Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2162: Splitting Up

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Chapter 2162: Splitting Up

"Now then,"

Davis panned his gaze at his beauties who decided to accompany them, whether it be for an excursion or to test their comprehension skills.

Except for Bylai and Zestria, all others had come to test their comprehension talent for Space Laws and Time Laws, but mostly for Space Laws as they didn't think they had the aptitude to comprehend something as seamless and transient as Time Laws.

It seemed that Bylai and Zestria had already visited this place once in their days as the Dragon Queen and returned with slumped expressions because they weren't able to comprehend much, making slow progress. They had at most comprehended a few minor resonances, not more than three minor resonances, before deciding to concentrate on their own Laws gifted by their blood as it better suited their nature.

As for Nadia, he left her to protect the Mortal Hex Emperor Purple Palace in case anything happened during his time here, although his Solitary Soul Avatar was together to accompany her.

However, there was also Lea, who had entered this zone a few times and comprehended Space Laws, having nine minor resonances already from what she told him before and now told him that she had a breakthrough and comprehended Level One Intent of Space Laws. Clara and Tia already possessed four and two minor resonances, respectively, making immense progress in their comprehension with just their comprehension ability.

Tia had the Karmic Guardian Physique to slightly aid her, but he felt that his little sister was something else to make such improvements faster than Tia, which clearly let him know that she was talented in Space Laws.

Even Schleya was here at Mingzhi's request, willing to have a try at it.

Everyone else who had just entered seclusion or was roaming around, unable to cultivate because of their worries, decided to accompany and try something new as though distracting their thoughts.

Nonetheless, Davis couldn't help but smile smugly as he watched their admiring expressions.

The fact that he could take them to here unhinged without care for provoking others itself was an exhilarating feeling that they looked like they fell for him all over again. Even to him, bringing them here with such badassery felt more fulfilling than ever because he probably wouldn't be able to do that after ascending or risk provoking someone just for showing off.

He didn't doubt it, as the cultivation world was like that, but the way he maneuvered in his early years put him off of that trouble.

"My gracious beauties, it's time to test your comprehension ability. Don't worry if you fail or can't obtain insights. It just means that you can forget about it and focus more on your own skills instead of splitting focus."

He gave some lighthearted advice and looked into the distance, "Also, there's no need to worry about the other cultivators who are here. If they pick a fight, feel free to do as you want, even killing them if need be. Furthermore, don't twist the facts of the events to your side needlessly. As long as you stay truthful, even if you're in the wrong, I will still stay by your side. Now you can all disperse in a team of two or more and pick a suitable spot for yourselves."

Turning to look at them, he extrapolated before lightly waving his hand.

Evelynn and the others couldn't help but smile at Davis's words with a heartened expression on their faces as though that was what they wanted to hear. After all, he basically just said that they could be as rampant as they wanted as long as they didn't hide anything from him, but they also knew that they should not misuse that right.

They thanked him and began to talk among themselves while Mira transformed into a brownish-golden ray of light and entered Isabella.

Evelynn approached Clara, exchanging words before they teamed up and left. Like them, Tia and Shirley, Fiora and Isabella, Natalya and Tanya, Schleya and Mingzhi also left together. Meanwhile, Lea, Sophie, and Niera went in threes, and Bylai, Zestria, Tina, and Dalila traveled in fours.

Davis saw their line-up and inwardly nodded his head as even if they encountered trouble, they would be able to solve it without his help. Besides, he also saw that they used this chance to get to know each other more as a few of his beauties picked people they weren't close with.

He looked around, marking a few troublesome geniuses with his soul sense before flying into the core region of the Distorted Skies of Yonder, looking for the biggest spatial bubble he could find.

