Chapter 288 Attack

The elven defenders of Aglan Fortress escaped. Transported by many green dragons and silver pegasi, the remaining troops had all evacuated. But they were unable to save their infected people and could only leave them behind. However, under the pleas of these wounded, they ignited an immense fire before leaving, burying all of Aglan Fortress in a raging sea of flames.

First, it was to prevent these wounded compatriots from becoming zombie monsters. Second, it was because they saw the appearance of the demon army and did not want Aglan Fortress to fall into the hands of the demons. Since they could not keep it, they might as well make it so no one could.

Unfortunately, the elves had not expected that Roy did not intend to take Aglan from the beginning.

At this moment, Roy and the others were already near Aglan Fortress. Seeing the elven army evacuating with the green dragons and silver pegasi, Giovanni came to Roy’s side and said eagerly, “Your Excellency, do you want to make them stay behind? My people and I can easily intercept them!”

“No need!” Roy shook his head. Not many of the elves’ troops withdrew in the end, and Roy could not be bothered to pursue them. He looked at the zombie animals.

Although the fire had burned a lot of them to death, there were still many left. Roy took out the demon perfume he created earlier and poured magic power into it, getting the smell of the demon perfume to spread.

This demon perfume was originally used to cover up the scents of Julia and the others, but at the same time, Roy defined an attribute that could control zombies when he made it. This thing contained his demon blood, and he could activate it using magic power to release a pheromone. After the smell of the demon perfume spread, the zombie animals in Aglan Fortress gradually calmed down from their berserk state. They staggered out of the fortress and converged toward Roy.


Roy observed that there were also many special mutants among these zombie animals. Perhaps it was because there were more zombie animals, but the number of mutants produced was much more than what he had obtained from Dendera Fortress. Under the effect of the demon perfume, these zombies and mutants gathered around him steadily while making strange roars from time to time. But overall, it was still quite quiet.

He continuously used his magic power to activate the demon perfume so that the smell kept spreading out. Gradually, the number of zombies and mutants he controlled increased, so he began to command them to move forward.

The size of the army increased once again But this time, there were almost a hundred thousand zombies. They would replace the low-level undead skeleton soldiers and become his cannon fodder.

Leaving behind a burning city, Roy led the army and set off again. After crossing Aglan Fortress, he would truly step into the territory of Eeofol.

After this mighty army marched for about three days, the environment they saw became more and more barren. The sky above Eeofol was dark and gloomy, but this darkness and gloom were not because of the weather but because of volcanic ash!

Be it Roy and Benia, as well as the other demons in the army, they felt exceptionally comfortable because the familiar smell of sulfur came from the air again.

“After the Sheogh demons occupied Eeofol, they have been working on transforming the environment here!” Giovanni explained to everyone. “To begin with, there were already many volcanoes in Eeofol. The demons chose to build their headquarters here because they had taken a fancy to this place. In the past two years, they continually detonated volcanoes, and an incalculable amount of volcanic ash rose into the sky and hasn’t dissipated for a long time. This resulted in the dim environment here! Now, most of the magma spewed out has cooled down, or else it would be sweltering here. You have to know that this is only the border…”

Roy nodded and did not say anything. When he first came to the world of Ashan, he had seen the way demons built cities, so he did not find it strange.

Although demons were very fond of destruction in other creatures’ eyes, most of the time, they only wanted to create an environment that was favorable to their survival. This was an instinct for any life form. Unfortunately, the living environment that demons liked was terrifying and disastrous to most creatures.

“Is there a demon city in front?” Roy asked Giovanni.

Giovanni shook his head. “No. Demons basically build their cities on volcanoes, so without volcanoes, we won’t be able to see cities!”

Hearing this, Roy could not help but frown. “How can we judge if our direction is correct without a city? I need a map now!”

“Should you release Demon Eyes?” Julia asked Roy.

