart, but there's no need to worry about it. The Unfettered Behemoth Ice Fiend's heart is not a threat. However, the Unfettered Gargantuan Ice Fiend hanging inside the crevices of the frozen structure is a massive threat. That thing probably could instakill even me."

Davis smiled as he said it, causing Olas Windfall to look at him, wondering how relaxed he could be in this situation.

Nyx Godwin and Garoe Rynn also heard his speech. In fact, everyone was listening to the Emperor of Death at this moment and gained more information, causing them to look at the Unfettered Gargantuan Ice Fiend.

They could very well feel that it had reached Level Five Immortal King Stage and was yet to split into ten thousand weaker versions of itself, transforming into a multitude of Unfettered Ice Fiends. Even if it was at Level Five Immortal King Stage, they could somehow take it down. However, the aura it was radiating out was utterly oppressive that they knew for a fact that its prowess was higher than it seemed to be.

There was no way they could defeat it, even if they all joined hands.

Davis and Myria had instantly seen through this, but they were not worried as they were waiting for someone.

In fact, Myria was doing something else than being wary of the Unfettered Ice Fiends. Her eyes squinted as she gazed into the distance, right amidst the tall bodies of the plethora of Unfettered Ice Fiends.

She saw a number of crystals that shone in an icy gleam. The number was very well in the hundreds, causing her eyes to tremble.

What were they?

They were all Ice Essence Orbs! Although they were impure, they carried an enormous amount of energy with them, enough to blow up an entire region when used like an explosive. In fact, the more impurity existed, the better the size and power of the implosion would be as stable, pure Essence Orbs would rarely explode unless split without knowledge.f𝘳ℯℯ𝙬𝒆𝚋𝓷oν𝑒Ɩ.c𝑜m

Her pretty black eyes then looked at the heart that was sealed in ice, her eyes moving to and fro between multitudes of clues left behind in the passage of time before she heaved a deep breath.

"I see. Because of the Unfettered Behemoth Ice Fiend heart's destitute state, the Unfettered Gargantuan Ice Fiends born from it are unable to produce an impure Ice Essence Orb. Instead, they have sacrificed themselves many times to create an enormous amount of impure Ice Essence Orbs so that they could gather it all and cause the vent to implode, creating a powerful impact that releases their allfather."

"Otherwise, there is no way for them to undo a sealing art cast by an Immortal Emperor like the Frostcloud Sword Empress. No wonder it took them century millenniums of playing hide and seek in this region to reach this point..."

Hearing Myria's verdict, many couldn't help but turn to look at her, finding her to be incredibly knowledgeable.

On the other hand, Davis imagined how it could've gone. It played out in his mind clearly.

The Frostcloud Sword Empress sealed the Unfettered Behemoth Ice Fiend's heart and ascended, but the seal wasn't perfect, and the heart started giving birth to Unfettered Gargantuan Ice Fiends one by one until it gathered so many Ice Essence Orbs by sacrificing them, all in order to release itself one day. Their population dwindled, and each time an Unfettered Ice Fiend had been seen here before, they were killed by their predecessors.

Many thought that it was a natural phenomenon here for the lack of knowledge, but Myria unveiled everything in an instant after arriving at this location. This had been their hive all along, and their plan lasted for millions of centuries before arriving at this point.

"All that planning to release their allfather, and yet they're going to fail...?"

Davis's lips curled as he shrugged, somehow feeling sorry for them.

Their hard work was going to be ruined by a bunch of young people.

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