Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2332 Heavenly Tribulation Factor

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Chapter 2332 Heavenly Tribulation Factor

"Eldia, remain here."

Just as Eldia was about to fly into the distance, Davis stopped her, causing her to cry out in protest.

"But, we can't let those Vacuous Beasts disturb Nadia at the final moment. They're powerful… at Level Four Immortal Stage and Level Five Immortal Stage…!"

Eldia reasoned, but Davis shook his head.

"Don't leave the heavenly tribulation zone. I assume that we're already being investigated- no, it's better to assume that we're being tracked, so don't leave any hint of heavenly lightning aura outside the heavenly tribulation zone. That would easily point to me and anyone else who could use heavenly lightning but considering that I've been a hot topic that even a random Blue Luan Immortal from nowhere appeared and almost recognized me, I'd be instantly found even if the suspicion is over a spirit that could use heavenly lightning."

Some people had seen Eldia through the projection, but they couldn't truly confirm if she was a spirit, human, fey, or magical beast. Perhaps, they couldn't even confirm her gender, but if they found out that there was some kind of spirit that had just undergone a heavenly tribulation and was capable of using heavenly lightning to boot, they would easily pinpoint her back to him.

"I know it's frustrating, but we have to remain low-key as long as we can."


Eldia heavily nodded and asked no more.

She turned around, creating a flurry of heavenly lightning between her palms, forming a web-like structure as it enlarged while she had her gaze locked on the Level Four Immortal Stage Vacuous Beast, having neared her in an instant.

Perhaps because she was unleashing heavenly lightning, it was extremely attracted to her, its bloodthirsty eyes seemingly wanting to devour her while its kirin's jaws hung agape. Her lithe fingers waved, springing forth a barrier made up of heavenly lightning, except it also seemed to be a sieve.

Eldia waved her hand, causing the heavenly lightning sieve to rush forward and enlarge unexpectedly. Without even defending itself, the Vacuous Beast rushed past it, turning into countless meat past as it transformed into a sea of rotten blood and plunged.

In that collision, it seemed that its blood core was also destroyed, causing its blood core to disappear instantly.

Davis was fairly surprised. Seems like him telling her to develop some skills had some impact as this was not how Eldia usually used her powers.


At the same time, the eighth strike fell as an eight-meter tall heavenly lightning serpent plunged and was about to devour Nadia.

Nadia's gaze instantly turned sharp, her purplish-golden eyes surging out with death energy as they gathered to the center of her forehead, slithering to the tip of her pitch-black horn. It directly pulled out a concentrated sphere of death energy that blasted above, piercing through the bolt of heavenly lightning while not even making a sound.


It surged forth and pierced through the downward swelling dome of the dark clouds, causing a thunderous roar to resound.


A dragon began slowly appearing underneath the rumbling clouds, causing Nadia to harrumph in disdain.

At this time, the Level Five Immortal Vacuous Beast ridiculously and brainlessly met the same fate as its predecessor, getting sieved by Eldia's heavenly lightning as it spurted into a mountain of toxic blood. None of them splashed on Eldia as she maintained her distance, returning to Davis and Evelynn when she suddenly froze.

She inclined her head to the skies and saw the heavenly lightning dragon looking at her. It had locked her in place. However, its eyes flashed with contempt only for a moment before its gaze fell on Davis, doing the same thing. It was almost like it was recording their aura, leaving her and Davis feeling uncomfortable.

Just what kind of existence was this heavenly lightning dragon that supposedly looked like it possessed a will?

The heavenly lightning dragon didn't deign to give an answer, returning its gaze to Nadia leisurely. It was long past the three-second mark, after all.


With an explosive speed, it descended!

"Amber Fur Nourishment~"

Nadia's dark purple fur abruptly shone with a deathly light, almost as though it was reflecting the sun setting on the horizon. She raised her sharp and deadly claws that were seething with death energy, her small frame pouncing at the heavenly lightning dragon in a close encounter.

Davis and the other's hearts skipped a beat.


Nadia ripped through the heavenly lightning dragon as though it was nothing.

The heavenly lightning dragon's prowess had reached the peak of Level Two Immortal Stage, but she still pierced through like it was nothing!

Nadia elegantly landed on the ground, causing Evelynn and Eldia to become overjoyed. With Nadia turning into an immortal, they would finally gain an apex existence that will cause them to remain unafraid of Immortal Stage Cultivators!

The first thing Evelynn deemed was to feed Nadia plenty of immortal crystals and nutrients so that she could quickly reach Level Four or Mid Immortal Beast Stage and become capable of even battling an Immortal King!

Their worries could finally be put to rest. However, they couldn't help but suddenly feel strange.


The wind swelled, and the dark clouds kept brewing with heavenly lightning, bringing down a thick ten-meter tall serpent of heavenly lightning.


Nadia waved her two claws, ripping through the bolt of heavenly lightning, feeling that it was easier to defeat than the heavenly lightning dragon.


"What!?" Eldia screamed out loud, her body shaking in disbelief.

A tenth strike? Wasn't that the tenth strike!? Just how was it possible!?

Evelynn was also stunned, but she directly turned to look at Davis for answers before the latter opened his mouth.

"There… there it is… the reason why no one knows about Nadia's species name." Worry seethed in his voice.

"Because they were wiped out by heavenly tribulations…?"

"I think so." Davis nodded as it was something said by Nadia through recalling her vague inherited memories, "Apparently, it's called the Eighteen Strikes Punitive Tribulation, a heavenly tribulation factor that's unique to a particular species of a particular attribute and anything mildly related to its nature."

"Eighteen strikes…?"

"To receive this kind of heavenly tribulation… even if you could match its prowess momentarily, you wouldn't survive this kind of onslaught..."

Eldia and Evelynn stared at Davis in pure shock before understanding the gist of it. It was no wonder they hadn't seen Dark-Attributed Wolves at the Emperor Rank or Immortal Rank in the Grand Beginnings Continent and even here!

In the First Haven World, only the Light-Attributed and other attributed Wolves seemed to have proliferated a lot since it was the Starlight Jade Wolf Clan that seemed overbearing! Otherwise, when Everlight's ancestor came to recruit Nadia, they would've heard about a Dark-Attributed Immortal Wolf Clan already.

After all, why should Nadia go to a Light-Attributed Immortal Wolf Clan when her nature was just the opposite?

Nonetheless, why? Why would a Dark or Death-Attributed Wolf receive special care from the heavenly tribulation?

Wasn't it just like the dragons and phoenixes that received the heavenly tribulation factors of an Overbearing Heavenly Tribulation and a Heart Demon Tribulation, respectively?

Were dark or death-attributed wolves the descendants of a Paragon Magical Beast!?

The more they thought, the more they believed it to be the case!

However, their gazes couldn't help but become anxious. Would Nadia be able to survive eight more strikes that were at the same level as the ninth strike or more powerful!?

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