Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2542 Last Warning

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Chapter 2542 Last Warning

"Really...? Do you even know what bullying is?"

Davis almost rolled his eyes as he saw the battle intent gleaming from Nila's eyes. She wasn't kidding when she said that she wanted him to make her apologize, but he quickly realized that she wanted to battle with Nadia. After all, Nila was a darkness-attributed regal spirit princess, while Nadia was said to be a death-attribute immortal beast.

However, Nila was an Immortal King, and although she concealed her undulations well, he garnered that she might have a higher cultivation level than it seemed. It made him not even take her seriously, wondering how spoiled she could be to be challenging him when they weren't even in the same cultivation base.

It couldn't be that exaggerated, so he thought she intended for him to bring out Nadia.

Hearing Davis's response, Nila also seemed to be taken aback a little.

He wasn't even going to use the death-attributed wolf to teach her a lesson?

"And Nightveil, you also seem tame. I can't sense that air of daringness in you anymore. What's going on? Have you changed?"

He turned to look at Nightveil, demanding some answers.

Nightveil appeared stunned after hearing his words. Her lips twitched, "I... I really am the same person. However, they are my people..."


Davis then remembered she had her people massacred by light-attributed spirits. Perhaps, she had yearned to reunite with her clan in this world, also making her a bit more receptive to them than she would usually be. He had seen her daring to go against Nila just now, understanding that he had misread her.

Moreover, although Nila appeared abusive, she also seemed protective of Nightveil, telling him to let go of her when he grabbed her shoulders from behind.

He really was put in a spot, not knowing what to say to this strange hierarchy. Was that really how the Dynastic Evernight Phantasm Spirits acted with each other?

On the other hand, Nightveil knew that Davis was giving her face and not bickering with Nila, so she quickly tried her best to convince them to leave. Nila simply harrumphed. However, looking at Davis, who didn't seem to be interested in battling or getting his death wolf out, which she badly wanted to see, she turned around and left after making a reluctant expression.

The spirits who seemed to be her lackeys also seemed to be inner disciples. There were a total of seven people following her, but only a few of them were Immortal Kings, and the rest of them were Immortals. They left along with her, their eyes seemingly full of respect for being able to talk with him like that.

Nightveil remained, her eyelashes beautifully fluttering as she turned to look at him with her golden eyes.

"Davis, once again, I apologize that I caused a headache to you. However, don't mind them. They don't mean you any harm. They're just curious about Nadia since we... we also revere death in battle."

"Oh." Davis finally understood their obsession with wanting to see Nadia.

"However, you really went ahead and said that you're my acquaintance? If other people know about this matter, they're going to target you?"

"No way." Nightveil vehemently shook her head, "I know how the world shapes as I've faced betrayals and experienced genocide. I know people back in the tribe in the First Haven World who are of such type, undeserving of my attention, but these young ones, they aren't that kind of people. Although they're arrogant, they aren't bad. It is in our tribe's rule to follow the strongest around you and never question their actions unless you're strong yourself."

"So when I'm stronger, they naturally would have to listen to me, or else I'm slapping them as she did now."

Nightveil grinned as she gestured, her arm arcing around like a flail, causing Davis to chuckle. If she didn't take it personally, then he had nothing to say.

"Then... have you joined an alliance?"

Nightveil put her arms down and nodded her head, "My fellow Dynastic Evernight Phantasm Spirits and I are all in the Aged Incense Alliance."

Davis blinked, "What kind of name is that?"

"Well, I don't know, but the alliance only accepts spirits, and it is ranked fifth. It has almost all the top-ranked spirit races from the world in it, even Heaven-Tier Spirits. It's unbelievable, right?"

"Heaven-Tier Spirits..."

Davis was slightly astonished as he hadn't seen any Heaven-Tier Spirits, much less Heaven-Tier Spirit Attribute Sources. Only Eldia had reached such a level from his speculation, but since he had no biological evidence that she was indeed a Heaven-Tier Spirit, he didn't count her in.

Still, the more he heard about the marvel of the Aurora Cloud Gate, the more he was excited to adventure and see new things, perhaps even opening up many possibilities for him.

Nevertheless, Davis had the intention to invite Nightveil to his alliance as he had intended to create one and enjoy more benefits as a result, but since she was already in one, he didn't feel that it was appropriate to invite her and put her in a spot.

"But just how did you arrive here? I know your tribe is to the north of the North Ascendance Monument, so it would take a long time for you to arrive."

"Well, my clan elders are a bit cold. They're stuck up but soft, so after hearing my story, they nurtured me with the tribe's resources, making me strong enough to become an inner disciple here and sent me here, saying that it is my responsibility to pave my path further on as they had done everything they can to help me. Although many were simply antagonistic, blaming me for being unable to protect the tribe, I am deeply grateful to those who supported me."

Davis smiled, finally heaving a sigh of relief inwardly since he was conflicted that anything bad that might've happened to her might have something to do with him. Fortunately, it didn't seem like she encountered anything bad or strange but just a bit of struggle from non-acceptance, which any outsider would go through.

He continued to talk a bit more about the sect and her life, knowing that she was truly in a good place, both in the alliance and the sect, before sending her off.

"Really!? Count me in!~"

But he didn't forget to invite her to his marriage tomorrow, and she agreed to show up, congratulating him in advance.

A few others, like Zora Luan and Law Enforcement Officer Ruven Longstrand, were also invited, as Shirley had sent a few invitations out. But it was unknown whether they would show up as there was no response from them.

Moreover, he was also intending to open the island tomorrow but only his residence out of the eight residences. After all, if festivities aren't there, it couldn't formally be called a wedding. However, he didn't know what the reception would be like as he was going to marry two beauties at once, unable to imagine the shock and the curses from others that he would receive as blessings.

Having met Nightveil and having confirmed that she was indeed safe, he felt delighted and took a step back to his residence in a refreshed mood.

However, before he entered the island, his voice silently traversed through the skies and landed on a few people's ears.

"If I heard anything about my people coming into harm, then don't blame me for being ruthless since I have marked you all."


Instantly, many people shot up as they unleashed their attacks to the side or sidestepped as their hearts fell but finding no one there, their hearts sank. They understood it was a warning from the Divergent, whom they had been following for two days straight!

Their expressions turned unsightly, wondering how they could be discovered by him when they didn't even show a trace of their silhouette.

Within them were also people from the Fire Phoenix Clan and the Earth Dragon Clan, their legs shivering as they recalled the words that they had been marked. Do they tell about this matter to their people or silently leave as though they have seen nothing?

They couldn't help but tremble, knowing that they had come under the radar of a Divergent, and they knew how anyone who offends a Divergent at an equal level never lived to tell their part of the story.

They were scared, but there were three other people who were completely shocked.

"How... how could his soul be this powerful...?"

Elder Earthsaber shuddered while the other two elders also displayed similar reactions.

Although Davis's soul sense didn't detect them, they garnered that it was as powerful as facing a soul sense from a powerful Early Immortal King! But how could that be when he had just entered the Immortal Stage in the first place!? Not to mention that there were practically extra, unattainable and figurative levels between them to widen the gap!?


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