Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration - Chapter 494 - Forgive Me (2)

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Chapter 494: Forgive Me (2)

“Where’s Shenshan Jianyi? How can you be so relaxed?”

Without the Sword Head personally presiding over it, the Five Elements Peak only had one Soul Formation sword cultivator presiding over each of them. The power of the Five Elements Sword Mountain’s array was not even half of its peak.

According to Pei Zhong’s plan, Shu Mountain, which had received the warning in advance, should have the experts of the four major sects gathered. Only then could they successfully defend against the combined efforts of the four of them.

However, he did not expect that because of some accident, his disciple would be captured halfway and still stay in the coffin until now.

The key was that the conditions to leave Tragic Death City were very harsh.

After leaving Tragic Death City, his memories would still be tampered with. Zhang Bobo himself would not be able to leave behind much useful information.

This was the only way to send a message through him.

The information hidden in his body could only be stimulated after returning to the Five Elements Peak.

As a result, the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak and the Great Mountain Alliance had never obtained this information.

“You are… you are Sword Head Pei Zhong?”

A Shu Mountain Soul Formation elder looked at it for a long time and finally found the respected Cliffless Sword, Pei Zhong, from his distant memories.

He stepped on the flying sword and flew above the array, bowing to the previous Sword Head.

He wanted to ask what was going on, but unfortunately, there was not enough time.

“Forget it. It’s time. We have to attack.”

“Shu Mountain disciples! Circulate the Five Elements Black Tortoise Array!”

As Pei Zhong commanded the Shu Mountain disciples to set up the array, he raised his hand and condensed a thousand feet sword of light.

“Pay attention, this is the Cliffless Broken Sea!”

The sword of light landed, and the Five Elements Array changed in time. The sword light vaguely formed the image of a Black Tortoise, and any attack that entered would be stirred into pieces.

However, the Five Elements Profound Martial Array that gathered the power of the Shu Mountain and combined the five mountain veins shattered with a bang under this sword.

Sword lights scattered everywhere. The Shu Mountain disciples shook in unison. Many of them spat out blood and suffered injuries from the backlash.

This previous Sword Head did not even have the flying sword that he was famous for.

However, a flying sword condensed out of thin air could actually reach this level.

This was because the previous Sword Head of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak was an Earth Immortal!

“Brother Pei Zhong, I’m going to attack too. Quickly let the Shu Mountain disciples leave!”

Daoist Nine Years sighed. His body had already moved on its own. With a shake of his hand, a huge seal flew out and quickly transformed into a mountain-like figure in the air that pressed down on the Five Elements Peak.

This was the highest inheritance of the Scripture Storage Valley, the Square Heaven Seal!

Back then, the square basin on the ruins of the Black Lotus Divine Sect was smashed out by this huge seal.

In terms of attack power, this smash was even above the Earth Immortal sword light from before!

Now, the Five Elements Sword Mountain’s array had already been shattered by that sword, and less than 30% of the sword light was left.

If one was hit by this Square Heaven Seal, one of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak would be broken at the waist.

“Five Elements Sword Formation, block him!”

Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. The five Soul Formation sword cultivators joined forces and faced the attack head-on.

The Shu Mountain Five Elements Sword Formation was their only chance to resist.

However, at this moment, a Vajra Arhat and a crimson pill furnace blocked in front of them.

“Amitabha! I have sinned greatly. Forgive me!”

“This is the Earth Core Poison Fire. It can damage flying swords, you must avoid my flames!”

The two from Benevolent Travel Temple and Hundred Tempering Mountain were definitely not ordinary. The might of their attacks made the expressions of the five Shu Mountain cultivators change.

Situ Wuchang probably did not know that his sect had been destroyed already and was reminding them.

Unfortunately, their methods could not be easily dealt with even after a few more reminders.

The Soul Formation realm Five Sword Formation was stopped by these two.

No one blocked the Square Heaven Seal, and the Shu Mountain disciples below felt their hearts turn cold.

“You can’t block it! Spread out!”

The five Soul Formation elders could only watch helplessly as the Square Heaven Seal smashed into the Fire Element Peak below.

The disciples of the Fire Peak wanted to escape, but the Square Heaven Seal had a terrifying effect of locking down an area. Now that the entire Fire Peak was locked down, no one in the entire Shu Mountain could break through this seal.

Everyone could only be trapped inside and welcome this apocalyptic collision.

With this seal, the Fire Element Peak would not recover for at least a hundred years.

