Chapter 287 Zombie Siege

To Roy, Dendera Fortress was only a temporary stronghold for recruiting troops. After occupying it, Roy had not thought about staying for long.

However, when Roy and the others first occupied Dendera fortress, it was still intact, but when they left, it had become utterly dilapidated. In addition to the damage caused by Roy experimenting with magic, there was also the destruction wrought by the summoned demons. Even if the Bracadans could retake the fortress in the future, it would probably require an overhaul before they could use it.

During this period of time, Benia summoned more than 10,000 low-rank demons and more than 4,000 middle-rank demons from the Abyss. In addition, in the last two days, Roy summoned over 140 high-rank demons. In this mixed army, there were about fifteen thousand demons.

Furthermore, since Cassandra had been constantly digging out the undead that Roy’s landslide buried, there were almost twelve thousand undead troops. And with the more than ten thousand vampires from Giovanni, the total number of mixed troops was nearly forty thousand.

The terrifying aspect of demon and undead armies was this. As long as there was enough time, they could rapidly have an explosion of soldiers.

If these forty thousand-odd troops were the troops of other races, then logistics would probably be an enormous problem. But Roy did not need to consider the logistical supplies at all. The undead did not need food, and the demons only needed to eat a big meal to sustain physical exertion for a long time. It was very convenient. Like a mighty force, the mixed army marched along the river to the depths of the canyon. As far as the eye could see, it was full of heads.

Roy did not ride Fat Tiger this time. He flew slowly in the air with Julia and Benia at the front of the army. On the ground behind him was a group of ugly zombies and mutants.


That’s right. Roy brought along these zombies and mutants and kept gathering the zombie animals he encountered along the way. The main thing was that these zombies did not have any intelligence at all, and they were actually reckless enough to dare to attack the summoned demons. In order not to cause trouble for the team, Roy could only control them personally.

After passing through the canyon, another beautiful plain with abundant water and grass appeared. But what was strange was that the plain was dead and silent, and there were no traces of any animals.

“It seems like the spread of the T-Virus is more severe than I imagined…” Roy said.

“Yes, I discovered that the animals on the plain and fish in the river have all been infected and turned into some strange… monsters!” Julia added. “And these mutated… zombie animals are gathering in the direction of Aglan Fortress!”

“Your Excellency Osiris, the plague virus you created is truly terrifying!” Benia looked at Roy with an enthralled expression. “These zombie animals seem to be constantly searching for and attacking living creatures. Aglan Fortress is likely already in a terrible state.”

Roy nodded and looked at the vast plain. With a conservative estimate, there were probably no less than hundreds of thousands of animals living on it. During the time that Roy and the others had stayed in Dendera Fortress, the number of infections was terrifying. If these zombie animals were really heading for Aglan Fortress, then they would probably be able to see a huge disaster when they arrived.

The only pity was that Roy did not collect many of the souls of these infected animals…

Although it was a mixed army, it was actually quite distinct. Demons had always hated undead creatures, so Cassandra’s undead troops did not march together with the demon troops but stayed behind at the back. Even so, the demons would occasionally look at the undead with ferocious and violent eyes.

In particular, Rafaro’s colossal body was naturally very eye-catching. Even though he looked quite powerful, the high-rank demons that Roy summoned were not afraid of him. From time to time, they would swing their weapons at him from afar.

Rafaro was extremely aggrieved. He was angry and wanted to rush over to fight with the big demons, but the problem was that he was scared when he saw the number of big demons. There was no choice. There were too many… Rafaro, the dignified faceless, the Son of Malassa, had now fallen to such a point. This made him unable to tolerate it. Now, the only thing that could support him was the belief in his resurrection. He could only continuously fantasize about the scene of him killing all around after restoring his flesh body and using the psychological victory to comfort and encourage himself.

After spending nearly a day, the entire army finally reached the end of the plain. Although Aglan Fortress was tens of kilometers away from Dendera Fortress and just a straight line, it was still rather far to march. Moreover, there were too many troops, which was also a burden on the marching speed.

