Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2396 Shadow Battle

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Chapter 2396 Shadow Battle

The atmosphere in the hidden lounge of the Ghost Tear Hall's branch became silent. However, it wasn't something heavy but full of schadenfreude as though expecting the drama.

Wolfhowl's crimson eyes glared at Dead End as he had his status plate, his badge as a Ghost Tear Hall's inner disciple out.

Davis trained his gaze on Wolfhowl, wondering what kind of person he was going to extinguish today.

His body was slim and toned, but his features were all draped underneath a black robe, not to mention that his face was also covered under a scaremongering wolf's mask.

Gazing at that mask, Davis couldn't help but speak, "Someone finds your mask offensive. Maybe you should remove that before you get hurt?"

"What nonsense. Do you dare accept or not? If you don't, I'll simply 'meet' you outside. I don't have time to even bother about a rookie like you, so it would be wise for you to accept so that you can die in peace instead of living in fear."

"Wolfhowl, can't this issue be negotiated?" The receptionist abruptly intervened.

It caused Wolfhowl to narrow his eyes before he looked at the both of them, "What? You've never done this before. Is Dead End blood-related to you?"

"Of course not." The receptionist shook his head, maintaining an amicable attitude, "A disciple should know about the ways that the Ghost Tear Hall encourages juniors to challenge the seniors and not the other way around. However, since you claim that Dead End killed your group's members, I have nothing more to say."

"Then fuck off." Wolfhowl coldly spat out.

However, the receptionist didn't even have a change of expression. Instead, he simply retreated and stood amongst the others like he was now a part of the onlookers, revealing a strange smile on his face.

"Sure, where do you want to die? Here? Or is there someplace else? However, you should wait till I get some new skills since you interrupted me from buying something that could allow me to kill you."

Davis brought out his badge, which was the medallion with a gray teardrop. He imbued his dark energy within it and caused it to resonate with the other party's medallion that had a black teardrop, both badges abruptly starting to glow with an ominous crimson hue.

Everyone instantly came to know that the Shadow Battle had been accepted.

The assassins present couldn't help but cheer as this was a life and death battle. This was rather common in their assassin power. However, they were all excited to see inner disciple Wolfhowl battle the rookie who unwittingly courted death, not willing to wait anymore as they rushed beforehand.

"Get him to the Shadow Arena in fifteen minutes."

Wolfhowl didn't even return his gaze to Davis and walked off when another assassin wearing a similar yet lesser intimidating version of the wolf mask appeared in front of Davis, beckoning him with his finger.

Davis gestured him back to walk, causing the other assassin to frown. However, to someone who was about to die, he simply gave a mocking look and waited.

Time passed.

Before long, the entire lounge was cleared out, and people were in the stands of the Shadow Arena, except it was almost pitch black like an unlit theater. However, killing or harming someone was prohibited in the stands while the battle was ongoing, so no one cared about their defenses and sat freely like they were at home, looking at the projections displayed in front of them.

Why projections?

Because inside the battleground, there was no source of light. No one could see anything, so the participants would also be clueless, walking around as well, hitting plenty of obstacles placed around while they were on their way to their target.

But with the projections, they would know the position and actions of the participants in the Shadow Battle.

Their gaze fell on a green dot on the layout, which was the challenger. However, they were eagerly waiting for the red dot, Dead End, to appear and make a fool out of himself. Suddenly, the red dot appeared on the edge of the battleground layout, causing everyone's eyes to lit up.

Even though they were waiting for him, they were really amazed that he had come. Although he was courting death, they felt like they must appreciate his guts.

Indeed, Davis arrived before the battleground, looking at the vast yet dark expanse that gave him no clue about what he was about to face here.

His soul sense was suppressed to ten meters. His vision was suppressed to two meters. He couldn't see anything past that, so he figured out that this was Darkness Immortal Formation that limited the soul sense, vision, and other senses.

"I see…"

"What? Got cold feet?"

Davis slowly turned to look at that assassin who brought him here, his lips widening into a sly smile.

"…" That assassin's brows frowned, causing him to harrumph.

Inside the battleground, Wolfhowl was waiting with his eyes closed. Once the other participant entered, the people here would naturally announce the start of the battle. His slim figure waited for a while. It was past fifteen minutes now, and by the time it was twenty minutes, he had finally lost his patience and walked off.

He exited through the other side but saw that there was a corpse lying down there, its head missing.

"Bastard ran away..." Wolfhowl's crimson eyes were cold and indifferent.

However, his body shook as though he was suppressing his rage. Yet, it wasn't like he cared about the death of this group member but to have been made to eat shit twice with his people being killed despite him giving multiple warnings offended him deeply.

At this moment, he took out a messaging talisman that glowed.

"Senior brother, there's an assassin who has left the branch. We suspect that he is Dead End-"

"He is." Wolfhowl growled, causing the other side to go silent before they responded.

"Your loyal subordinates will assassinate him."

"Don't." However, Wolfhowl narrowed his eyes, "Most likely, he has warned his background, so they might use the city patrol to block us. However, it's an Unconfined Shadow Battle now as he escaped. Any one of our fellow disciples can kill him without repercussions unless I revoke the Shadow Battle, so follow him to the city's outskirts. There, his power would be unable to do anything. After all, during an Unconfined Shadow Battle, no background one can interfere or risk being decimated by our power."

"We understand!"

Wolfhowl couldn't help but smile as he had expected Dead End to flee.

Outside, his subordinates were all powerful immortal assassins like him, unlike the weak assassins he had posted here for recruitment and other purposes, so there was no way Dead End would be able to escape their pursuit, secretly killing his way out with his background like the last time.

As for this junior brother who had his head missing, lying on the floor as blood seeped into the crimson ground, he paid no heed and left, exiting the branch.

A few more members from his assassin group followed him. They all exited the city and flew above the sea, making their way to the shore and entered into a dense forest. It went uphill, treading into mountains and valleys alike. However, they knew where exactly their target was, having expectant smiles on their faces as they went uphill.

However, back in the hidden lounge of the Ghost Tear Hall, the unrelated assassins were dejected. There was no show to see. They didn't dare follow them for fear of being bullied to death.

However, one of them suddenly couldn't help but notice something strange over the walls, their eyes turning shocked. Instantly, they pointed toward that wall and screamed out.

"Everyone, that rookie called Dead End is in the second place of the Early Immortal Grade Rankings!"

Everyone's head swiveled towards the rankings chart, their jaws dropping, their eyes blinking in pure shock.

"Receptionist, is there something wrong with this formation?" Someone with a calmer mindset couldn't help but quickly ask.

The receptionist's gaze was cold. Had the ranking formation ever malfunctioned in his lifetime? However, he couldn't help but chuckle.

"No, I just updated it."


The receptionist's answer once again stupefied the assassins, and they couldn't help but turn to look at the Early Immortal Grade Rankings once again that were reset every six months.

In the eleventh rank, they couldn't help but see Wolfhowl's name imprinted on it. Did that mean that Dead End was stronger than Wolfhowl? Just how was it possible, especially when Wolfhowl was an inner disciple whose cultivation base was at Level Two Immortal Stage while Dead End was just a mortal!?

Even if the latter was a potential core disciple, he definitely would not be able to deal with senior Wolfhowl.

Had Dead End cheated!?

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