Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2163: Pretending?

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Chapter 2163: Pretending?

While Davis traveled straight before ascending, his women practically ascended on a slope like they were climbing a mountain, randomly looking for a spatial bubble in different directions. After all, most weren't strong as Davis and needed someone to guard them while comprehending and vice versa, except a few ones like Evelynn, Isabella, Shirley, Natalya, and Lea.

That's why Davis also didn't meet them on his way but saw many other geniuses.

In the northeast direction, two black-robed figures who were moving in a straight path suddenly stopped as a person suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Stop right there! What's a wicked path powerhouse doing here? Don't you know that this is one of the sacred training grounds of the righteous path!?"

A furious voice resounded as a brown-robed man stepped in. Long hair flowed down till his waist. His scowling face possessed a mustache, and combined with his muscular body, he looked quite ferocious.

"You are…?"

A black-robed woman amusingly smiled as she raised one of her brows, "I haven't seen you in the Nine Western Territories Young Expert Competition. You must be a new face around here."

"Hmph! The glory of the Nine Western Territories Young Expert Competition is known far and wide and misused by a lot of people pretending to be others. The other day, a female assassin pretended to be that wicked path woman Schleya and assassinated a genius below the entrance. Fortunately, we managed to kill her before she escaped."


The black-robed woman was dumbfounded, turning to look at the other black-robed woman who possessed crimson-black hair.

'Someone dared to pretend to be her…?'

Mingzhi couldn't help but blink, wondering who had the audacity to be pretending as the Young Blood Demoness who struck fear into the hearts of her opponents.

"Hmph!" The brown-robed man struck a battle posture, "In any case, I smell Blood Laws and Darkness Laws from you two, which is against the principles of the righteous path. If you don't leave, then don't blame me for being merciless."

"Sigh, I've been living a protected life for some time that I had to relearn what it's like being outside…"

Mingzhi lampooned as she placed a hand on her forehead.

Their essence auras were wild, but their faces were hidden behind their veils. Although it was slightly transparent, people wouldn't be able to get a good look at them if they didn't want them to, and certainly, this random yet audacious person in front of them didn't recognize them.

Nonetheless, she shook her head and continued flying as though this matter didn't concern her.

"Courting death!"

The brown-robed leaped and raised his hand, a huge hammer appearing in his arms as he swung it like it was a bamboo stick. 

Mingzhi's brows knitted into a frown as she raised her head, looking at the audacious man with killing intent. However, before she could even say anything, a gust of wind rushed past her.


The brown-robed man noticed the woman with crimson-black hair approach him with incredible speed. The hammer he spun in his hand shone in golden light when it was grasped by him before he swung it at the source of danger. The heaven and earth energy around him was pulled in by him as his own earthen energy imbued the hammer with great force.

However, just as he swung it, the crimson-black-haired woman escaped from his sight, making him target the other woman to force her out.


However, when he swung his hand downwards, only a wave of air could be unleashed by him. As for his arm, it was nowhere to be seen, causing his eyes to bulge in shock before intense pain overtook his arm, blood churning out of his severed arm in copious amounts.

The fact that he instantly lost an arm greatly shook his heart.

But still, he simply clenched his teeth and wanted to make another move, but before he could do anything, a curved blade appeared in front of his neck from the back, causing him to freeze as he felt the sharp edge slicing his neck ever so lightly as his blood dripped.


He strained his voice, his pupils trembling as he also felt another blade hanging beside his lower body.

"Which part of your body do you want to drop first?

Schleya coldly asked as she controlled Crescentblood using her blood whips extending from her two fingers. Her arms were crossed while she exuded the air of a bloody killer as killing intent blazed from her eyes, causing the brown-robed man to feel cold sweat as fear encroached his heart and soul from behind.

He understood whom he was dealing with now, but the cost… was his life.

"Don't…! I'm an Elder of the Sundering Hammer Sect! My… Sundering Hammer Sect won't leave you alive if you kill me…!"

"Really? Do you want to threaten 'us' like that?"

Mingzhi appeared in front of the brown-robed man, causing him to shudder as he gazed at the wicked beauty of her eyes.

The Emperor of Death's sixth wife and the most audacious one of them all, as she is said to be using Darkness Laws, Mo Mingzhi. Although her cultivation was low and would die to a mere swing of his arm, the fact that she could approach him without any fear could only mean that she was perhaps equipped with many protective artifacts. ᴘᴀɴᴅᴀ-ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ

Instantly, all forms of stubborn feeling in his heart left like passing clouds, causing him to only feel the impending doom that would fall on him sooner or later.

His eyes lost focus as his entire body shuddered, his lips quivering with fright.

"I… I apologize… I didn't mean to block your path and waste your time, much less kill you. I, Wan He, offer my deepest apologies and a Peak-Level Emperor Grade Earth Essence I harvested from the Rising Hammer Mountains. Please… forgive me…and let me go with this…"

"Do you think 'I' lack treasures?" Mingzhi raised her brows, sounding offended.

"No… please… forgive me…"

"The Sundering Hammer Sect, was it…?"

"No… no… no..! Please, no… I'm not willing to involve my sect…"

"Didn't you just bring it up?"


Even tears started to well up in his eyes that Mingzhi couldn't help but blink.

She figured that if it was anyone else, he would be adamant and stand his ground, but to face the Emperor of Death or one of his people, the chances of coming out alive were next to nil.

Cultivators were highly emotional beings, but they were not utterly stupid. They would bet on a five or more percent chance but not anything less than that unless they were crazy.

She understood this point and couldn't help but almost scoff because this person wouldn't leave her alive just because she used Darkness Laws. Besides, if Schleya wasn't together with her, although she wouldn't have died with her protective artifacts, she would be running for her life regardless, and just thinking of it caused her body to tremble with intense anger.

Wan He went utterly silent as he saw the woman trembling with clenched fists. He didn't dare raise his head, afraid that he might come off as impertinent even the slightest, his previous bravado nowhere to be seen.

However, he saw her walk beside him, making him tremble even more as he was afraid that the curved blade right in front of his eyes would behead him.

"On account of your sect sharing secret forging manuals to Sophie, I'll let you and your sect go this once. There won't be a next time."

Mingzhi coldly spoke and flew away without looking back. Schleya watched her leave before she waved her hand, her curved blades returning to her embrace as she kept them inside, turning around as she caught up to Mingzhi in an instant.

Wan He still kept trembling as the feeling of death never left his body because he knew that the Young Blood Demoness used strange wicked blood arts to use blood to kill her opponents. He was essentially still in her grasp, and he knew that all too well from what he heard, so he cursed himself for picking a battle with the real thing!

As for his arm, it was probably eaten by some magical beast thousands of kilometers below.

In the surroundings, people noticed the commotion and came to witness it at a distance. They all witnessed Wan He's plight, knowing that he was a powerhouse who recently missed attending the Ninth Stage Segment of the Nine Western Territories Young Expert Competition because his mother died. He had been happy because the Ninth Stage Segment had been called off, making the right decision to stay beside his mother's deathbed but to have courted death like his mother, they felt that his experience in this span of a year was tragic, but still, no one came to help him but rather, they soon sent word to the geniuses of their own powers or allies, informing them that Mo Mingzhi and Schleya was here.

However, they quickly also received word that geniuses spotted the Hex Demoness, Earth Dragon Queen, and many others, including the Emperor of Death!


Their hearts jolted with fright and excitement. However, the surprise and shock were also equally overwhelming that they still couldn't believe that the Emperor of Death was here!

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