Cultivation Chat Group - Chapter 1928 - I’ll just take this fragment

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Chapter 1928: I’ll just take this fragment


“Sure, I have no problem with that,” Song Shuhang said sincerely. “However, according to Sister White Dragon, when the Ancient Heavenly City Fragments are transferred into my Inner World, something is ‘licked away’ from them. We don’t know if that thing might be precious… Seniors, you know, I really can’t afford to lose money.”

True Monarch Eternal Fire laughed.

He knew that Song Shuhang was short of spirit stones recently, so he quickly understood what he was worried about.

True Monarch Eternal Fire said, “We’re fine with losing whatever it is that is licked away.”

Similar to Song Shuhang’s Inner World, if the world of the golden lotus wanted to grow, it would need to absorb pure energy.

Song Shuhang’s Inner World had a good appetite. Whether it was spirit stones or evil energy of the Netherworld—as long as it was pure energy—it was generally open to consuming it and digesting it.

As for the world of the golden lotus, it had a much worse appetite, and it would only absorb evil demons of the Netherworld. As such, the scholarly faction had to hunt demons and use their corpses to nurture the world of the golden lotus.

But this process was very slow. Moreover, evil demons were not wild beasts, and they could even counterattack and hunt down scholarly disciples. It could be said that the expansion of every inch of the scholarly faction’s world of the golden lotus was paid with the blood and lives of the disciples of the scholarly faction.

Because of this, True Monarch Eternal Fire was ecstatic when he learned about the Ancient Heavenly City Fragments from Song Shuhang—the Ancient heavenly City Fragments were very special, when they were forcibly stuffed into the Inner World or the world of the golden lotus, they could be placed at the edge of the small world to expand it.

What the scholarly faction needed at this moment was the ability of the Heavenly City Fragments to expand the area of ​​the world of the golden lotus.

Moreover, other than that “something” that was licked away, none of the other properties of the Heavenly City Fragments would go away.

Senior White’s clone reminded, “Fellow Daoist Eternal Fire, how about you first converse with the members of the other academies of the scholarly faction? It would help avoid conflicts arising in the future.”

True Monarch Eternal Fire smiled slightly. He then stretched out his hand and showed a Scholarly Rune—this Scholarly Rune was a rune left by the Scholarly Sage, and it was similar to the Imperial Rune of the Heavenly Emperor.

After several calamities, there were no longer that many Scholarly Runes that had been personally written by the Scholarly Sage in the scholarly faction. Nowadays, they were often used as important keepsakes.

“In fact, before asking little friend Song Shuhang to come over to help, the leaders of the other academies have already given me the greatest authority on the matter concerning the Ancient Heavenly City Fragments and the world of the golden lotus,” explained True Monarch Eternal Fire.

True Monarch Eternal Fire added, “Also, if little friend Shuhang is short of spirit stones, how about I convert your help in this matter into spirit stones?”

The number of Ancient Heavenly City Fragments that the scholarly faction had acquired was quite large, and it would take several days to move all of them.

Hard work was inevitable.

Originally, True Monarch Eternal Fire was still thinking about what treasure would be suitable to reward Song Shuhang with for his hard work… But now, it seemed that something as ordinary as spirit stones was the best option.

“I always had a liking for ordinary things.” Senior Eternal Fire’s words were music to Song Shuhang’s ears.

“What about you, Fellow Daoist White? Is there anything you want?” True Monarch Eternal Fire turned to look at Senior White’s clone.

During the whole process, Senior White would need to provide assistance in many places.

Eternal Fire had the greatest authority in handling this matter concerning the world of the golden lotus. With that being the case, within the scope of his authority, he would naturally prepare the best gifts he could for his friends.

Senior White’s clone thought for a long time, but he found that he really was not lacking anything.

“Then just give me one of the Heavenly City Fragments,” Senior White said. When he got it, he could cut it up and play with it, and when he got tired of it, he could simply throw it into Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

True Monarch Eternal Fire said, “No problem. If Fellow Daoist White sees any fragment that he likes during the moving process, you can feel free to take it no matter how big or small it is.”

Senior White said solemnly, “Then I’ll pick the biggest one.”

True Monarch Eternal Fire asked, “Absolutely no problem. Sixteen, what about you? What do you want for your hard work?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen looked puzzled. “I have a share too?”

Sister White Dragon smiled slightly. “It seems that you have good eyes. Alright, if there is anything that requires my assistance, I will be sure to help you out. Sixteen, just go ahead and choose something you like.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “Then… I also want a Heavenly City Fragment.”

True Monarch Eternal Fire said, “It’s a deal then. I’ll have someone transfer the Heavenly City Fragments over. When they get here, we can begin with the transplanting and get things done.”

“Huh? What about me? What about me?” True Monarch White Crane on the side could not help but say out loud, “Actually, I can also help.”

True Monarch Eternal Fire laughed and said, “Fellow Daoist White Crane, aren’t you just here as a mascot?”

True Monarch White Crane: “…”

Are you trying to test me? Believe it or not, I might just peck at you if you push too hard! Don’t think that you can bully me all you want just because you’re more well-read than I am!


