Custom Made Demon King - Chapter 450 - Young Demons Don't Care About Martial Ethics

Chapter 450: Young Demons Don’t Care About Martial Ethics

As soon as Mundus’s body appeared, he immediately gave the Sparda family a show of strength.

Powerful rays of light suddenly burst out from the countless clawed legs on his body. They were as thin as lasers but had unparalleled penetrative power. These rays of light intertwined into a large chaotic net from various angles and enveloped Sparda and the others. The moment the net of light bloomed, these rays of light penetrated all four of the Sparda family members and caused them to become riddled with holes.

“Aaahh!” Nero, who was still in human form, was the first to suffer heavy injuries. He screamed and fell to the ground. If his head had not avoided the lasers, this attack might have directly pierced through his brain and killed him. Even so, there were nearly a hundred holes in his body, and the blood that spurted out instantly soaked the ground.

“Nero!” Although Dante and Vergil were also riddled with holes, they were still able to move in their demon forms and quickly rushed forward to protect Nero.

Fortunately, after checking Nero’s injuries, they found that he was severely injured, but his life was not in danger.

Sparda was floating in the air, but the demon wings behind him had become tattered, and purple blood covered his body. However, he still rushed forward with his sword and attacked Mundus.

Powerful sword energy swept through, and Sparda cut off several of Mundus’s clawed legs. But it was utterly useless. In less than a second, new legs immediately grew from the severed spots.

Although Mundus looked extremely deformed and terrifying, he was still an insect-type demon, so he naturally possessed all the characteristics of insect-type demons. Powerful vitality and regeneration abilities were inevitable and beyond imagination.

“It’s useless, Sparda!” Although Mundus did not have any organ that could be called a ‘mouth’, he could still speak and mocked Sparda in a tone full of pleasure and revenge. “When you indulged in the human world and the so-called emotional family, your sword skills had already regressed. You are no longer the demon general from two thousand years ago! Sparda, you have become weak!”

“Shut up! Mundus!” Sparda roared and slashed at Mundus again. “I could defeat you back then, and I can still do it now!”

“Idiot!” Mundus’s clawed legs suddenly gathered together and turned into a thick giant arm. Then he swung it violently and sent Sparda flying. Feeling the sensation and hearing the sound of the shattered bones all over Sparda’s body, Mundus had a satisfied expression and grinned sinisterly. “What you know is only half of my true name. Even if you can use it to hurt me, you can’t kill me! I am an immortal god, and you will become a worm trampled under the feet of this god forever!”

Before Mundus could finish speaking, Dante and Vergil interrupted him by charging at him again and stabbing into his body from both sides.

“Right, there’s also you two!” Dozens of clawed legs on Mundus’s body suddenly extended and rushed to grab Dante and Vergil. He first grabbed their swords, then took the opportunity to spread forward and grab them by the necks. After placing them in front of him, Mundus stared at them with the three exposed eyes on his head and said, “The bloodline of Sparda, all of you must die!”

Dante and Vergil struggled with all their might to break free from Mundus’s control. But the next second, two thick beams penetrated their abdomens, blasting a large hole in them and sending them flying.

In less than a minute, Mundus seriously injured the four Sparda family members in a crushing manner. This was completely different from the strength he displayed when he controlled the statue to fight.

With his clawed legs constantly wriggling, Mundus’s massive, bloated body crawled toward Vergil. When he arrived in front of Vergil, he mocked, “Vergil, you overestimated yourself and challenged me, but you failed. Why do you still have the courage to continue appearing in front of me? Have you forgotten the despair and fear?”

The demon form Vergil stood up while holding his bleeding abdomen. His other hand held Yamato tightly as he replied with difficulty, “What despair and fear? I… what I see is merely an incomparably ugly big worm…”

As soon as Mundus heard this, he was furious. His clawed legs gathered together again and turned into a giant arm that smashed down at Vergil!

Vergil hurriedly raised his katana to block, but the moment he was hit, the immense force almost made him kneel down. He gritted his teeth and held on, but before long, the second and third blows followed. Mundus was pounding at Vergil crazily!

Finally, Vergil could no longer hold on. Mundus smashed his head and slammed him into the ground with a bang, shattering it into pieces. Moreover, Mundus was still unwilling to stop and wanted to hammer Vergil to death.

Not far away, Dante saw Vergil’s danger and rushed over with all his might. Sparda, who was sent flying, flapped his wings desperately and tried to save Vergil, but unexpectedly, this was Mundus’s trap. Just as the two of them rushed to Mundus’s side, his body suddenly emitted intense red light!

