Custom Made Demon King - Chapter 449 - Water Bear Deformity

Chapter 449: Water Bear, Deformity

Mundus was the enemy of the Sparda family, but not Roy’s. Roy had not even seen Mundus before, so it was impossible for him to do his utmost to deal with Mundus.

However, it was an indisputable fact that Mundus had taken away the Ouroboros Mark that the Gate of the Abyss had given Roy. Therefore, even if he did not do his best, he still had to take action.

The head of the statue fell, and the torso of the statue naturally did not last long. Tens of thousands of tons of stone fell from the sky, causing intense tremors on the ground. After seeing the statue fall, the demons watching in the distance cried out and fled in all directions.

But no one present thought that Mundus had lost nor that it was over.

Fat Tiger, Cerberus, Cassandra, and Sareth crouched far away. In this battle, they did not have much room to take action, so it was better to watch.

Meanwhile, Sparda, Dante, Vergil, and Nero were taking the opportunity to recover. They did not dare to pull out the light thorns on their bodies because they had a curse effect. Once they pulled them out, blood would pour out, so it was better to let them plug the wounds temporarily. Although it was painful, it would not affect their combat effectiveness too much.

Surrounding the colossal Mundus statue were deep pits and ditches that the beam had burned earlier, and the crystallized ground was still emitting fatal radiation. The Mundus statue was lying on the ground, motionless.

But before long, the body of the statue suddenly trembled violently.

This trembling came from inside the statue, as though something was about to break out of its shell…

With a crack, a hole suddenly opened in the abdomen of the statue, and a blood-red clawed leg emerged from it!

It was a leg that looked as though… its skin had been stripped off, revealing the subcutaneous tissue. The fascia and muscle fibers on the leg were visible, and with the appearance of this clawed leg, an incomparably thick smell of blood filled the air.

After the first clawed leg stuck out, the second, the third…

Then similar clawed legs appeared one after another, and the body of the statue kept shattering as these legs drilled out.

When the statue almost completely shattered, Mundus’s true body was fully revealed in front of everyone. He had indeed been hiding in the statue.

Only when Roy saw Mundus’s true body did he understand what Sparda meant by ‘Mundus is an ugly demon’ because this guy’s appearance was really disgusting!

Except for the countless clawed legs with flesh exposed, Mundus did not even have a face. On his entire head, there were only three huge eyeballs. These three eyeballs were round, and he could see countless radioactive blood vessels on the pale white balls. Moreover, these three eyeballs grew directly above the clawed legs, making them look terrifying.

Mundus’s entire body was made up of these dense clawed legs. Except for a large lump piled on the ground, the shape of his body could not be seen at all. And the parts of his body that piled up were not only very fat and bloated, but there were also many creases on them. Near his lower abdomen, several long whip-like tentacles were constantly shaking.

Only the pair of carapace-like wings on his shoulder looked complete, but unfortunately, these wings were too small compared to his massive body, making others doubt whether he could use them to fly.

At Roy’s first glance of Mundus’s body, he could not help but think of something he had seen online in his previous life—pictures of water bears! The clawed legs on Mundus’s body were no different from the legs of water bears. His shape was almost a combination of a water bear and a sea anemone, giving people goosebumps.

Roy’s guess was right. Mundus was indeed an insect-type demon, but the problem was that this insect-type demon looked too messed up, completely exceeding his understanding of insect-type demons…

“It’s a deformity!” Junia’s voice suddenly came from the side.

Roy turned around and looked at her. Junia nodded. “This comes from Benia’s memories. In her memories, apart from twins, demon eggs also have the possibility of giving birth to deformities. These demons are all born with all kinds of birth defects, so most of them can’t hatch. Even if they can hatch, they will become extremely ugly.”

Roy understood. In fact, any biological creature could theoretically have a deformed offspring, which was due to genetic disorders in the bloodline.

After hearing Junia’s words, Roy immediately understood Mundus’s situation. Without a doubt, a demon without a face was definitely not a normal demon. Not only did he not have a face, but he did not even have the iconic demon horns, and even the wings on his back seemed to be underdeveloped and shriveled.

There was no other explanation for this demon apart from being a deformity…

Logically speaking, according to the birth process of Abyss demons, deformed demons like Mundus should have been killed by other little demons after hatching. This was the nature of little demons. They would eliminate the weak, premature, deformed, and even dying ones to ensure that only the strong survived. But for some reason, Mundus, a deformity that should have been eliminated, actually survived.