When Song Shuhang and the seniors exited the world of the golden lotus, they found that the fellow daoist whose face they could not remember had disappeared—of course, it was also possible that they had just mixed with the crowd.

Under the command of True Monarch Eternal Fire, the scholarly faction began to use various techniques to move the fragments.

Seeing this scene, the driver uncle did not have to come up to Song Shuhang and ask him about the results of the experiment. After all, the results were right in front of him.

Song Shuhang and Senior White’s clone stood at the entrance of the world of the golden lotus.

The disciples of the scholarly faction began to carry the fragments according to their sizes, starting with the smallest ones.

The small fragments could be directly loaded into Song Shuhang’s Inner World through Senior White’s Universe Hiding Sleeve.

After being licked by the Inner World and getting “authenticated,” the fragment would be sent straight into the world of the golden lotus by Senior White.

The disciples of the scholarly faction would then take the fragment and bring it to the edge of the small world, forcibly expanding the space inside the world of the golden lotus.

When it came to fragments that were too large, the scholarly faction had their own methods to compress their size.

They would first compress these Heavenly City Fragments to a suitable size and allow them to enter Song Shuhang’s Inner World through Senior White’s Universe Hiding Sleeve and repeat the steps above.

The whole process was as smooth as an assembly line.

With everyone’s teamwork getting better, the efficiency of transporting the Heavenly City Fragments also became higher and higher.

Every time a Heavenly City Fragment was authenticated, it was quickly accepted by the world of the golden lotus, becoming a part of it.

A gentle smile appeared on True Monarch Eternal Fire’s face.

Now, the only thing to worry about is Fellow Daoist White…

It was unknown how long Senior White would bear to perform these repetitive and boring actions. If he suddenly became bored…

True Monarch Eternal Fire could only hope for Senior White’s interest to last much longer.

But at the same time, True Monarch Eternal Fire felt a faint sense of guilt—letting Fellow Daoist White keep repeating such boring and repetitive actions felt like a huge waste.


This Senior White’s clone was much more patient than True Monarch Eternal Fire had expected.

The sun set, and the moon rose.

The moon set, and the sun rose.

The morning had arrived.

It was now Wednesday, November 20.

Senior White repeated the boring actions all day long.

True Monarch White Crane asked, “Do you want to take a break?”

Senior White replied, “No, I’m fine.”

Senior White seemed to be having fun carrying the Heavenly City Fragments between the Inner World and the world of the golden lotus.

Song Shuhang squatted silently at the entrance of the world of the golden lotus, holding the ❮Buddha’s Giant Palm of Punishment❯ in his hand and flipping through it over and over again. He was taking this time to learn the giant palm technique.

In the process of moving the Heavenly City Fragments, his role was only to open the Inner World… Besides that, there was nothing else for him to do.

As the Inner World kept licking the Heavenly City Fragments, it underwent a change—the entrance became bigger!

Moreover, it became able to digest the evil energy of the Netherworld much quicker.

The entire Inner World had become more solid. As it was stuffed with more and more Heavenly City Fragments, a certain resonance was created between them and the Inner World.

“Hm, I’m getting more and more clues.” At this time, Senior White’s clone nodded in satisfaction.

Su Clan’s Sixteen asked, “What did Senior White find?”

Senior White flipped his sleeve lightly and replied, “I’m trying to improve the Universe Hiding Sleeve. From yesterday to now, I improved it 19 times.”

Song Shuhang stared at Senior White with wide eyes, and then he looked down at the ❮Buddha’s Giant Palm of Punishment❯ in his hand that he could barely understand.

He suddenly felt like he was being crushed by Senior White’s talent.

Senior White said, “Also, while improving the Universe Hiding Sleeve and jumping between the two small worlds, I had a new idea for a magical technique.”

After saying that, he pressed his left hand on a Heavenly City Fragment that had not been compressed, and branded a rune onto it.

“Store!” Senior White said softly.

Suddenly the huge Heavenly City Fragment was stored in his sleeve.

Then, Senior White stretched his right hand directly into Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

With a rumble, the Heavenly City Fragment that was stored inside Senior White’s left sleeve was directly transferred into Song Shuhang’s Inner World through his right sleeve.

“There should still be some more space for improvement,” Senior White said. “Shuhang, lend me your copy of the ❮Universe Hiding Sleeve❯. I’ll modify it for you.”

Song Shuhang said, “Senior White, you’re truly amazing.”

“Has Fellow Daoist White found a Heavenly City Fragment that is to his liking?” asked True Monarch Eternal Fire.

“Ah… I forgot to pay attention to that.” He was so invested in improving the technique that he forgot to pick a fragment.

“Okay, I’ll just take this one.” Senior White casually placed his hand on the next Heavenly City Fragment.

Song Shuhang looked up at the fragment.

It had words of the ancient era written on it.

Song Shuhang tried to interpret it, “Demon… Palace?”

Sister White Dragon said, “Inner Demon Cave.”

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