The previous leaders of the four major sects looked at this scene guiltily.

They had died for hundreds of years, thousands of years. It was not easy for them to return to take a look, but they had caused such heavy damage to their hometown.

To them, this was even more painful than death.

At this moment, a coffin flew over from the sky.

After approaching, the coffin quickly enlarged. Runic patterns that were identical to the Square Heaven Seal appeared on the surface, and there were also the words left behind by Emperor Xuanyuan.


The Yin Burial Coffin collided with the Square Heaven Seal from the side. Its power was not inferior at all, and it even suppressed the true Square Heaven Seal.

After all, the Yin Burial Coffin was a medium-grade Earth-rank artifact. Although it was not an offensive artifact, with its size, it could be said to be successful in smashing people.

Even the Square Heaven Seal would lose.

The mountain-like Square Heaven Seal smashed to the side. The huge force shattered the ground, forming a square basin. If enough water was moved, it could also form a lake.

The coffin shrunk again and automatically landed in Jiang Li’s hand.

“Alliance Leader Jiang!”

“Senior Brother Jiang Li!”

The Shu Mountain cultivators who were originally enveloped in despair immediately reignited their hope.

When they saw the Square Heaven Seal being blasted flying by Jiang Li, the five Soul Formation elders who stayed behind heaved a sigh of relief, and they shook off the two elders and flew back to Jiang Li’s side.

“Everyone, I’m late.”

Jiang Li cupped his hands towards them apologetically.

Sword Head Shenshan had run to the Phoenix Sun City stronghold because of his persistence. The other Soul Formation cultivators had also stationed themselves at the headquarters of the Misty Mountain Range, causing Shu Mountain to be empty.

As the Alliance Leader, he could not escape this responsibility.

If not for the fact that Jiang Li had set up the Gate of Hell in advance and could directly cross the distance to return to the Great Mountain Region, the casualties would be unimaginable after this night.

Then, he looked at the four people in the sky, especially at the previous Valley Master. He cupped his hands respectfully.

“Disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley’s Demon Vanquishing Hall, Jiang Li, greets Valley Master Nine Years! Hello, seniors!”

At first, Daoist Nine Years was a little puzzled as to why the runes on the coffin were so similar to the Square Heaven Seal.

However, when he heard that Jiang Li was a disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley, his eyes immediately revealed intense surprise.

“You’re a disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley? Demon Vanquishing Hall, are you the disciple of that kid, Giant Scholar? Good kid! Be careful!”

When Daoist Nine Years died, the current Head Elder He of the Demon Vanquishing Hall was still a newbie, and that Giant Scholar was Elder He’s master and Jiang Li’s grandmaster. He was also a burly man with tattoos.

They could not help but speak kindly to a junior.

As soon as he finished speaking, Master Du’e, who was covered in golden light, had already stepped forward.

“Little Benefactor, be careful. This is the Great Demon Vanquishing Palm. First, step on the Eight Trigrams position, then attack the lock on my shoulder!”

These four were clearly different from the Ink Scar Academy cultivators from before. They did not have much killing intent and had been guiding the juniors to deal with their attacks.

However, Jiang Li did not accept the goodwill of Du’e. Instead, he raised his fist and collided with the Great Demon Vanquishing Palm.

The pure collision of the physical body and the body swept out, directly forming an explosion. Even the five Soul Formation sword cultivators beside Jiang Li were blown flying.

After they stabilized their figures, they immediately looked at Jiang Li worriedly.

That was the number one body cultivator in the Great Mountain Region back then. If Jiang Li fought him, it was very likely that he would suffer a huge loss.

However, to everyone’s surprise, it was Master Du’e who was sent flying by the collision.

Not only that, but his right wrist also exploded on the spot, and two golden jade-like bones pierced out.

The collision just now directly crippled Master Du’e’s Great Demon Vanquishing Palm.

“Master Du’e, please forgive me!”

The Immortal Slaying Flying Sword appeared, and Jiang Li rode the flying sword to instantly catch up to the master who was sent flying. He pointed out his right index finger, and his pitch-black nails slashed across the other party’s chest.

The indestructible Buddhist Golden Body was instantly torn apart by him.

Then, countless black and green vines grew out of the wound, completely binding him and preventing him from moving.

“I’ll leave the five elders to you.”

After throwing Master Du’e of the four experts away, they had already lost one member of their fighting force.

“Valley Master Nine Years and two seniors, please forgive me!”

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