'Hhm… I have only comprehended a minor resonance, worse than Clara for my cultivation level. Perhaps, I'm not better at comprehending Space Laws or just haven't given it enough time as she did, so I could only rely on resources…'

He thought of waiting for the resources from the Heaven Gazing Sect to arrive but decided on getting to know the place first. Since the spatial bubbles burst and reform all the time, no one knew a good spot and had to search for it. Sometimes, the best spot could be right at the entrance, and at other times, it could not even be found. ᴘᴀɴᴅᴀ-ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ

After all, the Distorted Skies of Yonder seemed to span a thousand kilometers in radius, which was actually small for Ninth Stage Powerhouses, but it went higher and higher. The more altitude they climbed, the less the visibility and the more the danger of wind blades tearing them into pieces, which made the entire zone all the more difficult to travel and hence considered big.

Right now, the entrance was at the western edge, so he was making his way to the center, where the spatial bubbles would usually be concentrated if it were any other danger zones. After that, he planned to raise his altitude from there so he could spot a suitable spatial bubble around him with his soul sense that was suppressed but not by much.

"Fellow cultivator, halt! This is my spot- Uh!? Forgive me, your eminence! You can have my spot."

Before Davis could even see that person's face, that person lowered his head, becoming deferential. However, Davis didn't stop flying and flew past that person.

'Crap… I almost killed myself…'

Looking at the Emperor of Death leave without letting out a word, that person was inwardly sweating buckets. Although he lowered his head in deference, he knew that his hair color and aura had probably given out his identity.

He was none other than Jeras Orcha, the Young Master of the Orcha Family who fought against Schleya and Welch Regalanius in the competition.

After the events of the Emperor of Death massacring a few powers, he thoroughly understood that this person was a person who should never be provoked, no matter the cost, as the probability of his power being reduced to nothing had become ninety-nine percent.

Even his Orcha Family regretted marrying the Water Dragon Queen to him instead of sending her to the Emperor of Death as a sacrifice, occasionally casting a mocking look towards him as though thinking how good would it have been if the Water Dragon Queen managed to secure his affection.

Jeras Orcha felt aggrieved beyond recovery as there was nothing he could do against the person who caused the others to feel this way. For the first time after losing faith in Water Laws, he came to train in Space Laws but here was that person again, wanting to take everything from him.

On the other hand, Davis, who was oblivious to Jeras Orcha's complex emotions that resulted in cultivation deviation sometimes, steadily approached the center, momentarily pausing at the Alternating Time Flow Valley before deciding to head to the center again.

Soon, he ascended, spotting a few people whom he knew from the competition. The Peak-Level Law Sea Stage Experts and even the High-Level ones had all broken through to the Ninth Stage. From their undulations, he could sense none of them managed to manifest an Imposing Rune, much less a Supreme Immortal Rune.

At most, they seemed to have conjured a fourth-tier Formidable Rune.

However, someone else was different.

It was none other than Adlet Rayburn, possessing a fifth-tier Imposing Rune, that caused him to radiate a threatening sharpness.

The only exception was Ivy Aries because of her sect's Guardian Lotus. However, he could not see her here, and because of that, Adlet Rayburn seemed like the king of the geniuses who were present here.

Naturally, Adlet Rayburn also seemed to occupy a bigger spatial bubble than anyone he had seen, the spatial bubble reaching a hundred meters in diameter. However, there were no geniuses around him, clearly willing to stay away from him to not earn his ire.

Nonetheless, even though Davis was inconspicuous in his movements, he was noticed by the geniuses here many times and yelled at to not enter their spots before hearing a resounding apology, he ignored all of them and arrived at the center, rising above the rest before finally finding a spatial bubble the size of three hundred meters in diameter before entering it at the altitude of two hundred kilometers a cut above the rest.

In this space, even fifth-level Ninth Stage Powerhouses wouldn't survive, but to Davis whose, natural body's defense was at the sixth level of the Ninth Stage, the wind blades might as well be massaging him.

He took a step forward into the spatial bubble and entered it, suddenly feeling as though he was floating in abrupt emptiness, one without a distinct feeling of matter.

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