Dear Commander-in-Chief - Chapter 658 - Slapping Bai Mori Ten Times!

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Chapter 658: Slapping Bai Mori Ten Times!

Bai Mori, the youngest and most professional female medical professor in the Empire, made the final decision.

The identification of Gu Qiqi as a poisonous person became an immovable fact.

The appraisal report was sent to President Gong Sheng in a second.

Gong Sheng looked at this appraisal report with a complicated gaze. His gaze met Gong Jue, who was practicing with him on a sand table.

He hesitated for a second. How should he tell Gong Jue this sad and helpless news…

His sister-in-law was indeed a vicious person hated by everyone. Furthermore, it was very likely that she was a spy from S Nation…

Would Gong Jue’s violent character accept reality?

As his older brother, how should he choose between national interests and brotherhood?


In the cell.

The prison guard breathed a sigh of relief.

He had finally settled the case that the President had instructed him to handle as soon as possible. He should have a chance of getting a raise this year, right?

“Professor Bai, you’ve worked hard!”

“You’re welcome! I still want to talk to the prisoner, can I?”

“Of course!”

After receiving approval, Bai Mori walked closer to Gu Qiqi.

Looking at that small face that had turned pale from torture, Bai Mori’s heart couldn’t help but beat faster.

Bai Mori said, “Gu Qiqi, you know what the outcome of a poisonous person is, right? In the future, you’ll be a lab rat. First, you’ll be pierced until your entire body is filled with needle holes. Then, your blood will be drained. Finally, your intestines, heart, liver, and lungs will be dug out for research… Only then will you die. Who asked you to be a spy from S Nation? Heh heh…”

The image of Gu Qiqi being tortured to death by her flashed across her eyes.

She thought that this time, she would finally be able to see Gu Qiqi tremble and beg for mercy.

But she never expected that…

Gu Qiqi suddenly stretched out her hand and slapped her face thrice!

Bai Mori was stunned.

Wasn’t Gu Qiqi’s wrist bound by dozens of kilograms of shackles?

It would be difficult to even raise her hand, let alone slap her, right? How could she move left and right and make such a strong action like slapping her?

Did she have iron fists?

No, what was even more terrifying was that Gu Qiqi’s wrist had been broken by her shackles just now.

At this moment, she should be in so much pain that she would rather die. The broken bones were crazily torturing Gu Qiqi’s nerves under her skin!

How could she still have the strength to hit someone?

Bai Mori looked at Gu Qiqi’s wrist in disbelief.

Before she could see clearly, another series of seven slaps came densely.

What was more infuriating was that Gu Qiqi was still counting as she slapped. “Seven, six, five, three, two, one…” Yes, she would return it tenfold. Not a single slap could be missing.

Bai Moli was slapped until she saw stars. She staggered a step and pointed at the prison guard. “Quick, quickly control her. She dares to attack the doctor!”

However, Gu Qiqi’s actions were as fast as lightning.

She picked up the test tube on the table. It was Bai Mori’s blood that she had just used for genetic analysis.

She quickly splashed it on Bai Mori’s face!

Bai Mori’s face had already been slapped by her ten slaps. The corners of her mouth had long exploded and blood was flowing from the corners of her eyes.

Once Gu Qiqi’s blood was splashed on her face, it immediately soaked into Bai Mori’s wound!

Everyone was stunned.

That was poisonous blood!

Professor Bai would die!

Bai Mori screamed even more. Her throat was about to burst from shouting. “Ahhh!”

Although she couldn’t detect the poison in Gu Qiqi’s blood, she knew better than anyone that Gu Qiqi was really poisonous!

Director Zhao didn’t die in an ordinary way and was poisoned.

She still had to marry Gong Jue and have a child with him to become the envied Mrs. Gong. She didn’t want to die!

Gu Qiqi, you hooligan! You actually pretended to be a pig to eat a tiger just now and hid such a vicious and sinister killer move!

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