Before Roy could answer, Giovanni said, “Your Excellency, leave it to my people. Now that we haven’t had the chance to fight, we vampires can act as good scouts. There are many people of other races living in this area, so we can capture them to ask questions.”

“People of other races?” Roy was puzzled.

“I’ve heard of it!” Benia said. “There are many people who worship demons and devils, and they have chosen to follow demons to serve them. In the eyes of others, these people are heretics. Since the Sheogh demons have taken root here, then these heretics will certainly follow.”

“Understood. Then take your people and set off!” Roy said to Giovanni. “Catch some people who can lead the way as soon as possible.”

Giovanni nodded, and without him giving any orders, the vampires in the army immediately turned into countless big bats and flew in all directions.

The vampires set off to investigate, so Roy brought the army to stop and reorganize for the time being. Due to the environment, it was very difficult for other races to enter, so even in Dendera Fortress, he could not obtain any information about Eeofol. He had just arrived here. Although he wanted to find Xeron, he did not know where Xeron was currently, so he could only find ways to get information.

During the rest, Roy had been thinking.

His greatest harvest after coming to this world might be the Sword of Frost, which had brought about the evolution of his frost ability. But this sword had come quite unexpectedly and could only be regarded as an unexpected harvest. As a demon, collecting and plundering souls would always be the theme. Compared to the Darksiders world, he had obtained fewer souls in Ashan, so after killing Xeron, he had to obtain as many souls as possible.

In Xeron’s hands, Roy guessed that he probably had a lot of souls. After all, not every demon could store their souls in the system space like him. Xeron had participated in wars multiple times, so he definitely had many souls. It was impossible for him to devour them all as soon as he got them, so he might be like the illusion demon César, who used a soul scroll to store his souls for future use.

Moreover, Xeron was the commander of the demon army. He might exploit the low and middle-rank demons, but he had to pay the high-rank demons he recruited. Just like Roy now, he had to share some souls with the high-rank demons he summoned. Therefore, Xeron certainly had a reserve of many souls.

In addition, Xeron’s current backer was Demon Lord Kha-Beleth. As a demon lord, because of his territory, he was much richer than ordinary demons. Since Xeron was willing to serve Kha-Beleth, Kha-Beleth should have given him some rewards.

In short, there might be a good harvest after killing Xeron.

Thinking of Kha-Beleth, Roy could not help but think of himself. His growth to his current strength was inseparable from spending innumerable souls. In the past, when he worked alone, the souls he obtained belonged to him, and he could use them however he wanted. But now that he was becoming stronger, demons like Benia gradually began to join him. It could be imagined that after he really became a demon lord, more and more would join him.

This was like becoming a company boss from a freelancer. He definitely had to give his subordinates some benefits when the time came. So he felt that he could not use up all the souls he obtained in the future and had to leave some ‘pay’ for his subordinates.

Of course, after having subordinates, there would certainly be more ways to earn souls. Roy paid them, and they had to create profits for him. The advantage of doing this was that he did not need to do everything personally in the future.

While Roy was thinking about this, he suddenly saw Giovanni’s expression change, and then he roared angrily, “Damn it! Who is it?! Who attacked my people?!”

“What’s going on?” Roy asked with a frown.

“Your Excellency!” Giovanni naturally suppressed his anger in front of Roy, but he was still angry. “Our vampire swords have a special long-distance contact method, but just now, I sensed that some of my people were attacked and killed!”

“Oh?!” Roy was a little surprised. “Was it those heretics?”

“It’s possible!” Giovanni nodded. “After all, we vampires are undead, and heretics will treat us as enemies without knowing this. But it’s also possible that true demons attacked them… I’m not too sure about the details, so I can only go personally.” Roy thought about it and said, “Julia, follow Giovanni. No matter if the attackers are heretics or demons, capture them all!”

“Yes!” Julia nodded, spread her black flame wings, and flew out first. Seeing this, Giovanni quickly turned into a bat to follow…

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