Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2331 Nadia's Immortal Tribulation

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Chapter 2331 Nadia's Immortal Tribulation


Heavenly tribulation lightning began gathering amidst the clouds. They were like a sea of serpents, gathering at the center to amalgamate into one entity, bringing forth an extreme retributive might as they targeted a single entity while still causing any other creature to feel a hint of reverence, perhaps even forcefully so.

Even under the threatening and destructive pressure, the black-robed woman in the valley kept a calm yet sharp gaze as she looked at the skies. Her deathly aura only grew in response to the provocation, causing the clouds to thunder even more.


Davis's expression became slightly unsightly, while Evelynn and Eldia's expressions also changed.

Even though they expected it, they still couldn't help but churn with anger. This was also a Destructive Immortal Heavenly Tribulation!

Eldia had just faced a Destructive Immortal Heavenly Tribulation, so she knew how its aura felt more deeply than Evelynn. It could be said that she went against the heavens, plundering its might, and so was justified that she received a penalty from the heavens, but what did Nadia do wrong?

They refused to believe that everyone got a Destructive Immortal Heavenly Tribulation because of a so-called karmic burden because of Davis. After all, karmic burden was different than a Destructive Immortal Heavenly Tribulation.

Only Divergents and individuals like Eldia, who plundered from the heavens, would face them.

If their reasoning was correct, then for what reason did Nadia receive a Destructive Immortal Heavenly Tribulation?

Nonetheless, since Eldia faced this kind of tribulation, she knew at a glance that Nadia's tribulation was stronger than what she went through.


The condensed one-meter-tall heavenly lightning strike fell.

It zig-zagged into motion and plunged onto Nadia, hitting her body as she stood just like that. However, if one saw her closely, one would see that a swipe of her hand took care of the heavenly lightning strike, causing it to be dispersed.

However, even though they saw Nadia's ease, their expressions didn't turn normal because it was as they expected. The heavenly tribulation's first strike was more powerful than Eldia's by a slight margin.

Still, Davis was more worried because he knew something else that Evelynn and Eldia didn't know.


Nadia shot through the skies, ripping apart the second heavenly tribulation strike that sought to destroy her with her hands. Her hands were covered in pitch-black energy while they also spiraled around her arms and legs, making her invulnerable to heavenly lightning as they devoured- no, extinguished its remnant aura before they could even get near her.

Her purplish-golden eyes turned bloodshot. She was like a leaping cougar, intending to reach the skies.

"Nadia, return!"

Abruptly, Nadia became frozen stiff in the air before clenching her teeth, controlling herself.

Just now, she had become incredibly angered against the heavens, her mind becoming clouded with rage. She didn't know why but it made her feel the reason lay with her instincts or inherited memories rather than having to do with the fact that this heavenly tribulation treated her unfairly.

If it wasn't for Davis's voice calming her, she really might've gone ahead to the skies to face the heavenly tribulation, where it was even more dangerous.

People have tried to do so but only found themselves barraged by the sea of lightning, leading to a slow death while thinking that it was better to fight unconcentrated strands of heavenly lightning instead of concentrated bolts of heavenly lightning. Moreover, it was considered 'angering the heavens'. Therefore, no one dared to fight at its level.

Remaining underneath the skies was displaying basic respect. It was the superior being, while the tribulation-taker remained the lesser being. To appear to its altitude meant immense disrespect and could cause a normal heavenly tribulation to turn aggressive and deadly as a Destructive Immortal Tribulation. As for angering a Destructive Immortal Tribulation, Davis could guess what would happen.

It would turn into an Annihilating Heavenly Tribulation, something that's received by the most notorious type of Divergents, the Anarchic Divergents. It was even more powerful and violent than a Destructive Heavenly Tribulation.

Or, it might bring down those heavenly wind blades for all he knew. The only thing that he was feeling relief over was at least; there was no Heavenly Flame Tribulation descending to burn Nadia.


