Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2490 The Descendant's Limit

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2490 The Descendant's Limit

"Does Myria look that marvelous to you?"

Ellia couldn't help but smile at Davis, "Elder sister has just lived for fifty thousand years. How could she create a Divine Technique?"

She shook her head, "That's not possible, especially when it comes to something such as Life and Death Laws. However, she did have a few light-attributed Divine Techniques in her memories gotten from other powers, but they also faded away with time. To say that we only remember one or two lines from those records would be not furthest from the truth, but even those two lines are only comprehensible as scribbles."

Ellia wryly smiled, causing the others to blink at her. But before they could say anything, Ellia continued.

"But still, it's good that Shirley has one Divine Technique stored in this immortal inheritance at the very least which should most likely be accessible upon reaching Immortal King Stage or defeating the Immortal King Fire Phoenix Puppet in the Proving Hall. If she managed to learn it, then even in the Immortal King Stage, unleashing that technique would allow her to display an extreme prowess that's two levels higher than her base prowess!"

Ellia raised her voice as she clenched her small fists, causing everyone to feel the excitement in the air.

Shirley's face cracked into a wide smile, "I am indeed impressed by Divine Techniques. It's extremely valuable, and I'm interested in it heavily to further and test the limits of my Fire Laws, but if it's only going to raise two levels from my base prowess, I think it's still useless in front of the combination of my ice and fire."

"True." Ellia blinked before she giggled, "Even Divine Techniques would somewhat pale in comparison to a normal technique from a Top-Tier Supreme Law like the Icefire Laws. However…"

Ellia's gaze suddenly became sharp, "One should know that even a top-quality flame like the Fire Phoenix Flames has almost lost its luster in the Immortal King Stage."



"In the Immortal Emperor Stage, Fire Phoenix Flames are no different than ordinary flames. Naturally, the prowess of your flames will also recede, not to mention the prowess of your immortal vessel will become, and the prowess of your dantian will become less and less with each major breakthrough."


Shirley almost jumped in shock. The last sentence was already known to her, but the quality of the laws of the Fire Phoenix Flames was no longer special? That was news to her!

Not only Shirley but the others also were also reeling in a loss.

"Unbelievable… even a Fire Phoenix's Flame is ordinary in the Immortal Emperor Stage?"

Isabella couldn't help but utter. Then… wasn't that the same for the Earth Dragon?

'Could it be…?' Suddenly, a term couldn't help but pop up in everyone's mind.

"That's right." Ellia grinned, "After a Fire Phoenix enters the Immortal Emperor Beast Stage, it's time they mutate. Otherwise, they would be stuck in the Immortal Emperor Beast Stage forever, as that is their bloodline limit! That's why Divine Techniques are a matter of huge boon!"

With Ellia basically giving a stamp to their suspicions, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. To think that there would be a day when they finally get to hear the limits of the marvelous and legendary magical beast like the Fire Phoenix, they were not only in disbelief but moved beyond compare by their own growth.

"By the way… what are they mutating into…?"

Ellia's smile became more profound as she giggled at Davis's curious expression.

"I won't say~"

Davis's expression fell, but he sighed, thinking that it was enough for today just as another party echoed his sentiments.

"I think that's enough heart attacks for the day." Shirley rubbed her bosom with a complex expression on her face before she wryly smiled, "Ellia, I didn't expect you to steal my show."

"Hehehe~" Ellia revealed her teeth, "If that offended you, I apologize."

"No, I'm glad you're talkative today, as you were somewhat quiet during the discussion."

Shirley smilingly shook her head, "I admit I looked down on you the very first time we met, but fast forward a few years, you and Myria were the ones who taught me how to survive in this cruel cultivation world and are also the ones paving the path for us with valuable knowledge. If you weren't there, Myria never would've been willing to share this kind of information with us so easily."

"That's right."

Davis nodded thrice, seemingly not holding back with the nods that were heavy in his women's hearts.


Their words made Ellia's amused smile recede and turn into a moved expression, her eyes turning misty.

She bit her lips, looking like she was about to cry, as she really didn't expect anyone to praise her.

After all, was this knowledge her hard work? No, it was Myria's.

People could just say that she was imitating Myria and brush off her achievements if she were to make any in the future, much less praise her for her knowledge that was merely a knockoff from Myria's.



Shirley became dumbfounded as Ellia pounced on her and hugged her, causing Shirley's mouth to wide open in shock before she hurriedly comforted Ellia in panic.

Had she said something offensive?

However, Davis's face cracked into a moved smile.

Although Ellia inherited Myria's memories, she was no different than a teenager who looked at the world through the eyes of Myria. Almost everything she learned came from her soul-mother, so he could understand her emotions of wanting to be acknowledged for her existence.

He acknowledged her deeply but would the others do the same? He smilingly shook his head.

However, his expression couldn't help but cloud over as he imagined if that other woman was also suppressing her emotions with a mask, always remaining indifferent to everything she saw. However, she was also starting to display good-natured smiles a bit, so he guessed that she was starting to warm up to them at the very least.

"Alright, sisters, I'll show you my treasure collection now, so keep your eyes peeled and etch those names into your heads so that if you want it later on, don't hesitate to ask!"

After some time, Shirley went through the armaments and artifacts and displayed the names of the treasures. In the Early Immortal Grade Treasure List, there was not much, but only around one or two armaments and artifacts for every type of weapon or item they could come across.

"Don't mind the low numbers because they're all top-quality treasures! Wielding them, you would be even able to increase your max prowess as long as the treasures are on the same grade as you!"

Everyone couldn't help but feel excited, especially those who had trained in Fire Laws.

"Awesome! I want to study them and even try melting them to reverse study the process…!"

Sophie's voice echoed throughout the area, causing Shirley's expression to become a bit awkward.

"Sister Sophie, that's rather… voracious, I must say."

"Ah, I'm sorry~"

Sophie reacted as she raised her hand and hid her blush behind her hands. She didn't even think that it was offensive to say that and purely spit out her thoughts in excitement. Fortunately, Sophie used a better term to address her offense, as melting them would be disrespectful to the owner of the immortal inheritance.

"It's fine. I can give it to you for melting, but not more than two or three, as I believe these weapons would come in use for our family's treasure collection in the future. Besides, since the armaments are freshly forged and locked here as stated in the instruction jade slip, it also means that their spirits are dormant, actually having never given birth to consciousness."


"Yes, that's why I can give it to you for further and deeper research. If it's for just studying, then I can give you everything!"

"Fifth sister is the best!" Sophie almost jumped in excitement. However, her expression fell as her eyes became misty, "I don't know how I can thank you..."

"Well, just make a top-quality armament that's even more amazing than these creations for everyone."

"Just leave it to me!"

Sophie's eyes burned with passion as she confidently expressed her ability to Shirley. Seeing this, everyone couldn't help but smile. Their fifth sister was so good to them all, making them feel immense warmth.

Moreover, Sophie didn't seem intimidated by this challenge at all, making them wonder how much she could've improved in just over a year.


Their eyes couldn't help but fall on a single man who seemed as though this matter didn't have anything to do with him, their pupils turning into hearts as they became enamored over him for having the ability to tame them all prideful and talented women together.

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