Needless to say, everyone knew that an individual like Mundus was one in a billion. Not only had he survived, but he had also advanced to such a powerful level. It could even be said that he was the only one in the entire demon race.

It was unimaginable for other demons how tortuous Mundus’s growth process was. It was no wonder that his psychology would become so distorted, and he would think of ways to hide his true appearance and use a statue to represent himself. As for why he chose to use this god-like angel appearance, it might be because of his extreme inferiority complex and powerful strength. His strength did not match his appearance, and it instead made him become inflated, causing him to have delusions of abandoning his identity as a demon and becoming an angel god…

According to what Cerberus said, the description of Mundus’s appearance had always been circulating in the Demon World. According to the description, he was a white demon, which seemed to refer to Mundus’s appearance after he went inside the statue. As for his true appearance, likely only Sparda had seen it once, and all the latter demons only saw the statue.

The light beam that Mundus released earlier made Roy feel that a deformed demon like him might have special abilities that other demons did not. After all, the holy light power contained in the light beam was not something that every demon could do.

Thinking of this, coupled with the lightning power that Mundus had released during the battle, Roy could not help but have a thought. Could Mundus also be preparing to take the route of a chaos demon?

But then Roy shook his head, feeling that it was unlikely for Mundus.

The so-called chaos demon should have appeared in the history of the Abyss. Otherwise, this name would not have been left behind. But as far Roy was concerned, he found that this kind of demon did not seem to be achievable by simply grasping all the elemental powers.

At least for now, Roy had already mastered the seven elemental powers of light, dark, lightning, wind, ice (water), fire, and earth, but he had not discovered any qualitative changes in his power.

Yes, Roy had also mastered earth elemental power in the past few years in Frostfire City. When he fought against Dante and the others earlier, he had also used earth magic. Roy did not use Devil Fruits or any other method for this magic element. It was the first magic he completed through his own practice. After successfully opening up the magic power circuit, Roy could be said to have all the elemental powers.

However, the current him could only be regarded as a full-element demon mage at best, and he could not be called a chaos demon!

If Roy’s understanding was right, Lilith wanted to create a chaos demon in the Darksiders world to deal with the corrosion of Void power, so a chaos demon should have the power to fight against Void power. But Roy did not have the confidence to face the astonishing corrosive Void power directly…

What kind of power is chaos? Roy was still at a loss… If Mundus is also deliberately evolving in this direction, then maybe I can obtain some answers from him…

With the emergence of Mundus’s body, an astonishing magic power pressure appeared. It was more than twice as powerful as when he was in the statue state. When this magic power pressure burst out, it was as though the entire Demon World was trembling. Even Roy felt the pressure and broke out in a cold sweat.

It’s not as powerful as Samael’s magic power, but… Roy compared it in his heart. Three times… no, at least five times that of ordinary demon lords!

Sparda had said that Mundus only possessed demon king-level magic power, but perhaps it was because Mundus had not promoted to a true demon king, so in terms of magic power alone, he was only five times stronger than demon lords. It had to be known that if he truly promoted to demon king, his magic power would increase tremendously. If a demon lord’s magic power was 100,000, then it would require at least a value of 1,000,000 to be considered a true demon king. Mundus’s magic power of about 500,000 could only be regarded as at the pseudo-demon king level.

Even so, the magic power that Mundus was displaying at this moment was astounding. At least, it would not be a problem for him to defeat all the demons in the entire Demon World alone. It had to be known that the further a demon’s magic power grew, the more difficult it was to increase it. The ten million souls that Roy had obtained in the Ashan world had only increased his magic power to about 180,000. When he entered the True Name Liberation state, it was just over 200,000. And this was because he had a cheat…

An old demon like Sparda, who had lived for nearly ten thousand years, was only slightly stronger than Roy. He probably had a magic power value of about 230,000 to 250,000. From this, it was evident how difficult it was for demons to accumulate so much magic power under normal circumstances. Not only did it require luck but also enough time.

Although the amount of magic power did not represent true combat strength, and those with a low amount of magic power also had the possibility of defeating those with a high amount of magic power… In any case, the stronger the magic power, the stronger the attack. In the following battle, both Roy and Sparda had to be careful…

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