Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2541 Dynastic Evernight Phantasm Spirits

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Looking at the Dynastic Evernight Phantasm Spirits in front of him, Davis spoke with a cold smile. His gaze was especially on the short-haired, big-breasted female Dynastic Evernight Phantasm Spirit known as Nila.

Nila frowned as she gazed at him.

"Bullying? She dared to disrespect me. Those who don't know the rules of my Dynastic Evernight Phantasm Spirit Tribe should stay out of this matter. Actually, who are you? Get your hands off of Iris. You're tainting one of our women. Do you want to die?"

She clenched her teeth and barked at him. Not only was she not apologetic, but she also appeared to be complacent over her actions, thinking that she was absolutely right.

However, Davis blinked and let go of Iris, causing the latter to have a breather.

"Princess... he, he's..."

But just before she could speak, someone from the side couldn't help but remind the woman named Nila.

The hostile Nila suddenly narrowed her brows before her eyes went wide, knowing who the person before them was as she digested his appearance and imagined it with the one she had constructed in her mind.

"So you're Davis Alstreim..."

Davis merely nodded and turned to look at Nightveil, seeing that she was uninjured except for her cheek, which appeared slightly red from the slap.

"It's been some time since we last met, Nightveil."

"Davis Loret…"

The two of them looked at each other, seemingly remembering the short time they had shared with each other in the spirit lands.

To Davis, the exchange he had with her was nothing more than transactional, but he couldn't help but feel nostalgic and a bit of joy to see someone he helped still be alive and well. As for Nightveil, she would never forget his name, even though it was different. She looked at him with numerous emotions, wondering just how underneath the heavens she was helped by him again.

After hearing about him in the sect, she had intended to meet him later, but somehow, here she was, wanting to say thanks for that time but yet couldn't find the words as she was overwhelmed by his magnificent and powerful presence, not to mention she remembered the last words she said to him at that time.

<strong>[Davis Loret, I will help you in the immortal world if you ever manage to need my assistance, but of course, if I help you, you will be indebted to me, and since you cannot immediately repay me with your wealth, so you will become my precious servant!]</strong>

At that time, she even remembered laughing out loud in victory over her immortal tribulation but standing before him now, her slapped cheek turned even more red at her shameless declaration, especially when she realized a while ago how powerful he was. If she thought about those words sincerely, then she would be his precious servant, causing her to not know where to hide.

"You- don't ignore me!"

Abruptly, an irritated voice screamed at them, causing them to come out of their reverie as they turned to look at Nila.


However, the women behind Nila pulled on her sleeves, not wanting her to mess with a Divergent like Davis. However, Nila flicked them away and harrumphed as she still glared at him.

"So what? I admit that he is strong, especially since he is a Divergent, but not everything about him is necessarily true. I suspect everything is accomplished by the true threat, which is the unknown death-attributed wolf that's staying with him. I'm ninety percent sure that wolf is his source, and by sharing senses through beast taming pact, he's somehow retaining his sanity."

"To be ignoring an Immortal King Core Disciple like me, you have some nerve."

Nila hissed at Davis, causing him to somewhat not know how to react as he couldn't sense hostility from her. It was just… pure arrogance.

Although an Immortal King Stage core disciple and an Immortal Stage true disciple had different cultivation bases and prowess, their status was considered to be somewhat equal.

However, he smiled at her words that scrutinized him, allowing him to understand what made her think this way.

At the West Ascendance Monument, Davis made his name known to the powers of the First Haven World. Just as he had entered the First Haven World, he had massacred many Immortals and Immortal Kings.

As for his extreme prowess, which was said to have surpassed the realm of heavenly geniuses, they naturally doubted it. It was treated as nothing more than an overexaggerated matter, a rumor that had gone out of control like every other rumor when they heard such a thing. Even with his Divergent status, they only thought that he could only be a bit more powerful than senior Niel Bladeheart, whom many disciples liked and, perhaps, idolized ever since his recent appearance.

Therefore, while there was no need to question Davis's supreme power, they felt that he hadn't reached a heaven-defying level. People trusted what they saw with their own eyes and judged the truth of what they had experienced. Since they had seen him one-shot Niel Bladeheart, they agreed he was extremely powerful, but for the other matters, they couldn't believe it.

However, some people even guessed that Davis's current monumental achievements were nothing more than make-believe, and what had truly wiped out the immortals in the West Ascendance Monument was his terrifying death-attributed immortal wolf.

p With everything about Davis being conflated and, sometimes, practically turning him into an indestructible figure, most people only doubted if Davis had killed all those experts. They would be more willing to believe that his terrifying death-attributed beast, which is rumored to be at Emperor-Tier, had made a move.

That made far more sense than him massacring the experts in the West Ascendance Monument and somehow throwing sand in the eyes of the Fire Phoenix Clan and Earth Dragon Clan to escape.

Thinking like this and seeing Davis's indifference, the other Dynastic Evernight Phantasm Spirits also began to wonder if this was the case, looking at him with suspicion.

"Davis, please don't take offense. She is Nila, a young member of our tribe who is powerful and just short of becoming a Clan Princess. Please don't mind her rude words. She doesn't mean it."

"I meant every word of what I said!"

Nightveil tried to calm him down as she introduced Nila, but Nila retorted. However, Davis shook his head, not appearing angered.

He knew that Nila was not wrong.

Nadia was indeed responsible for allowing him to have the achievement of killing Immortal King Beasts and escaping that region. That was why many fellow disciples who were gossiping about him were also skeptical about his achievements.

The basic evaluation that most people had for Davis was that he could definitely battle ordinary Level Eight Immortals easily, but any one of their disciples, from outer to true disciples at that cultivation base, would range from a bit difficult to impossible. They didn't think it was possible for him to take on so many seniors.

However, they didn't dare have the courage to confront him either, nor the time and energy to offend a Divergent like him, so they simply stayed away, not wanting to initiate contact with him. This was how it went in these two days for him.

But naturally, there were different people who weren't afraid of him, thinking that they were heaven-favored.

If they still thought he was the same old Davis that he was two weeks ago, then he felt like slapping their cheeks to make them understand reality. His prowess wasn't the same. If anything, he knew that he could pressure his previous self like he was playing with a child.

Nonetheless, remembering this was a sect, he simply smiled.

"So what do you want with me, Nila of the Dynastic Evernight Phantasm Spirit Tribe?"

"Heh~" Nila finally smiled, her lips sexily curving, "Now you know how to be respectful to your seniors. It's nothing much. I just wanted to see if Iris was lying or not, and it seems like she isn't."

"I see. In that case, don't you owe an apology to her?"

Davis raised his brows, causing Nila's expression to sink.

"Nila, I know I'm in the wrong. I shouldn't have said such a hurtful thing..."

"You stay out of this, Iris."

Nightveil quickly tried to calm Nila as though she truly didn't mind the offense. However, Nila waved her hand at Nightveil while her gaze never left Davis.

"You want me to apologize to her? Then you'll have to make me do it."

She smiled confidently, seemingly intent on provoking him to a battle.


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