Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 837 - Follow the procedures

Chapter 837: Follow the procedures

If it had been another shareholder, they would have scolded him to his death. Therefore, he was quite fortunate. The new shareholder might have looked unreliable at first, but she was a good boss. The director knew that he did not need to worry when he worked under Miss Jiang’s direction.

“Okay. As long as I don’t have any specific instructions, you may do as you wish since you are the director. You have the right to decide to fire a doctor while they are still in their probation period.” Jiang Yao nodded. Even if the director did not tell her about that in the morning, she would have called him after she finished her class that day to say that she wanted him to fire Lun Shunhe.

With the school’s incident the previous day, she would be crazy to keep Lin Shunhe at Shengqi Hospital.

After Jiang Yao finished her call, Wen Xuehui came back with two cups of soybean milk. When she saw Jiang Yao put away her phone, she raised her eyebrows and handed her one of the cups of soybean milk. She said, “Here. There’s a new chef in the cafeteria. The soy milk now is less watered down and tastes much better than when school had only started. However, it’s a dime more expensive too.”

“Are you really short of this dime?” Jiang Yao interrupted Wen Xuehui and said, “Well, to thank you for this pricey soy milk, why don’t I treat you to a delicious meal for lunch?”

“Oh, my god! Jiang Yao, you’re too kind! Then I’ll treat soy milk for breakfast every day from now onward!” Wen Xuehui patted the table lightly; she was excited. “I haven’t eaten with you in a long time.”

After Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui finished their breakfast, they came out of the cafeteria and met Chancellor Wen on the way to the lecture halls. One was his daughter, and the other was his daughter’s good friend and a student he was proud of. When the chancellor saw them, he went to greet the two ladies.

“Do you have classes this morning? Have you had breakfast?” Chancellor Wen knew his daughter well—she was incredibly lazy. If she did not have classes on the weekends, she would sleep until noon when she returned home. She would even eat breakfast and dinner in one meal. It was a bad habit that would not change, no matter how much he talked to her about it.

“Dad, we’ve eaten. The soy milk in our cafeteria is much better now. You should try it sometime!” Wen Xuehui held her father’s hand with one hand and Jiang Yao’s arm with the other. As she spoke, she huffed at Chancellor Wen. “Smell it. Smell it. It’s so fragrant.”

“You’re such a child!” Wen Xuehui’s childish actions amused Chancellor Wen. He could neither laugh nor be angry. “How old are you? You’re still not behaving properly!”

Then, he laughed and said, “I didn’t smell the soy milk, but I can smell the meat bun.”

Wen Xuehui laughed in satisfaction. She mumbled, “The meat bun still smells the same. It hasn’t changed.”

Jiang Yao was envious when she saw the father and daughter’s interaction. She had not seen her family ever since school started about two months ago. When she was at home, she would act that way with her parents and two older brothers.

Therefore, with Wen Xuehui and Chancellor Wen by her side, she suddenly missed her family very much.

After a day of classes, Jiang Yao planned to treat her roommates to dinner. However, at around five o’clock, Lu Yuqing called and said that Huang Chengjing wanted to treat her to dinner. Ah Lu and Da Ke were already on their way to pick her up from school.

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