Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2543 Day Of The Wedding

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Chapter 2543 Day Of The Wedding

The Aurora Cloud Gate welcomed the next day like any other day. However, unlike an ordinary day, much banter and gossip were going around, and it was particularly concentrated around a single person.

"Did you hear? It's said that our fellow disciple, who is infamously titled the Emperor of Death, is going to wed someone in his residence."

"Really? Which woman dares to tie her fate with a Divergent? Is she courting death? Which of our disciples are dumb enough to do this?"

"I don't know. However, the island seems to be open, and some invited guests are being allowed to enter."

"Truly? Let's go see what's happening. Maybe we could get in on the fun."

Like this, countless disciples of the Aurora Cloud Gate decided to take a breather from their daily grind of cultivation and ranking. They banded together in groups and went to that Divergent's island, intending to test their luck.

A wedding was not a big thing in the Aurora Cloud Gate as numerous families were present, and even disciples weren't disallowed to marry. In fact, they were encouraged as they could exchange contribution points with their spouse without diminishing returns for a single time in a year.

Therefore, many people hoped to find their love, but they didn't go all crazy about it as they had to have ultimate proof that they were husband and wife, which was having a child together. This kind of rule was there to discourage disciples from acting as husband and wife only to get benefits.

After all, there was no shortage of disciples trying to discover some loopholes to make quick wealth.

Still, this wedding is considered significant, perhaps even audaciously preposterous, as this was a Divergent's wedding.

You know you were going to drown under the might of the heavens, yet you dare to still drag along someone with you?

Some people couldn't help but curse that Davis Alstreim was selfish and even despicably womanizing to no end. After all, it was said that he had more than ten women with him. Was there a need to add more?

The despicable thing was that the bride's name wasn't revealed, so only after they went there would they see who it actually was.

However, someone leaked that he was actually going to marry two women at the same time.

Although they were flabbergasted over his appetite, they speculated that he was marrying Shirley Ashton and Isabella Ruth.

After all, those two immortal inheritors were extremely important and powerful, so it is said that he was planning on marrying them again, perhaps officially under the Aurora Cloud Gate's witness, to give an answer to the Fire Phoenix Clan and the Earth Dragon Clan.

If they thought about it more clearly, it was nothing more than a resounding slap to those clans' faces as he was basically announcing to those two clans that he was going to take their inheritors tonight together. Although they were pale over his audacity, they were also excited.

They couldn't wait to see the reactions of the Fire Phoenix Clan and Earth Dragon Clan's youths, who were disciples here.

With eagerness etched all over their face, the disciples arrived before the Divergent's island.

The entire island was closed except the second quadrant's eastern pathway. Only from there could they enter, so they went along with the arrangements and entered the eastern pathway, only to be blocked by a group of purple-robed people with an emblem of the scythe on their arms and back.

"Everyone, we apologize. Our humble abode doesn't have the resources to entertain so many disciples. There are already over a few thousand outer disciples that have entered without invitation, so only inner disciples and above are allowed to enter further without invitation."

? Hearing this, many outer disciples were dissatisfied.

What could they do? Barge into a true disciple's wedding? They didn't dare be impetuous even though they thought that they had the moral high ground due to the other party being the Divergent who causes calamities.

They could only dejectedly return, but instead, they decided to watch from the nearby island as there was a giant projection ready on standby. They were grateful to be able to watch what would go on inside without even being able to enter. Some even carved a throne on a mountain and had their snacks ready, raring to watch some salty tears shed from the chicken and the lizards.

The rest of the disciples made their way inside, their expressions slightly volatile in excitement as they could see countless decorations giving off a greater vibe of festivities. Not only did they see that it was done in good faith, as though wanting the marriage to be grand as it could possibly be, but they were also reciprocatively excited since it was a long time since they dared to take a break.

But soon, even the inner disciples were disallowed entry since the number of guests they could look after was nearing its limit. Although many inner disciples who traversed a long distance away from their residence were disappointed, they also didn't make a sound.

However, they were inner disciples, and some of them were bound to have extreme egos.

"You servants dare to block my path!? Do you know who I am!?"

A black-robed man snarled at a purple-robed man blocking his path.

"Sir, who are you?"

Reaper Soul Legion First Division's Legion Captain Praezen couldn't help but ask with a sincere expression on his face. He was the most level-headed of the captains and was also in charge of receiving the guests.

"Hmph! If you don't know, then you don't know. Receive my move and learn it through your body!"

The black-robed man coldly uttered before he jumped and flew into the skies. Lightning flashed around him, lighting up the world. However, it lit the world in darkness, and a sense of dread couldn't help but fill everyone's body.

'An Obsidian Lightning Kirin?'

Legion Captain Praezen sensed the undulations of an immortal beast, one that was at Level Nine Immortal Beast Stage. It was extremely taxing on him to even stand straight while receiving the pressure. But instantly, he waved his hand as a formation plate appeared on his hand, causing a formation to activate.


An incredible pressure landed on the black-robed Obsidian Kirin Lightning, causing him to freeze in mid-air. His expression churned in shock as he witnessed an Immortal King Grade Formation lock him down, unable to believe that they had obtained a formation to defend even this far edge of the residence.

"Sir, that sounded wrong. I don't swing that way."


Legion Captain Praezen seriously uttered as though he took offense, causing the black-robed to fall into a stupor before his expression flared in anger, realizing that he was being humiliated,

"Since sir resorted to violence, then don't blame me for not treating you with courtesy."

"You dare!?"

Just as he shouted, the pressure that was weighing down on him abruptly disappeared. But the next moment, it reconvened from the front and blasted him into the skies, sending him out of the island like a kite that had its strings cut.

The black-robed man was helpless all the way until he crashed into the waist of a floating island in the distance, causing the others to be dumbfounded as he had been sent flying around a few hundred kilometers.

Such was the power of the defensive formation the Divergent owned, causing them to look at him in a renewed light. After all, it was not more than a month since he came here!


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