Dear Commander-in-Chief - Chapter 867 - Little Female Wolf Who Protects Her Food

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Chapter 867 Little Female Wolf Who Protects Her Food

“I don’t shake a woman’s hand!”

Gong Jue’s cold snort made Gu Qiqi suddenly realize how big a mistake she had made just


Gong Jue couldn’t touch women!

In an instant, cold sweat formed on her back.

Gosh, she was so careless. There were so many people in the auditorium. There were at least a few thousand people. More than half of the female students were there.

Gong Jue shouldn’t have appeared in such a noisy and dangerous environment.

Putting everything else aside, what if some crazy female classmate rushed out and forcefully shook Gong Jue’s hand, triggering his allergies in public…

The consequences would be unimaginable! D*mn it. She had only cared about bickering with Gong Jue and had actually forgotten such an important matter.

Fortunately, Gong Jue took such a big risk to give her an award. Feeling annoyed and touched, Gu Qiqi sniffed. Without thinking… Suddenly… After a while, her small body flashed and she blocked everyone in front of Gong Jue. She raised her voice and said, “Students from the pharmaceutical school, please be quiet! Chief is busy with his schedule. Please stop moving! Don’t move!”

Gu Qiqi’s voice was cold and firm.

Her voice naturally carried a trace of deterrence that made the female students stop in their tracks.

Although they were indignant… they didn’t dare to disobey Qiqi’s words! Qiqi was the goddess who turned the tide and freed their pharmaceutical school from the reputation of a trash school. Just as everyone withdrew their hands aggrievedly and bit their lips resentfully to return to their seats…

Gong Jue suddenly stood up and pulled Gu Qiqi’s small body behind him. “It’s fine. I can do it.”

The way that this stupid woman stepped forward and protected him was simply too adorable!

She was simply a little female wolf who protected her food. It made people want to bite her ruthlessly!

Since she could stop those women for him, he also wanted to do something for her that he usually wasn’t willing to do.

Those girls were at least a cheer squad for Qiqi. They shouted themselves hoarse and kept clapping and shouting. He had seen all of this.

Of course, he had to thank his woman’s fans!

Gu Qiqi was extremely nervous.

At this moment, she was about to risk everything. She risked being discovered by everyone that she had a deep relationship with Gong Jue and wanted to pull Gong Jue away in public, leave the auditorium, and escape from those girls…

However, Gong Jue’s long and slender arm had already stretched out first.

His big hand shook the nearest girl’s hand like a gentleman and left immediately.

Gu Qiqi’s heart was in her mouth!

After taking a closer look, she realized that Gong Jue had unknowingly put on specialized gloves.


How dangerous! Gu Qiqi breathed a sigh of relief. Gong Jue glanced at her from the corner of his eye as if he was saying, “Am I that stupid? Would I not be prepared to shake hands with these unrelated women? Do you think that anyone can touch my skin?”

Gu Qiqi’s lips twitched.

It seemed that her worries were unnecessary.

That’s true. Since Gong Jue had a chronic illness that prevented him from coming into contact with women, of course, he would be more vigilant on ordinary days. She relaxed and even had the mood to snicker at Gong Jue’s stiff and awkward words of comfort.

“Study hard and win glory for the country!”

The man’s face was cold. He said these words to every person who shook his hand in a businesslike manner.

However, those girls were very infatuated when they heard this. They didn’t think that this was a perfunctory answer at all. Instead, all of them blushed and became even more infatuated with Gong Jue.

Gu Qiqi looked embarrassed.

Why didn’t she realize that these female students usually had no morals?! She regretted introducing this man to them!

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