Heavenly lightning struck Nadia, its prowess hovering between the mid and peak of the Level One Immortal Stage. Its terrifying might crackled over her, trying to suppress her will, but with the death energy swirling around her body, she extinguished them without any suspense.

*Bang!~* *Bang!~* *Bang!~*

Every three seconds, a bolt of heavenly lightning repeatedly struck. Each time, it just kept on increasing its prowess, widening the gap by a minor realm in a level. The sixth strike's prowess was already equal to Eldia's eighth strike, perhaps even stronger.

This made Davis and the others solemn as they knew that Nadia's immortal tribulation would undoubtedly cross to the point of being six levels higher!

This was irrefutably a tribulation where even humans with a Supreme Immortal Rune, Crest, and Sigil wouldn't survive!


Heavenly lightning gathered towards the center, directly above Nadia. The dark clouds thunderously roared, using the three-second period to accumulate its heavenly lightning and condense them into a concentrated bolt of heavenly punishment.

This seventh strike already seemed to start looking like a serpent as it radiated the feeling of danger, causing Nadia to frown.

Her figure became encased by a deathly veil before it gradually spread, revealing what was within as two dark yet beautiful wings unfurled.

A dark purple-furred wolf with dark-black stripes resembling countless obscure runes hovered in the air while her pitch-black horn radiated an air of death. The visage of death covered her body as many strands of death energy flew around her like otherworldly dragonflies, eerily lighting up her surroundings. Her three tails flailed wavily, reaching with an intense speed as they struck out the plunging heavenly lightning bolt.


Nadia's three tails instantly caused the heavenly lightning to be extinguished while her tail flailed around, looking unharmed, receiving no damage whatsoever.

Looking at this scene, Evelynn and Eldia visibly sighed in relief. Although Eldia wished that she had not lost to Nadia in terms of whose heavenly tribulation was stronger, she didn't wish for Nadia to lose so that she could be the better protector. They always fought over Davis, after all.

But now, she was worried that Nadia's heavenly tribulation was too strong and hence, wished for her to win badly. Fortunately, it seemed like she still had the situation under control.

Just Nadia's body, covered in death energy stemming from her body and soul, was this strong, capable of reaching six levels higher. They were worried for nothing.

However, there was still someone who possessed a long face. It was Davis. He was also shocked over Nadia's capability as he hadn't thought that her prowess could reach six levels above. Was it because she wasn't divided into her doppelgangers as she still had three lovely, fluffy, yet frightening tails and hence, retained a vast amount of prowess?

He didn't know as Nadia was slowly regaining her inherited memories, coming to know more about her own body bit by bit while developing her own skills as he told her not to only rely on her body's natural abilities.

If she didn't tell him, he wouldn't know, so this came off as a pleasant surprise. However, he also saw that her energy usage was heightened, concentrating all that energy gathered around her on her tail as she unleashed it. It couldn't be simple for her to release an attack that reaches six levels higher.

Nonetheless, he couldn't help but ruminate over the intensity of Nadia's heavenly tribulation.

King-Tier Magical Beasts would face a heavenly tribulation that's equal to their innate prowess, which meant two levels higher. In the same way, Emperor-Tier Magical Beasts faced a heavenly tribulation that's four levels higher!

However, Nadia's heavenly tribulation's first strike itself was almost at the peak of the eighth level on the Ninth Stage and the second strike exceeded the eighth level, entering the ninth level of the Ninth Stage, which is Level One Immortal Stage.

Now, the seventh strike had reached Level Two Immortal Stage, making it so that this heavenly tribulation was six levels higher and could reach its peak at the ninth strike!

Obviously, the Destructive Immortal Heavenly Tribulation added a level higher to the difficulty, and if so, how strong was the karmic burden stemming from him to Nadia?

Davis became uneasy, pondering if the heavens had noticed how Nadia became a Nether Springs Death Wolf for it to be this unyielding!


However, Eldia's brows suddenly frowned at this moment. She looked towards the west, her expression turning into one of excitement.

"Two Vacuous Beasts from the west. Hehe!~ It's finally time to put my powers to the test!"

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