At noon the next day, after passing through a mountain range, the figure of Aglan Fortress finally appeared in front of everyone.

However, the first thing they saw was rising black smoke…

Aglan Fortress was currently at war!

There were countless black dots below the city wall. Not only that, but there were also black dots on the city wall. Roy’s sharp eyes could tell at a glance what these black dots were! They were countless wounded and bloodied animals that had already died on the plain! They were fearlessly facing the arrows and magic shot from the fortress and climbing the city wall of Aglan Fortress with all their might!

Roy was in a daze. This scene reminded him of the zombie movies he had seen in his previous life, such as World War Z. The situation at Aglan Fortress was very similar to the classic scenes in the movie.

Even at a distance, he could see the terrified and desperate expressions of the elves on the city wall. There were too many zombie animals. The scene of zombie animals that were as dense as an army of ants would not only could people with trypophobia to have their blood run cold, but it also made everyone who saw it feel a deep sense of helplessness.

More than ten green dragons were flying in the sky and constantly spitting acid dragon breath at the zombie animals below. But this strong corrosive dragon breath was not necessarily better than flames at this moment because these zombie animals emitting corrosive green smoke kept climbing up as long as they had not lost their ability to move. They overlapped one after another and stepped on the bodies in front of them. They continued to grow taller until they were at the same height as the city wall and could then charge in.

Not to mention, there were zombie apes that were good at climbing. Although they were the main targets of the elves’ attacks, there were too many to stop them all. Some of them slipped through the net and climbed onto the city wall in a few steps. Then they rushed into the elves and bit and scratched them indiscriminately, using the price of their deaths in exchange for injuring a few elves.

Whenever an elf was injured, they could not help but scream in fear because they had seen too many scenes. Anyone injured would soon become like these monsters and attack their companions.

Roy and the others could see green light shining everywhere on the wall of Aglan Fortress. The druids were using nature spells to treat their injured companions and clean up the infection. However, in front of so many injured people, the druids’ treatment was simply a drop in the bucket. Even if they exhausted their magic power, they might not be able to save many people.

The city wall of Aglan Fortress rose in a spiral-shape. The city wall below was occupied, so they could only move up. But under the offensive of the zombie animals, their defense line kept retreating. It was unknown how long this battle had been going on. Anyway, when Roy and the others appeared, the elves’ defense line had already retreated to the top.

“The elves are finished!” Benia directly said upon seeing this scene. “We won’t even need to take action…”

Giovanni and his people were flying in the air and also saw this scene. Giovanni was fine, but it was the first time his people saw such a scene. All the vampires felt their scalps tingle.

“Your Excellency Count Giovanni, is this… really caused by that demon?” a vampire asked in a whisper.

They were all brought here by Giovanni and only knew that Giovanni was cooperating with a demon. But they had never seen Roy fight, so they had no impression of his strength. Now, seeing the visual impact of Aglan Fortress, their hearts began to tremble.

“That’s right…” Giovanni said excitedly. “How is it? Do you think these monsters are even more terrifying than a skeleton sea? They are more suitable to be cannon fodder than skeleton soldiers. With such numbers, such fierce and fearless attacks, they can break the defense line of any army…”

“But… Your Excellency, I have to remind you!” the vampire said hesitantly. “You have to be careful when cooperating with such a terrifying demon…”

“Don’t worry. Demons only want souls, but do we have souls?” Giovanni said confidently. “There’s nothing to lose by cooperating with this demon!”

“I hope so…” The vampire did not dare to say anything else and could only mutter inwardly.

Collapse, utterly defeated… especially when the sharp-eyed elven rangers saw the demon army in the distance, all of Aglan Fortress’s final confidence and determination disappeared.

“We’re finished! AvLee’s reinforcements are still on the way, but we were first defeated by these plague-inflicted monsters…” The elven heroes commanding the battle in the city were in despair. “Let the soldiers ride the green dragons. Let as many escape as possible!”

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