Boom! The ground shook, and a tremendous explosion occurred around Mundus. A violent flame blast wave swept everything around him, and the flames rolled up with smoke and dust, turning into a mushroom cloud that slowly rose.

The powerful explosion affected everything in a radius of nearly twenty kilometers…

The four Sparda family members, including Nero, who was lying on the ground unconscious, were all blown away by the violent explosion. Especially Vergil, who was the closest, most of his flesh and blood had melted under the high temperature. His damaged body exposed ghastly white bones and kept flying in the blast wave. When he landed, it was unknown if he was dead or alive.

Dante and Sparda were not much better off. Although they reacted in time and used magic power to protect their bodies, the power of the flames eventually broke through their defenses and scorched their bodies black.

For such serious injuries, it would take a while for even demon lords to recover. It could be said that the Sparda family had been completely wiped out at this moment.

“Hahahaha!” Mundus’s arrogant laughter came from the dissipating smoke and dust. In the smoke, the faintly discernible long tentacle whips on this guy’s body danced excitedly. Mundus was enjoying the pleasure of revenge.

At this moment, a figure quietly appeared behind Mundus under the cover of the smoke.

A flash of cold light arrived first, and then a sword struck out like a dragon! A fierce sword shining with cold silver light broke through Mundus’s defense and pierced into his body!

“Urgh!!!” Mundus’s arrogant laughter came to an abrupt stop and then turned into a painful scream!

Although this sudden attack did not cause him severe damage, the strange thing was that after being stabbed by the sword, he immediately felt that several powerful curses had struck him.

Among these curses, curses such as Bleeding and Gravity were not too bad. With Mundus’s strength, he could still resist them, but there was another strange power that lingered in his body like bone gangrene. The moment this power took effect, Mundus felt the deep malice of this world!

Yes, malice! This was the power of the world repulsive effect, and it suddenly and dramatically increased at this moment!

Mundus could feel that the world was strongly disgusted with him…

Mundus rarely appeared in the human world. Even if he did, he would use a statue to project his soul over. It was not that he did not want to go over but that he could not. Without any sacrificial ritual, the main world’s repulsive force against a powerful demon like him had almost reached its peak. If his true body appeared in the main world, the main world might expel him and force him back to the Abyss in the next moment.

Therefore, he had been staying in the Demon World for nearly ten thousand years. It was this world’s Purgatory Space, a spatial interlayer attached to the main world. Originally, the repulsive effect of the world here should be much weaker than in the main world. However, after being stabbed by this sword, for a moment, he vaguely felt that he had arrived at the main world’s human world…

“Damn… damn it!” After coming back to his senses, Mundus turned around clumsily. Countless chaotic light beams shot out from his clawed legs, wanting to kill the sneak attacker behind him.

However, these scattered light beams collided with an enormous, smooth, and crystalline black ice block. The unparalleled penetrative power of the light beams was actually ineffective against the black ice. Not only were they unable to penetrate the thick ice, but they were instead continuously refracted by the solid ice.

Seeing that the lights beams were ineffective, Mundus quickly converted it into a flame attack. Crimson flames surged toward the black ice, wanting to melt it.

However, after the black ice dissipated under the surging heat waves, he was stunned because there was no one in the ice!

Before he could react, another familiar pain came. His tail was attacked!

With a roar, Mundus turned around again. His three eyes finally saw the guy who did not care about martial ethics and sneak attacked him!

Roy, this young demon, was grinning evilly as he slowly pulled Frostmourne out of Mundus’s body. Looking at the purplish-green liquid on his sword, Roy shook his sword in disgust and shook the body fluids off.

“Bastard! Who are you?!” Mundus was about to go crazy. Why was there another demon lord-level enemy besides the Sparda family?!

Mundus had broken free from the seal when he sensed Sparda’s soul fluctuations. Before this, he had been in Demon King City, so when Roy, a demon lord, appeared in the Demon World, he had not paid attention to it. Furthermore, when he broke through the seal, even Junia had stopped fighting and restrained her magic power fluctuations. She stayed with Roy on Rafaro in the sky, so Mundus did not notice the two of them at all.

“Who am I?” Roy spread the three pairs of giant demon wings on his back and slowly floated up. “I’m from your hometown, Mundus! You’ve been away from the Abyss for too long, and I’m here to bring you back…”

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